How is the new product made?

The new products are related to the survival of the enterprise. The size, strength and weakness of the enterprise are equal in the face of the new products. Some big companies can not wait for the new products to stop, but if the new products stand still, they will earn the same. The world is famous. The new product can run out and survive the fierce competition. Precise positioning is essential.

How to position new products?
When it comes to positioning new products, many companies like to position new products as “authentic”. It’s no wonder that because new products usually have better craftsmanship, better taste, and better inheritance, it’s easy to position yourself as “authentic”.

But the problem is exactly here. You think that you have devoted more effort, technology and craftsmanship to the new products, but customers don’t think so. New products are new products, how can they represent authenticity? Selling is good! Just like a street in Shanghai has just opened a new noodle restaurant, saying that it represents the authentic Yangchun noodles, you are building the signboard with pure gold and no one will believe it. Because, only the old shops that are queued for purchase and tempered by time are authentic Yangchun noodles.

Therefore, it is very dangerous to locate the new product with authenticity. Including Wang Laoji’s initial positioning is just “fear of getting angry”. When Wang Laoji sold to the first place in the country, he began to emphasize that he is authentic herbal tea.

New products, even if you are truly authentic, can’t easily position yourself as authentic. Because between the new and the authentic, the distance in the consumer’s mind is too far away, it takes a certain amount of time and performance to support.

Therefore, new products should not easily position themselves as “authentic”.

Positioning the niche to Xiaobo
How did Jiang Xiaobai come out in the fierce competition of liquor? Positioning “Youth Little Wine”, a small drink for students or newly graduated students. In the traditional liquor market, students or newly graduated student groups are small groups of people, and they will not be included in the consumer group for analysis. However, Jiang Xiaobai has seized such a group that seems to be marginal in the liquor market, actually China’s most competitive liquor market has achieved a wonderful counterattack.

When Xiaomi Mobile started, it also avoided the mainstream white-collar fashion crowd, but started from a small crowd like a silent software programmer to form rice noodles, which detonated the entire Internet.

Small is big, less is more. Deng Xiaoping, the chief architect of China’s reform and opening up, once said: “We must let some people get rich first, and those who get rich first will drive everyone to achieve common prosperity.” Even when implementing basic national policies, we must let some people get rich first. We will do new products and do it. How can marketing not be done first after the masses?

New products should first identify the niche population. When everyone sees that some people use it and get the corresponding benefits, it will naturally form a bee colony effect, and others will not be able to sit still.

Is this the reality of new market promotion? of course! How did Shi Yuzhu turn over? Everyone knows that it was the old ladies who were marginalized at the time. “This year, we don’t accept gifts, and we only receive melatonin.” Up to now, health products are still the way, starting from the square dance aunt.

Who started the RIO cocktail? Young women who never drink alcohol, or rather female college students or high school students.

New product positioning, we must aim at a precise crowd, the more accurate the more easy to produce the effect, the more accurate the more support, just like snoring, aiming at a group of ten hit one, the winning face will be great, but if the crowd is not accurate, then It’s just playing ten, and there’s no chance of winning.

How to find a small crowd?
A small group of people is a small group of people with strong common characteristics, but only common features are not enough. For example, doing a book club, looking for someone who loves to read, this can’t be done. why? There are so many people in the world who love to read, this is not a niche. What is a niche? Those who love to read military books, this is called a niche. For example, some masculine and blood-stained products can be positioned around a group of clear and small people when they are positioned. Positioning new products has to find a breakthrough from the minority crowd to locate.

I always think that the new product positioning is that the product is correct, but today’s battlefield is in the market, in the customer’s mind to recognize you, to ponder the consumer’s ideas and occupy the customer’s mind. Winning the customer is equivalent to playing the hearts of the people in the world, and the people’s hearts are naturally invincible.

I have already elaborated on the articles and opinions on locating the minds of customers. The previous articles can be seen and the follow-up will continue to be updated. All my content only adheres to two points: First, it is practical, it is the experience gained in the actual battle of the market, it has the effect, it is very grounded; the second is simple, I try to make the cumbersome marketing link and theory simple So that everyone can understand at a glance, one will learn, in the actual battle to achieve the greatest victory at the least cost.