Business opportunities brought by mistakes

In 1998, American young woman Blakely invented a new type of body shaping underwear. Market sales have been bad. Many people think that it is expensive and is the exclusive product of celebrities. In order to open the market, Blakeley decided to draw comics and print flyers to promote the products.

On this day, Blakely just finished the manga, and his friend Maya found a typo on it, reminding him: “You can be really confused, even the hips of the buttocks are wrong!” She took a closer look, really fell A letter, can’t help but laugh. Maya continued to remind: “If someone wears the underwear wrong, see you still laugh…” Looking at the unstoppable Maya, she suddenly had an idea. Soon, the flyer was printed.

Looking at the printed flyer, Maya suddenly cried: “Not good, the ‘hip and waist’ on the leaflet are all reversed. What can I do?” Blakely glanced and said carelessly: “No.

The method, reprinting is a big expense, it will be used.” Soon, the promoters came back and said: “Many people have found the mistakes on the flyers and accused us of being careless.” The company also received many calls to correct the errors on the flyers.

Blakely has repeatedly admit his mistakes and said that he will correct it immediately. When she can re-create comics, she is still the same, not misspelling the letters or marking the wrong position… More and more people are beginning to notice these “bad” ads.

At this time, Blakely lowered the price of underwear, so that ordinary people can afford it, and the product immediately sold well. Not everything has to be perfect, sometimes it is deliberate to make mistakes in small things, but it will have unexpected effects.