My youth, worth one million yuan

In the spring of 2009, a 24-year-old girl once again entered the Cold War by quarreling with her boyfriend. This time she felt very tired. Sitting in the small room facing the north of her parents’ home, there was no longer a thought of recovery. In order to make a quick break, she opened the laptop on the table and planned to write a novel to sort out the relationship. Outside the window is the early spring of the suburbs of Shanghai. The weather is cold. The countrymen wear thick cotton trousers and like to shout loudly on the streets.

The girl started typing, and on her desk, in addition to the laptop, she also had a Hemingway’s “Flowing Feast”, which is the most appropriate description of how a poor writer started his career. But that is Paris. The starting point for a girl to write a novel is in her birthplace. This is not the first time she has tried a long story. When she went to college, she found that writing a story made her happy, the real frustration, in the story she could place as she likes, failure can be magnified, or Shrink into a small group. In reality, she is very difficult to do so that she will not be able to collapse. She enjoyed herself. She wrote five or six thousand words on the first afternoon. At five o’clock, her mother came home from work and glanced at the busy daughter in front of the computer. Once again, she hated the iron and broke the steel.

She blurted out: “You Say what you are playing all day long, and don’t go out and find a job.” That year, the biggest label for girls was a young woman who was unemployed. The whole family had a headache for this. She had a quarrel with her boyfriend, and it was because there was no job. She is always being asked: When do you find a job? If you don’t have a job, it’s not a solution. You can’t do it in this way…

Ten years ago, writing was a very difficult business, earning more than 2,000 pieces per month. The girl’s boyfriend’s salary is five or six times that of her, and will soon rise to 15,000 or even 20,000. Her mother hopes that she can get married quickly. Her boyfriend hopes that she can develop to a level that is evenly matched, so everyone hopes that she must have at least a work of five or six thousand dollars.

In all kinds of noises, the girl concentrates on the rough novel, which is similar to autobiography, because she is a novice after all, using the first person, writing all the way from spring to summer, and finally ending her first 100,000 before the fall. The word novel. Very immature, but friends who have seen it say that it is very interesting. At this time, a publisher found her and promised to publish the novel. The royalties would try to meet the conditions and go to the bestseller. The girl felt that she had come to the harvest season, 24 years old, will publish her first book, maybe she will become a writer.

She was afraid to announce the news with others, but went to Beijing in a low-key manner. She found that her dreams were a little closer, and she would only show a very ugly appearance. Her novel was taken to the competition. She didn’t get any rankings. She comforted herself. Later, she would have a better work.

After the publication, she got a new book, but she didn’t get the draft fee. After half a year, she only had more accounts on her account. More than six thousand yuan. The girl later gave up writing a novel, rewriting the column of quick money, three thousand words, and the end of the month. This is the story of my first novel written ten years ago. Ten years later, I sold the copyright of this novel again, and the price was one million yuan. After I got the money, I read it again. What I wrote a decade ago.

The first half of the novel is very blushing, very bad, and can be said to be quite bad. The heroine always acts very frivolously to cover up her loss. She is obviously a very emotional person, but she is always telling herself that everything should not be taken seriously. In the second half, I began to feel sorry for myself. When I saw my boyfriend, I asked “when to go to the interview” again and again, and once and for all said “My mom said that if you have not found a job, don’t take you home.” .

Seeing that he took me to a meeting of colleagues, facing the spicy hot pot, colleagues talked happily about the company’s various benefits. One of the male colleagues turned to ask me: “Did you find a job?” The girl is depressed and can’t lift her head. Can barely reveal a smile. She seems to be a person who has been tossed by a huge wheel. In that novel, I found myself ten years ago, still lacking the ability to describe the scene, just taking care of my own mood. If you come again, you should write more cruelly. For example, there is a novel that is not mentioned in the novel, but I am impressed.

In the autumn of my trip to Beijing, the ex-boyfriend who had not contacted for a long time happened to be on a business trip. We had an appointment at Nanluoguxiang. Autumn is the best season in Beijing. In the air, you can smell a lot of food sweet smell, barbecue flavor, sugar-fried chestnut flavor, sweet-scented osmanthus… When I walked on Gulou Street, I proposed not to have a meal.

The ex-boyfriend agreed and said, “Simply eat a face?” I said, “Okay.” We walked into a noodle restaurant, I picked up the menu, and after finishing the noodles, I ordered two or three cold dishes, and took cucumber and preserved egg tofu. As a Jiangnanese, I am always willing to accompany some small dishes when I eat. After the point, I found that the opposite boyfriend was not looking right. He was so unhappy that I didn’t understand what I did wrong.

He immediately told me: “I don’t think you will live this way. I said that if you eat bowl noodles, can you just order a bowl of noodles? Two people order two bowls of noodles up to 30 pieces. You order several dishes, which is five. Sixty, you don’t have a job right now, why can’t you save some flowers…” In the noisy noodle restaurant, I watched him talk endlessly about the importance of living.

From time to time, diners turned their curious heads and wondered what we were arguing. That is a good fall, but I can only live in the shadow of a loser. What if I got a million copyright fee ten years ago? In the middle of the night, I repeatedly thought about this problem. I thought of the first author of the novel that I entered together that year. In that year, he took 100,000 yuan. He sold the copyright. He bought a house in Beijing. He entered the screenwriter industry reasonably. .

The young writer who remembered Yushu’s thin and thin in memory is now a fat middle-aged male writer. The novel written at the age of 24 sold a million at the age of 34. When he was happy, he was saddened by himself. When she left Beijing, she invited a friend who was also a North drifter to eat. The girl solemnly handed this friend a Beijing traffic card, which contained a hundred pieces. She thought she would continue to struggle for at least half a year in Beijing. . For her 24-year-old, a hundred pieces must also be handed over. She didn’t know at the time that her youth was actually worth millions.