Fragmented operations, starting with “impressing customers”

In the Internet era, quantity is the focus of people’s attention; in the era of mobile Internet, efficiency is the focus of people’s attention. Because with the development of the mobile Internet, time, customers, and channels are all divided, showing the characteristics of fragmentation. There is no entry in the mobile Internet era, and companies must pay attention to every customer in order to do a good job in marketing.

Cultivate more fans

The logical relationship in the Internet age is very simple. Free is its most typical logic. It can be built in two steps. The first step is to get a large number of customers in a free way; the second step is to convert some of them into paying customers. In the Internet age, companies have to adopt a free-to-play model in order to acquire a wide range of customers, otherwise it is difficult to have a foothold. However, in this free mode, even if the company does not charge any fees to customers, it will definitely import other platforms, such as game platforms, to obtain revenue. Therefore, this logic is the most basic logic of the Internet.

Under this logic, the portal is the only way for Internet companies to earn revenue. For example, Baidu, Taobao, Tencent, etc., Baidu is known as a search portal; Taobao relies on on-site search advertising to make a profit; although Tencent is not an entry, its social viscosity is very large, and it can complete the conversion of game customers and paying customers, called social portal.

The theory of a thousand hardcore fans believes that if a self-media can get the income of 1,000 loyal fans every day, this self-media can survive and develop. This theory is mapped to the enterprise level: if your value can be recognized by 1,000 companies, these companies will give you a certain service fee every month, and you will get good development. If each company gives you 10,000 yuan a month, then the monthly income you can get from these companies is 10 million yuan, and 120 million yuan a year. As long as you can maintain a low turnover rate, you will gain more and more accumulation and you will continue to grow and develop. In this mode, companies do not need to over-modify and package, as long as they provide practical and stable Internet services that can be tested and promote the transformation of the Internet.

“Burger King” has done a test on this theory, the test content: as long as the customer cancels the attention can get a McDonald’s burger. Test results: The number of customers concerned about Burger King has dropped from 38,000 to 8,000. Although the number of followers has decreased, the loyalty of the remaining customers is very high, and the customer interaction rate has increased by 5 times. In this case, Burger King’s first priority is to do the maintenance of these 8,000 fans. Because these fans are highly loyal, they will help the store to promote the store and introduce more new customers to the store.

In the modern era, enterprises, shops, and self-media need these 8,000 hardcore fans, even if the number is only 1,000. As long as this fan group is established, they can solve many problems for the company. The less energy the company will pay, the higher the group value. For the enterprise, its most important task is to continuously improve the ability and level to do the driving work of this group. Due to the fragmentation characteristics, group management is more difficult. Because it is difficult for the mobile terminal to import a large number of customers, and the customer can judge the manager’s character by looking at the manager’s previous words and deeds, and actively make a choice to stay, this poses a great challenge to the manager’s level.

Before entering the era of mobile Internet, products and marketing generally lacked emotions, and marketing was mostly commercial advertising. Since entering the era of mobile Internet, the emotional factors in marketing have become more and more intense, and marketing has begun to turn into fan marketing. In today’s mobile phone field, it is rare to use fan marketing instead of advertising marketing. Because mobile phones are the real entrance to the mobile Internet, every move in this field deserves corporate attention.

Previously, customers who bought poor quality products would be very angry to find business theory; now, fan customers buy poor quality products, even if this product is repaired several times, customers will still be eager to recommend this product to The purchase of friends and family, this is the important role played by emotional marketing.

In order to avoid people falling into misunderstanding, here are three characteristics to explain emotions: First, emotions are very individual and irreproducible. Because people face different people, their emotions are different, it is impossible to add the same kind of emotion to many people. Second, the establishment of emotions requires a long process, and the probability of love at first sight is very low. Third, emotions need to be carefully maintained. Otherwise, fans will quickly lose or even blacken.

Therefore, companies must have patience in developing fan marketing and cannot be eager to achieve success. For companies, their marketing activities are responsible for fans, and the best way to be responsible for fans is to provide them with quality products and services. Therefore, companies that focus on creating quality products will have a steady stream of hardcore fans, and fans are willing to pay a lot of money to pay for their products. It should be noted that companies should not use low-cost strategies to attract fans, because the loyalty of fans obtained in this way is very low and very easy to lose.

