Find the junction of different things

The world is an interconnected whole, and there is some internal connection between all people and things. Different people and things can be endlessly combined, and each combination will produce a new change. For example, a pair of strange men and women can become friends, lovers, couples and other relationships; two or more items can be combined into an innovative product. This kind of internal connection is a kind of public resource, both yours and mine. As long as the means are appropriate, you can always use it. So don’t think that anything has nothing to do with you, and don’t think that anyone has nothing to do with you. You just haven’t found a connection point for this relationship.

One year, pig mites occurred in Mexico, causing damage to many farms. Most Americans think that this matter has nothing to do with themselves. But an American named Hans does not think so. He knows that the foot-and-mouth disease incident will cause the United States to restrict the import of pork from Mexico. It will also strengthen the quarantine of domestic pigs and limit the number of slaughters, which will lead to an increase in pork prices. So he bought a lot of pork and frozen it.

A few days later, the US government took measures to limit pork imports and slaughter. The American earned a fortune. In the world, there are some unusual things happening every day, such as wars, plagues, ball games, concerts, and so on. In our daily lives, there will also be many new changes, such as new colleagues, new business, friends gatherings, colleagues’ birthdays, and so on. You may not have so much energy to do so much, but don’t think they have nothing to do with yourself.

Whether you realize it or not, they must have affected you. When you have a mood to think about a problem, you can also find many opportunities. A person who is good at association can always dig out gold from places where others think there is absolutely no gold. A real estate developer in the United States built a building and was frowning for the next publicity. Suddenly one day, a room in the building flew into a group of pigeons, and it was openly settled here, pulling around and making it stinking.

The building management wanted to drive the pigeons away, but the public relations minister stopped them. He immediately notified the Animal Protection Association to come to handle the pigeons and notified the news agencies such as radio stations and newspapers. As a result, this incident became a hot news. The company’s leaders took the opportunity to show up in front of the camera, publicizing the company’s purpose and introducing the sales of the building.

As a result, the company did not pay a penny for advertising and the building was sold. People who are innovative are keeping an open mind on people and things outside of them. Their mind is like a socket, ready to connect to the power supply everywhere. Holding people who have nothing to do with themselves, such as shutting themselves up in a small room, can only see what they already know, and can only find a little new things through the window. If you open the door and go out, you will find more opportunities.