London “Alternative Thief”

My uncle had lived in London for a while and was very familiar with the security situation there. Before I went to the UK, my uncle reminded me repeatedly that I should pay attention to the thief. He said: “If you don’t pay attention, the money in your pocket will become the thief’s bag.”

London is indeed beautiful, the quiet Thames, the spectacular Tower Bridge, the magnificent Palace of Westminster, the magnificent Big Ben, the majestic St. Peter’s Basilica, the magical Greenwich Observatory, and the picturesque Hyde. Park… I was completely attracted by the exotic atmosphere here, forgetting what my uncle said.

In the evening, I made a meeting with a few friends to go shopping, and by the way, I bought some souvenirs. The central square of London under the night is very bustling and lively, the neon lights are flashing, the shops are crowded, the traffic is busy, and the crowds are woven. I tasted the fascinating nightlife of London while I was shopping for my favorite items. Just as I walked back with the big bag, a young man suddenly bumped into me. He was very sorry and said to me: “I am sorry! I am sorry!” Seeing him so polite, I quickly replied in English: “That’s all right.” Back to the hotel, I found my own bag. A slit was opened, and the phone, money and credit card were placed in the bag. Looking back at the scene that I had just collided with the young man, I realized that I might have encountered a thief, and I suddenly mentioned the eyes of my nephew. I blamed myself for being too careless, forgot my uncle’s warnings, and quickly opened the bag to see the loss.

Unexpectedly, not only did the contents of the bag not be lost, but also a £10 bill. I am very puzzled. They all say that the thieves in London are very greedy. They often emptied the pockets of tourists. What happened to them today? Not only did they not steal things, but they also put their money into the pockets of others?

The next day, I chatted with the friends of the group and the same situation happened. A friend said with emotion: “The British are so simple, even the thieves are so kind!”

After listening to our discussion, a local Chinese tour guide explained to us: “It’s not London’s thief kindness, but recently London is doing a ‘throwing money. Every day there are more than 20 people’s hands.’ In crowded crowds, then when you don’t pay attention, quietly put banknotes with a face value of £5, £10, and £20 into people’s pockets.” It is said that there are two main purposes for this activity: Everyone always pays attention to the safety of their property; the second is to use this special way to let people feel the beauty of life in an economic downturn.

After listening to the words of the tour guide, we suddenly realized. This tour has seen the “alternative thief”, which is a bonus.