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Recently, a four-person bizarre disappearance in Alaska has progressed. The police said that a family of four who had been missing for nearly a year may have died. A driver who was driving on the trail found clothes and some items and notified the police. The Kenai City Police Department has confirmed that these clothes belong to the missing family of four. The police and the FBI conducted an extensive investigation into this bizarre disappearance, but found nothing. The scene of a family of four missing is even more foggy. Neighbor Desire Gyram told ABC (Alaska Radio and Television) reporters that Adams’s phone and ID card were still at home. “The landlord found that the uneaten food was still on the table and the cabinet, and the jacket was still placed. On the back of the chair, it seems that they disappeared for no reason on the way to breakfast.” Relatives said that the Rebecca family did not pack any luggage, and the two cars were parked outside the apartment. Their rent has not been paid since June last year.

A couple in New Jersey, USA, and Ryan stumbled upon watching a family video. They had seen it 16 years ago. According to the couple, they met and married through a blind date in 2004. A few years ago, the two were surprised to see the family video. As early as 1988, they had seen each other in Pennsylvania. The video records the scene of Jordan playing in the Sesame Amusement Park, and at this moment, Ryan went into the camera, though only for a moment. Later, the family members of both sides also confirmed that the couple had been to the Sesame Amusement Park at that time.

A woman in Egypt raised her daughter and later helped her daughter to raise her grandson. In 43 years, the woman dressed as a man, in order to engage in physical activity, was hailed as “the most dedicated mother.” Sissa Abu Dawu is 65 years old and lives in Luxor, an ancient city on the banks of the Nile. She was 21 years old and she was 6 months pregnant. She decided to work as a menswear worker to earn money. Dawu said that she did not intend to conceal her gender. It was only to avoid being bullied or encountering other people’s eyes. She shaved her hair and put on her men’s clothing. She worked as a bricklayer and shoemaker.

there is a 15-year-old boy, Karla, in Punjab, northern India. His body has amazing flexibility and is known as the “rubber boy.” His head can be rotated 180 degrees, the arm can be rotated 360 degrees, and the hands can be taken from the back through the top of the head to the front. Karla’s body is extremely flexible, the movement is very flexible, and some signature moves make people shocked. His signature moves include bending the legs backwards to the shoulders, turning the head 180 degrees to the back, rotating the arms 360 degrees, and taking the hands from the back to the front. Because of his flexibility, Karla said that he does not feel pain and discomfort when doing these exercises.

the American man Keaton suffers from rare skin diseases, and the skin can attract objects like a suction cup, just like the “Magnetic King” in “X-Men”. The skin disease that Keaton suffers from has not yet been named. His body temperature is higher than ordinary people, which makes his pores like a suction cup, which can absorb objects. Moreover, his wounds can heal quickly, he rarely gets sick, and his aging rate is slower than usual. In a TV festival, Keaton performed a “skill” of pouring water into the cup. His “super power” also earned him a Guinness World Record – the person who can put the most cans on his head. At the time, he had eight jars on his head and kept it for 10 seconds. Doctors believe that Keaton is the only person in the United States who has this “attractiveness.” Keaton’s “superpower” also emerged with age. When he was about 7 years old, he found that the toy always stuck to his skin.