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Why do you feel that time passes faster when you grow up?

Why do people feel that time passes faster when they grow up? Many theories try to answer this question. One theory holds that the body clock in our body is constantly changing. As we age, our metabolism slows down, and our heartbeat and breathing slow down, which in turn leads us to feel the rhythm of life. Another theory points out that the feeling of time is directly related to the new information we absorb. As new stimuli increase, our brains process information at a slower rate, so time will quickly slip away without knowing it. There is another theory that is the opposite of the second. This theory holds that in the case of more stimuli, the brain stores more memory of the details, so it will feel that the days are longer than the actual situation. However, as we grow older, we become more familiar with everything around us, and the family and work environment are no longer stimulating. For children, the world is full of novelty, everything is unknown, and every second will surprise them. Adults can’t feel every little detail in life, so they feel that time passes quickly.

Can people survive if they remove most of their internal organs?

Usually we all think that the human body is very fragile. But scientific research shows that the human body is stronger than we think: if you remove the spleen, a kidney, a leaf lung, 75% of the liver, 80% of the intestines, 90% of the stomach, and almost all organs in the groin area, People can still survive.

Can animals enjoy music with people?

Scientists have long discovered that many animals, including the cats and dogs we are most familiar with, have the ability to appreciate music. Some experts have even researched and determined that the music that animals like mainly consists of classical music and rock music, but does not include modern music with fast rhythm. But recent zoologist studies have shown that different kinds of animals may have different musical perceptions of different frequencies, rhythms, loudness and resonance. The music that humans like is within our hearing frequency, and the rhythm is similar to our heartbeat rhythm. But for animals, because their hearing frequency range, heart rate and human beings are very different, they can’t “share” the same category of music with humans. A scientist named Charles Norton said that he is currently working on a “animal music” that is specially designed according to the special requirements of different animals for pitch, tone and rhythm. Because he found that different music can even regulate the mood of animals. Perhaps soon, humans should also try to appreciate what “cat music”, “dog music” or “牛乐” is.

Is it as fresh as possible to eat vegetables?

Modern people eat, not only pay attention to nutrition, but also pay attention to freshness, such as suburban fruit and vegetable picking tour is very popular. In fact, the fruits and vegetables are not as fresh as possible. For example, freshly picked vegetables often carry pesticide residues. If stored for some time, harmful substances will gradually decompose and decay. Some people will say that after a period of time, nutrition is not lost or attenuated? In fact, for green peppers, spinach, and kale, the most important vitamin C in vegetables is not reduced by storage for a few days. The refrigerated cabbage even contains more vitamin C than fresh cabbage. Of course, after a few days of storage, such as tomatoes, potatoes and cauliflower, vitamin C does decline.

More than half of readers prefer paper books

Recently, the China Press and Publication Research Institute announced the fourteenth national reading situation. According to the survey, in 2016, the average per capita book reading of Chinese nationals was 7.86, an increase of 0.02 compared with 2015. A study of the reading styles of Chinese nationals found that 51.6% of adult nationals tend to “take a paper book to read”, 9.8% of nationals tend to “online online reading”, and 33.8% of nationals tend to “mobile reading”. “3.8% of people tend to “read on e-readers” and 1.0% of the nationals “have gotten used to download and print them down online.” Today, digital reading is still favored by more than half of readers. For this phenomenon, experts believe that this shows that traditional paper books still have vitality.

Why are Chinese Taoist temples built on the mountains?

In order to carry out the practice of cultivation and cultivation, and to get rid of the dust, Chinese Taoism must find a place where pedestrians and horses are less and less, and build a “mountain temple” and a “daoyuan”. Taoism respects Laozi, Zhang Tianshi, etc., builds temples and seeks immortals, and practices themselves to make them immortal. Therefore, in the architectural design of temples, it is required to choose natural resorts in the mountains. For example, temples and bridges are built on the cliffs, and houses are built on the bridges. There are big and small, far and near, high and low stacks, and the building of the pavilion is built. In this way, it seems that it is a fairy mountain pavilion, as if the immortal is going to be here, so most of the Taoist architecture is such that they are located in the hilltops or mountains that are difficult to climb on the mountain road. At the same time, in the mountains, the majority of believers are also logged into the empty door, enticing them to win, thinking broad, and making people fascinated, reflecting the unpredictable and fascinating artistic conception of the fairyland.