As a veteran person who has entered the WTO, he has already had a minimum of the world. For such a quick-selling thing – “the stock market is a week of riches”, “from three years to a billionaire secret in three years” “10 days to lose weight 20 pounds” “as long as one month, Let the child become a genius, and avoid it. However, there are some immediate methods in communication that seem to work. If you are a journalist, someone teaches a simple trick that allows you to interview anyone – from the king to the president, to the CEO of the company, to the person who just knows and doesn’t know the roots – The child will let the other party disarm, and the face will have a welcome smile.

Do you believe it or not? Henry Dollman, the famous media person in the United States and the founder and editor-in-chief of “Leader” magazine, claimed that he interviewed politicians, business giants, and countless stars in his life. He started this way: shaking hands with the interviewees and taking a step back. Looking straight into the other side, he shouted in amazement: “How do you do it? You look younger than the photo!” He said that this move, without exception, succeeded, the other’s mood immediately relaxed, and the interview went smoothly. .

Look at other aspects. A person who is about to meet is a first-time acquaintance. It is a long-lost old-aged one. You want to know how his body is, but you can’t directly inquire or peek at the medical examination results of others. What should I do? It is said that it is more accurate to shake hands and feel the grip strength of the other party. In general, the more powerful, the better the health. The reason is that grip strength depends on many factors, such as the strength of multiple muscle groups, the quality of bones and joints, and cardiovascular function.

According to a magazine in the United States, German scientists have identified more than 6,000 middle-aged volunteers with basic health, measuring their grips one by one, and tracking them for 25 years. This conclusion is drawn – middle-aged grip and 25 There is a strong positive correlation between physical conditions after the year. You can get an approximate result without looking at the other person’s walk. The stride frequency is not only an indicator of leg and foot strength, it is the result of the joint operation of many tissues and organs such as muscle, bone and cardiovascular.

A group of scientists collected more than 50,000 middle-aged people with basic health in the UK. They tracked their pace for 30 years and found that walking faster than slow is better in terms of mortality and cardiovascular morbidity. More than 20%. Crack the unknown as quickly as possible and come to the conclusion, who is not appropriate? I once talked to a taxi driver who was working night shift in San Francisco and asked him: If there are two or three men in the middle of the night to get a ride, how do you judge whether they are good people or robbers? If the judgment is wrong, it is related to the life of the family, and the refusal to carry the violation is in violation of the regulations.

He replied: Intuition, if you don’t see it right, you have to make a detour. However, the pursuit of “immediate” is like a god, and it is not necessary to perform the work. The first example mentioned above is light and easy to implement. It must be time-honored. It must behave naturally and let the other party feel your sincerity. Otherwise, it is acting. If the other party knows that this is a customary trick, it will be counterproductive. .

When I was educated, a long-time friend came to visit me, and I saw it far away. I flew over and hugged me and touched me. Later, I heard people say that his new social trick was taken from the US President Nixon who visited China not long ago. Therefore, I have been wary of him for many years. As for the “grip strength” of the second example, I can also give a counter-evidence. A predecessor, I shook hands with him for a long time.

The strong feeling is that this man, who is more than 180 centimeters tall, has a small hand like a girl, and the skin is tender and tender, and it is not as strong as it is. Teach me to be surprised. That year, he was 92 years old, with good body and clear thinking, and the article and the past were generally wonderful. When it comes to the usual handshake as a courtesy, it is useful to use the full force, not to use force and all the force, not every time can be regarded as “physical examination index.” To put it bluntly, although “immediately” saves time and effort, it is not deliberately pursued. For example, taxi drivers rely on intuitive and immediate judgment, which is based on years of experience. What we need is the “curiosity” advocated by the Irish philosopher Edmund Burke – understanding both the commonalities of human nature and the curiosity or vigilance of its individual characteristics. Only in this way can we explore the “first and simplest emotions” of the human mind and thus more fully understand ourselves and our peers.