Mysterious egg attack

Over the past year, a house in Oakleigh, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, has been attacked by throwing eggs several times a week. Although the police conducted an investigation and asked neighbors to use monitoring facilities, they still could not crack the case.

Albert Klimens, an 85-year-old man who lives in this house with his adult son and daughter, estimates that the eggs were thrown from outside the 1-2 rows of houses. He said that no matter who did it, but the throwing is very “precise”, each time projecting 5 to 6 eggs, sometimes a few times a day; most of the eggs hit the front door of this green two-story building, this house is his Purchased with the deceased wife 60 years ago. The attack began in the evening of March 2014, lasting about 10 minutes each time; when the egg was thrown to the iron door, it was like a gunshot, and the residue of the egg would fade away. At the beginning of the attack, Clemens cleared the residue every time. After many times, he gradually gave up the removal. Before the police caught the perpetrator, his insurer could not claim for him. He refused to move away from the house at the intersection of Weimar Avenue and East 210 Street, which is less than a mile away from the police station. However, only a small number of eggs hit other houses and the neighbors were not attacked.

The eggs were traced to the local Amish farm. Although the police went door-to-door, they still didn’t get any clues. The $1,000 reward bonus was not taken care of. The police had spent hundreds of hours investigating, but the harvest was extremely small. On one occasion, when a local official passed by, there was just a pile of eggs thrown into the house, one of which was on the official’s foot, so he wrote a report. The report said that in the cold weather, egg throwing incidents rarely occurred, and Clemens and other officials also acknowledged that more eggs were thrown at higher temperatures.

The Ford Times has reported the egg throwing incident 40 years ago. In December 1974, the Wokingham Yuying School in Berkshire County suffered repeated egg attacks. “The children crawled nervously looking for shelter to avoid being hit by the eggs that fell from the sky. Parents who sent their children to school also saw eggs hitting the car.” In 1977, there were five consecutive houses in St. Helens Street, Abington, Oxfordshire. Months are always attacked by eggs on Tuesdays and Thursdays. An electrical store was attacked 36 times and a woman was hit by an egg at the door of a real estate agency next door. The ghost-dropper even squats at night, throwing eggs at the parked vehicles. The reconnaissance team searched nearby and found nothing.

During the entire year of 1978, the cottages of four old people in Castellon, Derbyshire, were attacked by throwing food, including black sausages, eggs, salted pork, bread and tomatoes, and even leg of lamb. These foods are found on doors, windows and walls, sometimes in gardens. The throwing of food is irregular, once every other night, and then stopped for a few weeks. No one except the policeman who stayed up in the night went out and did not catch any suspects.

A house in Tipton, Stanford County, was attacked by eggs every two weeks from April to August 1986. In March 1989, the seniors at Hines University were harassed by throwing eggs, either by hitting the window at home or by smashing eggs into the old man walking on the street.