Cut off the inner hostility

About 3 years ago, I went to Beijing to record a program, recording time is two in the afternoon. In order to insure, I took an airplane at 8 o’clock in the morning and took off from Guangzhou. I arrived in Beijing at 11 o’clock and went to the studio of the recording program at less than 12 o’clock.

When I got there, I was dumbfounded. I have worked with the other party before, knowing that they have good conditions for recording the program. I am early at noon and can find a room to rest. I have to take a lunch break, otherwise I will be especially in the afternoon. But this time the studio was temporarily selected, relatively simple, and there was no place to rest. Also, when I arrived, there was no staff reception. They asked me if I wanted to arrange a hotel room, I said no.

Therefore, this does not blame anyone. But I have a feeling of being scorned. In the past, I used various reasons to convince myself to understand each other. But this time, I think it is better to express it. So, I called the staff responsible for receiving me to express my dissatisfaction. The receptionist was a girl, and I was a little dissatisfied when I heard it. She said she would quickly come over and deal with it. Finally, we found a very quiet coffee shop.

After I ate something and drank a cup of coffee, I sat in a chair and took a nap. The girl who received me was very attentive. I was not a tough guest, so there was nothing unpleasant between us. However, there was always a small failure, such as being difficult to take a taxi, getting on the bus, and the taxi driver. Admit the wrong way.

It wasn’t until the recording of the show that something big happened. At that time, I had to change the clothes used in the show, and the clothes were new. When I wore my trousers, the nails with a nail “nameplate” on the trousers were not taken down. My hand was too hard and I reached the nail. Child blood DC. Looking at the moment when the blood poured out, I suddenly quieted down. At this moment, I clearly felt that although the reception staff was very careful, I have always had strong dissatisfaction throughout the process.

I believe that it is my dissatisfaction, or hostility, that evokes hostility from the outside world. With this awareness, with the help of the staff, I quickly dealt with the wound, then closed my eyes and quieted for a while to become aware of the hostility in my heart. After I was aware, my body, mind and mind were quiet. After this incident, I formed a consciousness: If something goes wrong, whether it is big or small, you need to be quiet, see if you have hostility in your heart, and then appease it.