How Americans dump garbage

Speaking of garbage sorting, the first thing that people think of is Japan. In fact, the US waste sorting management has been for many years, and the laws and regulations are also very sound. In the United States, it is necessary to obey the law. In the United States, we must comply with laws and regulations, and from the federal government to local governments at all levels, we have established a number of rules and regulations to regulate the disposal of garbage. Many new immigrants do not understand the relevant systems and dump garbage.

The result was fined and the law was sanctioned. Once a Chinese old lady had just immigrated to the United States, she brought a lot of boxes when she came. As a result, when she threw empty boxes, she did not throw it according to the rules and threw it at the door of others, and was photographed by the camera. A week later, the police came to the door and opened a $500 fine for violating municipal waste management. The US garbage classification is simple and clear Waste in the United States is generally classified as recyclable and non-recyclable.

If it is not recyclable, it can be directly thrown away from the garbage passage in the building. This part is generally the kitchen waste in life, which can be decomposed and degraded, such as leftovers, fruits and vegetables. This channel is not to throw paper, glass, plastic and the like. Recyclable garbage, also subdivided, such as cans, milk bottles, paper boxes, newspapers, etc., can be placed in a dedicated recycling bin. There is a collection bin for raising funds in front of the apartment apartment. There will be a special agency to collect the door at a fixed time every week. What happens when I don’t waste garbage in the United States? In the United States, if you throw away daily garbage as ordinary garbage, there are no penalties in the regulations, but you may be looked down on by neighbors and think that you have no ethics and do not follow the order.

If you do not throw rubbish according to the classification requirements of the special garbage bin, the apartment may not be so serious, but if it is those who live in a single building, it is very likely that the recycling agency will refuse to collect. Because garbage that does not fall into this category cannot be placed in a bucket because the recycling company is different. Once on the blacklist, no one will come back to collect it later. American garbage is fixed-point timing The fixed point generally refers to the villa. The garbage should be placed at the door of the house. Each area receives only one day of garbage every week. Note that it is illegal to dump your own garbage in places that are not yours.

The apartment also has its own garbage bin. From time to time, you can throw garbage at any time (subject to management fees). A notice is also posted on the trash can, stating “only for residents”. Don’t underestimate this announcement. If you throw your garbage into someone else’s garbage bin, it is very likely that the police will come to the door, because many apartments have a camera in the place where the garbage is dumped, and they are directly connected to the property management office or the police station. In the United States, except for daily garbage, other garbage disposal is to give money. Americans throw garbage in addition to daily garbage, and other relatively large pieces of garbage are also a hassle, and must be discarded to a designated location. Furniture and large electrical appliances usually need to be called to a special furniture processing company to pick up the pieces, and then they can be pulled to a special recycling place or a waste disposal factory. This type of service is paying, starting at $99.

So the best way is to replace the old ones with the new ones. Small metal trash or small appliances, you can only send yourself to a dedicated recycling company, each need to pay $ 10-50. Construction waste, that is, the kind of decoration waste, can not be randomly thrown, must contact the company that specializes in recycling construction waste to come to the door, the price is paid according to the quotation per ton.

In order to facilitate residents and save residents’ garbage disposal costs, various cities in the United States will have environmental protection companies or institutions to hold garbage collection weekends in different places. This is a public welfare activity, which is basically free of charge, and needs to pay attention to community news and announcements. For the place where waste sorting management has just been established, it may cause some inconvenience, but the habit is good, and the benefits of garbage sorting are many. Today, everyone is concerned about environmental protection, I believe many people are willing to make changes to this.