Einstein’s “Love Nuclear Energy”undefined

This year coincides with the 140th anniversary of Einstein’s birth. The genius who was born in Ulm, the Kingdom of Württemberg, Germany, who is well-known throughout the scientific community, is little known as the “love”. “Talking and laughing has Hongru, there is no white Ding.” Einstein is the physicist who has the most interactions on weekdays. One of the closest people to him is the German Jewish theoretical physicist, the founder of the world quantum mechanics, and the 1954 Nobel Prize in Physics, Max Born.

The hero sees the same. The two people “three views” are similar, like-minded, excellent CP! Over time, Mrs. Born, the “outside nuclear”, also began to spin around the atomic nucleus of Einstein – she felt that Einstein was the smartest man she had ever seen. Moreover, she also likes Einstein’s understanding and understanding, rather than blindly investing in science and ignoring experiments. The study of Einstein’s marriage and love issues by American scholars Karl Jell and Heidfeld in 1993, the monograph “Einstein Private Life”, detailed records of Einstein and the blonde Austrian rich woman Lin Bach, flower shop beauty boss The emotional journey of Estella Katzenellenbogen and the widow of Meir.

In fact, the women who are close to the “old man who talks about teenage madness” are far more than the above. Among them, the most legendary is Margarida Cognacova. Some people say that she is the “swallow” of the KGB. But the drama is that this person and Einstein are together, it is the 007 and the “Bonnie girl” in the scientific world! Margarida followed the sculptor’s husband to the United States to open a Soviet art exhibition, and later stayed abroad as a scholar visiting the United States. In this way, Margarita “accidentally” went to Princeton University and met Einstein “accidentally.”

Coincidentally, Princeton just wanted to build an Einstein statue. Good times and good people, and live together. Not long after Margarida and Einstein met, they were introduced by Einstein and met the famous American Jewish physicist Oppenheimer. In 1945, under the leadership of Oppenheimer, the United States made the world’s first atomic bomb. At about 4 am on August 29, 1949, the first atomic bomb of the Soviet Union and the world’s second atomic bomb exploded. What is intriguing is that the general structure and power of the nuclear device of the Soviet explosion is almost a replica of the US atomic bomb. But so far, there are no signs of Margarita and Einstein. Einstein and Margarida have been secretive since 1936 and until 1938.

Einstein also trusted Magarida very much. She was the only woman in Einstein’s life who could wash his hair and comb his hair. Three years later, the two men were exposed, and they went their separate ways. Einstein likes to write poetry. He once said poetry to the lovers: “Where mortal rejection of me, I only look for the stars in the sky.” What did he find? What does he want? If the fish drink water, it is cold and warm.

All of this, maybe the party Einstein knows best – he once wrote a small poem on a self-portrait: “It’s worth it, sweetness is all from the outside world I can’t control” and I can only live alone. Recalling the past / I used to be very painful, and I was ashamed of it… let everything stay in the memory of forever.”