All in all, the mobile Internet era is an era of efficiency, and time, customers, industries, and channels all show fragmentation. There is no entry in this era, so companies must value each customer and do a good job in customer maintenance.

Create an emotional brand

Before adopting the emotional marketing method, enterprises should first understand the background of emotional marketing, explain the application value, give up the price war, focus on product creation, and create products with high added value and favorite by the target group. Create emotional brands and develop friendly marketing. If this kind of marketing method can be effectively utilized, it can achieve positive effects of increasing product sales, expanding corporate reputation, and increasing customer loyalty. There are many companies in China that use emotional marketing to create emotional brands. For example, the southern black sesame paste for warm-hearted cards and Wang Laoji for love cards.

Among the many commercial advertisements, the advertisement of southern black sesame paste can be said to be a top-grade product. In the “Nostalgic Chapter” in 1991, the typical masonry alleys in the southern region, the mothers who took the bamboo bears and the daughters who accompanied them, the “black sesame paste” screams, the teenagers who pushed out the door in the deep house compound instantly Bring the audience back to the age of that memory. In the boy’s expectation, the mother who sold it handed him a bowl of sesame paste, and the boy gorged himself. After eating it, he still licked the bottom of the bowl, causing the girl next to it to laugh. At this point, the young mother gave him a spoonful and wiped his mouth for him. Pity of love, the movement of the mouth, and the warm voice-over – “a strong fragrance, a warm, southern black sesame paste”, touched countless audiences, let the southern black sesame paste the brand is full of vitality, and in the audience I was deeply impressed by my heart.

In addition to the southern black sesame paste, Wang Laoji’s marketing during the Wenchuan earthquake was also very classic. After the Wenchuan earthquake, CCTV held the “Dedication of Love·2008 Earthquake Relief Fundraising Gala” in the first broadcast hall. In this fundraising party, Wang Laoji topped the list of domestic single donations with a donation of 100 million yuan. It not only highlights the spirit of national enterprise, but also touches thousands of customers and wins praises from all walks of life. This is invaluable for enterprises. To make Wang Laoji both fame and fortune.

In the era of emotional marketing, the most important task of an enterprise is to impress customers, so that customers will have an indescribable emotion when they first see products or brands. This kind of emotion must be targeted. On the whole, all walks of life can adopt emotional marketing strategies, but must follow two preconditions: First, the emotional marketing strategy must be used in the mature stage of the product; second, carefully study the audience psychology in the early stage of planning, let the product and its present Customers and prospects are truly connected to enhance communication. Emotional marketing This marketing method is very suitable for the marketing of luxury goods. Luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Dior are very good at using emotional marketing to impress customers and shorten the sense of distance.

In 2008, Louis Vuitton “Where will life take you? The TV commercials touched the feelings of countless customers. The gentle music, the watercolor paintings, the film-like style, and the subtitles with doubtful colors brought the audience a beautiful enjoyment. Thinking, won the love of countless audiences, thus stimulating the audience’s desire to buy.

In addition, many TV programs are also very good at using emotional marketing, such as “If You Are the One”, “China Dream Show”, etc., these programs will take into account the emotions when planning. Because if a program has no emotions, it will appear pale, empty, and difficult to attract the audience, and its ratings are difficult to achieve good results. Although emotional marketing has many advantages, it will not achieve good results if used improperly. For example, if an ad copy is too empty and false, it will often result in viewers not knowing what brand it is. Therefore, the application of emotional marketing needs to control the timing, and it is best to use it in the mature stage of the product.

What measures should companies take to achieve the best results in emotional marketing? First, companies need to accurately find emotional contacts. The clearer this point is, the better the effect of emotional marketing can be achieved. Secondly, emotional marketing should follow the principle of differentiation, because in the era of information explosion, only differentiated content can attract The attention of the customer can make a deep impression on the customer’s mind, in order to achieve the best effect of emotional marketing.

In the era of fragmentation, in the era of emotional economy, the leader in an industry is not only rich in assets, but more importantly, it is in the forefront of customers. Therefore, the role played by emotional marketing that can create wealth and create brands will become more and more important.

