Spy, don’t pay attention to it.

“Stupids can’t be generals and spies.” This is the impression that spy wars and spy novels usually give. In reality, real spies have superhuman perseverance and amazing wisdom. After strict professional training, they are very good at disguising themselves, and it is difficult for ordinary people to see through. However, “the wise man cares, there must be a loss.” If you don’t pay attention, the almost invulnerable spy will be exposed.

“Su Jun” played German military music

During the Second World War, espionage activities in various countries were very frequent. At the same time, anti-spyware organizations are not idle.

One morning, the Soviet headquarters ushered in a superior working group, who came to listen to the detailed work report of the headquarters. Fortunately, after a thorough preparation work, the command staff has been well-informed. In the report, although the team members intervened from time to time to propose some emergencies that may be encountered in future operations and how to deal with them, the reporters can still answer the questions.

The leader of the superior working group was obviously very satisfied with the report. He nodded from time to time and showed a happy expression. Perhaps the team members were too satisfied, and one of the followers accidentally played a few times on the table with their hands like playing the piano.

This inconspicuous movement caught the attention of a Soviet staff. He saw that this was not a random bomb, but the rhythm of the German “Grace of Victory”! The Soviet staff immediately warned: Are these people spies from Germany?

So the staff member left the headquarters for excuses and immediately reported his findings to the superior commander. Based on his report, the commander took urgent steps to detain all members of the working group.

Later, after checking, the people who claimed to be the superior working group were all German spies! They captured the Soviet team’s working group to check the operational plan, and then dressed up as they were, blatantly stealing intelligence. Unfortunately, an inadvertent playing action exposed their true identity.

Unique button line

During the Cold War period in the United States and the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union implemented a strict identity card system. No matter what the situation, as long as there is no ID card, it will not be able to take the train or live in the hotel. Therefore, foreigners, especially Westerners, simply cannot stay in the Soviet Union.

In 1947, a Belarusian used a fake ID card to be mixed into the Soviet Union. In order to look like the Soviets, he also made a special Soviet-made fabric, wearing clothes made of Soviet-made fabrics from the inside out. Because at that time, the Soviets, whether they were wearing or using them, were made in the country, including a piece of paper and a piece of cloth.

The Belarusian thought that he had packed himself in a seamless manner, but he had not yet sneaked into his destination and was caught in a hotel! What is going on here?

It turned out that this person is a spy from the United States. After professional training, he pretended to be very good. However, the tailor who sewed the clothes for him was an American, so the four-hole button on the dress was nailed according to the American method, and the two pairs of grommets were nailed in parallel lines. In the Soviet Union, no one would sew buttons like this, and the popular ones were the crucifixes.

It was such a small detail that made the spy show his feet.

Small comma

One morning in 1960, the ship from Greece to Los Angeles had just arrived at its destination.

“Stop! Open your backpack!” US Customs Lieutenant Hamm called a young Soviet tourist. Hamm received a notice from the anti-spyware organization the day before, saying that there will be unusual people coming today, and this young man looks very suspicious.

Ham checked the young man’s items carefully, from the toothbrush to the shoes and socks, and the next part of the body was not let go, but he did not find any flaws. However, Ham did not give up. He took the Soviet man to the security inspection room and carefully scanned all of this person’s things with infrared rays, but still found nothing. No way, Ham had to wave his hand and make a release action.

“Okay, thank you!” The young man happily thanked him and quickly put his things into his backpack. But when he stuffed a letter into his backpack, his expression showed a trace of tension, and this scene was unobstructed by Ham, who was observing himself.

In fact, Ham is trying to look at it. He wants to see what the young man will reveal when he packs things up.

“Show me the letter again!” Ham asked.

“Oh.” The young man, though reluctant, handed the letter over.

When I opened the letter, Ham found that the content was normal, just some common words, and there was no abnormal text. So he handed the letter to the young man, and at this time, the sun swept over the surface of the envelope, and Ham suddenly saw a little gleam. What is the reflection of light?

Ham took the letter that had been handed to the young man again. He carefully observed the surface of the envelope and found that the small spot that reflected the light was a small comma. This comma looks a bit fuzzy, as if it was typed on a typewriter. Ham glanced at the young man, only to see his body shaking, his eyes a little confused. It seems that there must be a problem in this comma!

The assistant took a high magnification magnifying glass and magnified the small comma by 2,000 times. When Ham saw it, it didn’t matter. There was a secret information hidden in this comma!