Counting those plants that have animals and love to sell them.

There are always some things that will make you feel refreshed. These are not real animals, but they look too much like animals. Get ready to look forward to the world’s most exotic and unique flower world!

Pink “Bird” – Pink Phalaenopsis

Phalaenopsis is a famous cut flower species. Phalaenopsis is a single-stem epiphytic orchid with short stems, large leaves, one to several stems, arched and large flowers. It is named for its flower-like shape. Its beautiful flower and gorgeous colors are treasures of the tropical orchids and have the reputation of “Queen of the Lanzhong”.

Inside the flower is a “small bird” with a nose and a mouth. It guards the flowers and protects the nectar. Or, a bird baby is trapped in the flower.

You don’t know why they are like this, but thanks to nature, creating such a cute little orchid.

Monkey Face Orchid – Dracula Orchid

Dracula orchid is also called “monkey face orchid” or “monkey face dragon orchid” because of its flower shape resembling a monkey. This strangely shaped orchid grows only on the humus of the lower half of the forest in the southeastern part of Ecuador and the southeastern part of Peru at an altitude of 1,000 to 2,000 meters. It is difficult to find.

Because the two flocculent petals of Dracula orchid look like the two sharp teeth of the vampire, Dracula orchid is also known as the “monkey vampire.”

So, what else can make us feel cooler than this kind of flower? Imagine if a huge number of monkey face orchids bloom at the same time, what a huge “spiritual attack” they would have on the onlookers?

The fragrant red lips – the lips

Named “lip flower” because of its shape resembling sexy and seductive lips. This kind of plant is bright red and has a strange shape. People can’t help but sigh the wonders of nature.

The red part of the shape of the lips is not a true petal, but a sepal of flowers. This plant is bright red and has a strange shape. It seems to have been technically processed, however, it is safe to say that its seductive lips are born. They are truly found in tropical rainforests in Central and South American countries such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, and Ecuador. Lip flower has evolved into this shape to attract pollinators such as hummingbirds and butterflies. Interestingly, their flower beds can be kissed for a short time and disappear immediately after flowering.

The unfortunate news is that such extraordinary flowers have become endangered species due to uncontrolled deforestation by humans.

“Peace Messenger” – Holy Spirit Orchid

In this kind of pink orchid, the Holy Spirit orchid also hides “small animals”, but not just a “bird head”, but a whole “bird”! Specifically, it is a “pigeon.” Its flower shape is like a bowl, and the column and the lip are combined to become a “peace pigeon”!

Due to the unique charm of this flower, some lawless elements have extracted a large amount of it from the origin of Panama, resulting in its extremely endangered state. In order to save the pigeons and prevent them from extinction, the Panamanian environmental organization has also launched a sponsorship program. Currently, Doulan has been listed on the list of endangered species and is banned from trading worldwide.

Cursed snapdragon

Antirrhinum is a perennial herb. The plant height is 20 to 70 cm, and the leaves are oblong-lanceolate. As the name implies, the Snapdragon blooms like a goldfish swimming in the water. But do you know? Behind their beautiful appearance, there is a terrible “curse” hidden. They grow on the Mediterranean coasts of southern Europe and North Africa, perhaps because they are too beautiful, so they are cursed: once the snapdragons are withered, dried, and bear fruit, they will become glamorous. Shantou.

In fact, this terrible skull shape is formed by plants in order to spread the seeds better. When the capsules of snapdragon are cracked, the carpels that make up the ovary are not separated after the fruit matures, but in each A hole was split in the upper part of the room to spread the seeds out, and the holes happened to be combined into a terrible skull shape.

At the same time, it is also a traditional Chinese medicine, with the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, cooling blood and swelling. It can also be used for oil extraction and is nutritious and healthy.

“Baby” in the shackles – Angolan

An egg that gave birth to life broke open. However, what is not announced here is not the birth of an oviparous animal, but the beginning of an orchid. The petals of this Angolan are about to unfold, and the waxy petals are held together and they are very thick. As the bracts slowly and gently split, the pale yellow lips in the middle are exposed, and the nucleus of life is like a baby in humans.

This extraordinary orchid is produced in the tropical cloud zone of Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru at an altitude of 1,400-2,500 meters. It has beautiful large flowers, but the petals are not all open, just like the world famous flower tulip, so it has won the reputation of “Tulipan”. For orchid growers, the successful cultivation of an Angulan is their ultimate dream.

“Happy Aunt” – bag flower

The bag flower, also known as Darwin Slipper Flower, is an evergreen perennial alpine species discovered by Charles Darwin when he traveled around South America. These “inflated pockets” mainly appear in high-altitude areas, hi-yin, never grow in a warm climate, so it is difficult for ordinary people to see, and the information is relatively small.

Some people say that they look at a happy aunt like a sugar cube. It is understood that some local birds particularly like to eat the white “sweet sugar” part, which is a good thing, because this is the “happy aunt” pollination strategy.

There are many strange things in nature, and there are many coincidences. Nature itself is so wonderful that it may look different in different people’s eyes. As long as you have a pair of eyes that are good at observing and discovering, maybe everything will be different.