Delivering brand value to customers

In the era of fragmentation, the emotional connection with customers has become an intangible asset of enterprises, and more and more small and medium-sized enterprises have achieved rapid growth in a short period of time with emotional marketing. As an effective means to achieve differentiated competition, emotional marketing has been favored by marketing practitioners. Emotional marketing is often described as “using the emotional and psychological communication with customers to successfully win their trust and recognition, and ultimately gain industry leadership by continuously expanding market share”.

At present, emotional marketing has been adopted by more and more domestic brands, and has created a number of classic marketing cases, which has prompted the majority of marketers to start to transform the selling point from function and price to emotional elements, thus effectively meeting the emotional needs of customers. To greatly enhance the corporate image and brand influence.

Brand is an important hub for connecting products to customers. For emotional marketing, the first thing companies need to learn is how to give the brand some kind of emotion. The key to brand marketing is to enable customers to generate emotional identity, not only to influence the customer’s perception, but also to be touched by the brand and become a loyal customer of the product.

Being able to make customers touched by brands is the core of emotional marketing. Brand operators should be fully aware that the key goal of adopting marketing tools is ultimately to attract customers. To this end, brand operators are required to make changes at the ideological level. The innovation of management philosophy and marketing concept is largely driven by the transformation of brand concept. Only when brand operators realize the connotation and value of emotional marketing can they invest enough time and energy in practice to formulate effective strategies and make them real. Landing.

The brand operator of the world-renowned ice cream brand Haagen-Dazs has positioned its brand as “the channel for pursuing high-quality life and the messenger of transmitting love”. The loving “I love her to eat Haagen-Dazs” not only conveys the emotional elements of its brand, but also makes it an important tool for customers to express their emotions.

Under the impetus of Zhou Zongwen, the famous domestic jewellery brand, the emotional emotion has promoted the brand emotion from a simple “love” to a more enriched “love”, which not only enables lovers, lovers and relatives to express their love. It can also reflect the great love for the society. Its advertising slogan has also changed from “love is this life, my heart is eternal” to “because of love and beauty, for love.”

In addition, interactive communication is a low-cost, efficient means of building a good relationship of trust between brands and consumers. More critically, through communication, companies can also collect feedback from users to discover more potential needs.

The effect of communication between brands and consumers, and whether brand operators use emotional input as an important marketing tool, and understand that this has a direct impact on brand awareness. By creating a brand-to-consumer interaction mechanism, it not only strengthens the emotional elements expressed by the brand, but also enables consumers to form a higher loyalty to the brand.

A good quality product, if the company can not achieve effective communication between the brand and the consumer, it will be difficult for consumers to fully recognize the value of the product itself, and it is even less likely to form a strong brand recognition in the minds of consumers. Insiders pointed out that the lack of consumer participation in the brand, its vitality and vitality will be greatly suppressed.

Generally speaking, the most effective way for companies to achieve brand and consumer interaction is to provide customized services for users. It not only meets the individual needs of consumers, but also caters to their emotional needs. Due to differences in age, personality, education level and living environment, different consumers often have certain differences in the demand for the same category products. Customized services fully respect this differentiation, allowing customers to truly buy the products they need.

In the process of interaction, marketers not only understand the user’s needs more accurately, but also create a personal profile for each user, thus creating value for users in the long run.

In the luxury goods industry such as jewellery, the application of customized services is particularly extensive. Jewelry brands including Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels are active practitioners of customized services. This interactive emotional marketing means also allows them to be stars and politicians. A large number of loyal consumers have been precipitated in the upper class such as the royal family and commercial giants. Domestic jewelry brands such as LAN Jewelry, TTF Jewelry, and Helin Jewelry are also actively introducing customized services. Among them, LAN jewelry brands have achieved certain leading advantages in the domestic market.

Incorporate emotional elements into the product

What makes a brand directly related to its customers is its various products. Making products an important carrier of emotional marketing is undoubtedly an effective way to expand brand influence and win customer trust. In the era of mobile Internet dominated by customer demand, the role of product development and marketing strategy will be more important.

At present, many customers’ pursuit of product functionality and practicality is constantly decreasing, and the pursuit of emotional needs is becoming more and more intense. In order to cope with this trend, companies should make the following adjustments in terms of products.

1. Inject emotional elements into the product

In the product development process, in order to better cater to the needs of customers, we can choose topics that are closely related to the life and work of customers. Of course, in order to more accurately grasp the needs of customers, designers need to actively obtain feedback from front-line employees, and conduct product development based on market trends and actual needs of customers.

