Refractory type of “depression”

One or two years ago, there was a special fire called “Holster Disease”, which was proposed by Dr. Xu Kaiwen, deputy director of Peking University Psychological Counseling Center and Governor. He found that 30% of students at Peking University had “hollow disease”, which appeared to be a symptom of depression – low mood, decreased interest, lack of pleasure, and often diagnosed as depression by the hospital.

However, the conventional means of treating depression, taking medicine, consulting, and even no convulsions, have failed in this group of people. Dr. Xu Kaiwen felt that it is not easy to use depression to look at the psychological phenomenon that prevails at Peking University. Thus, the concept of “hollow disease” came into being. Its core roots are the lack of values: the best children in the country, when they lost the only goal of the college entrance examination, when they came to a multicultural, multi-choice university life, they did not know where to go. Make.

They don’t know what they want, they don’t know why they live. Why is it “hollow”? The three feet of freezing are not the cold of the day, it comes from the critical period of the formation of values, those experiences that are distorted. Recently, the TV series “Little Joy” was broadcast, telling the story of how several high school students and their families face the college entrance examination. Among them, one of the students is called Yingzi, and her achievements can impact Qingbei, but she only wants to study astronomy and set the goal as the best Nanjing University in national astronomy.

At the swearing-in meeting of the third year of high school, all the students wrote their wishes on the balloons and released them together. Yingzi wrote “CNSA”, and her mother asked with a confused look: “What is this?” Yingzi said with annoyance: “This is my dream, not something. CNSA’s full name is China National Space Administration, it is amazing, inside All academicians and great scientists.” My mother poured cold water on all of this: “There is a lot of learning in the college entrance examination, these hobbies, rockets, and later.”

So, my mother wrote “Tsinghua” on the balloon, and asked the English son to write “700 points.” . When the mother and daughter were in dispute, the balloon exploded. In reality, most of the 16-year-old students are at the stage of what developmental psychologists call “finding self-identity.”

Their ideal goals may be vague, even with some illusory nature, mostly fragile. If you are hit like an English child, most teenagers’ ideals will often break like a balloon explosion in the bud. On July 24, 2019, the Beijing Normal University Examination and Evaluation Center released the “After the 00 College Entrance Examination Volunteer Interest Report” for the first time.

This is the first comprehensive survey of professional interests after 00. Interestingly, the new generation of young people is more idealistic and more spiritually rich: the favorite major of liberal arts students is history, and the favorite major of science students is psychology. These two majors are the most difficult to find “red card professional” in the 2018 employment ranking. In addition, the liberal arts majors include the most popular majors such as finance, accounting, and financial management, which can achieve high-paying employment in recent years.

The subjects with the lowest interest of science students also include various career development prospects such as marine engineering, transportation engineering, and petroleum engineering. Nice hot professional. After 00, they seem to be “willful” to pursue disciplines that are unable to obtain high income, high returns, but more humane care. However, when they really face choice, they must face the great conflict between ideal and reality, self-seeking and social evaluation.

To face the British, the ideal balloon can accommodate the huge conflict between CNSA and Tsinghua. This may be the case with “hollow disease”—the teenagers have found a fascinating spiritual world in the process of exploring self-identity, and the pressure of society has shattered all this, so that they have to yield and come. Qingbei, seemingly accepting the best higher education, actually gave up what it really wanted to pursue.