Sotheby’s high shots and web hotspots

As in every auction season, the competition between Christie’s and Sotheby’s always has to confirm its leading position by creating an impressive record of high prices. And every time is not excusable, I saw the network writers quickly expressed their opinions in real time the next day, and the heat was the driving force for the business value of their own traffic.

Today’s network is full of rumors of rumors, and people can be ignorant, but can not be absent from the enthusiasm of contemporary glory. This year, Sotheby’s Autumn Auction was sold at two high prices – Chang Yu’s “The Legs of the Naked Girl” and the Japanese artist Nara’s “The Behind the Knife”, which really produced a wave of collages on the next day, and the title was all eye-catching. The structure of the advertising copy and the number of words written, with an unclear attitude and no responsible conclusions.

Before I express my opinion on how the Internet can change the values ​​of this era, let me talk about these two art works that are hot. The value of the work is defined by the buyer and the seller, and the degree of recognition of the work by the two is not related to others. These two works are not the first to be published to the world. The creation of “The Tibetan Knife” has changed several times in just a few decades. Just because the price has risen, it has led to the price operation. Chang Yu’s “Knocked Nude Girl” has already been revealed in many Changyu literatures. It is a long-awaited masterpiece for people familiar with Changyu. People have only seen Changyu before this work. The similar works of the same name are small, and the Taiwan Museum of History has been exhibited twice.

Therefore, during the pre-shooting exhibition, almost the new jade and old collectors of the jade were going to witness the original. This piece of work is regarded as his masterpiece and the nude girl with the largest size of calligraphy before his death. The collector has only changed hands for the first time in the past half century. Therefore, this is the first time that the original work was exposed to everyone. For the art circle or the art market, Chang Yu has always been an irreplaceable Chinese artist.

At present, only about 200 oil paintings have been confirmed. The scarcity of the market has led to the looming works. On the back of the painting of “The Legs of Naked Legs”, it is rare to see Changyu’s thoughts after his creation. There are deliberate sighs and reliefs in a few words. The dramatic painting has become his legacy, and this story has also made collectors more eager. His work has always been demanded by the market, and this shot only reflects the scarcity results.

Unlike Changyu, Nara Michi is an artist who works hard and continues to create. He has his creative line. After studying in Germany, he used Western learning to connect the comics to the real people who belong to the core position of contemporary Japanese. Deep understanding and attempt to look at the serious life in a way that looks like comics, seemingly the most relaxed and childlike, and echoes the comprehensive image interpretation aesthetic of Millennium Network. Until now, Nara is still continuing to create, but the work does not return to the taste of the people who like him. The price of a living artist can be sold at a price of HK$180 million, which has caused many people to discuss. The discussion about the amazing price value and worthlessness of the auction is worthy of deep thinking.

Regarding the true and false transactions, I think that people with clear eyes should be able to judge it; the price of art is often determined by both buyers and sellers. It is not a summary of the value of the masses, even though we already know that many galleries use auctions to price. Today, the price of HK$180 million does not represent the value that every Nara Miki work deserves; every time a work of art works is a wishful thinking, the buyer and the seller define the value of the work, and the two agree with the work.

The degree has nothing to do with others. Only with the surprisingly high transaction price of each auction, the suspicions and worthless comments on the online articles, the writers each expressed their opinions and spread them through the channels they already have. I am more curious about these various gestures of relying on arguments to survive. This is a spectacle of a new era, to see what kind of suspense can be written by a writer in a known answer. These manuscripts that can be written overnight can be written and cut together.

It becomes a habitual way of writing by web writers. With popular words and eye-catching titles, people are making people in the absence of proof and research. Curiosity. The reality of the intellectual backwardness formed by the network with the need of traffic data is an unavoidable problem in the current era.undefined