In terms of expressing the emotion of the product, its style and appearance will play a very important role. Taking the domestic jewelry market as an example, it is not difficult to find that the sales of high-quality products with superior design are significantly more than those of the main products. Of course, this is directly related to the average consumption level of the domestic people and the concept of consumption. .

If the product can have certain advantages in both design and conception, then the product will easily become an explosion. The “One Life” series of jewellery launched by the domestic jewellery brand is based on the novelty and unique design. At the same time, the “harmonious” character homonym is used to reflect the emotional elements contained in the product, which makes the product win. The unanimous recognition of our customers.

TTF Jewelry, the original domestic jewelry design advocate, has launched excellent design works such as “Red Bean” and “Cheongsam” that combine traditional culture with modern life concepts. It is not only beautifully designed, but also carries traditional Chinese culture and is widely praised at home and abroad. Take “Cheongsam” as an example. This product is designed by Han Enyong, a famous designer of TTF. It also uses diamond, agate and K gold. It is a cheongsam that represents the traditional Chinese culture. It combines creative color matching with streamlined design, allowing the wearer to showcase the noble and intellectual beauty of Eastern women.

2. Design emotional trademarks for products

Trademark is an important symbol of the brand, and is the ultimate basis for the customer to effectively distinguish the company’s products from the same category products. Excellent trademark design can not only touch customers through emotional elements, but also stimulate customers’ shopping desires and make them a loyal fan of the brand.

The common success stories of domestic brands in emotional trademarks are the combination of traditional Chinese culture and ethnic customs, and the use of customers’ resonance of traditional customs, values ​​and national sentiments to create a good image in the hearts of customers. For example, the classic brands that embody regional characteristics: Tsingtao Brewery, Laomiao Gold, Kweichow Moutai, etc.; outstanding brands that showcase traditional Chinese culture: Yuewang Jewelry, Cuihua Gold Store; jewellery brands that highlight blessings: Pak Fook Jewellery, Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Wait.

Similar to brands, companies can also design trademarks for products, thereby branding products and their names. Take the jewellery brand Helin Jewelry, which is the main creative and design, as an example. The brand emphasizes the simultaneous launch of products and trademarks. The “Love” couple ring series and “Love You” love marriage series are typical representatives. In addition, Starlight Jewelry launched the “Ball Gold” jewelry, the “Hundred Flowers” pure gold series launched by Golden Leaf Jewelry, and the “Full House” creative jewelry series launched by Aideel Jewelry are also worthy of reference by relevant practitioners.

Designing a trademark for a product not only fully attracts the attention of our customers, but also allows the company’s classic collection to be passed down. As a series of products, even after ten or even hundreds of years, as long as the company can maintain some of its core emotional elements while incorporating some of the characteristics of the times, there will always be a large number of loyal customers willing to pay for it.

3. Use emotion to promote products

Before letting customers recognize the company’s products, the first thing the company has to do is to use emotions to impress customers. In the era of fragmentation, products that can trigger customer emotional resonance will lead the sales significantly. Although the purchasing power and consumption level will affect the target customers’ consumption decisions, the products with emotionally recognized products will be actively spread. Under the strong communication ability of social media, the sales of products will be a natural thing.

Forevermark, the first diamond brand launched by the world-famous diamond brand DeBeers Group, has launched a large-scale marketing campaign for the Encordia series of products in the major media. The ultimate product design, together with the “unique diamond” The slogan, such as the close-knit relationship, the lifelong slogan, “the true feelings are related, the eternal difficulty is divided”, attracts a large number of couples to pay for it. Baoyi Jewelry has launched the “Love Unlimited” series. With the infinity symbol “∞” and “Love Unlimited, Unlimited Love”, the customer feels the eternal love.

Of course, through the “emotion” to promote the promotion of products and brands, not only to make efforts in the promotion of the media, but also to try to use various opportunities to organize online and offline activities to close the distance with customers. As Bern H. Schmidt emphasizes on brand emotional marketing, it is necessary to actively expand and integrate the contact points with customers to establish emotional connections, and continuously exert influence on customers to achieve product sales growth and brand. The goal of impact improvement.