Wonderful “impossible graphics”

There is such a figure, which consists of an unconventional straight line and is drawn on paper. No matter how you look at it, its structure is reasonable, but in reality it is impossible. In 1934, the Swedish artist Oscar inadvertently created such a graphic, we call it “impossible graphics.”

Oscar’s pen tried to arrange a triangle on several pieces of paper on the paper, and finally made a triangle after many attempts. In the face of his masterpiece, Oscar was shocked, because the combination of this triangle is completely impossible in reality!

Why is it called “Penrose Triangle”?
Oscar discovered this “impossible figure” and later had his own name – “Penrose Triangle”. This kind of triangle can only be built in a two-dimensional plane, but it can’t be combined in the real world.

Since it was discovered by the artist Oscar, why is this weird triangle not called the “Oscar Triangle” but the “Penrose Triangle”?

This is because in 1954, the British math physicist Roger Penrose, after attending a speech by the Dutch graphic painter M.C. Escher, was described by Escher as “breaking the law of space”. The graphics are deeply attracted. After returning home, Roger Penrose and his father, the psychiatrist Lionel Penrose, wrote a small paper on the graphic entitled “Impossible Object: A Special Visual Illusion” This mysterious “impossible graph” is described in detail, and according to the graph, the “Penrose Step” is further depicted in the text.

The paper by Penrose and his father was published in the British Journal of Psychology. Since then, the triangle that cannot be built in reality has been called the Penrose Triangle.

Is the “Penrose Triangle” really impossible to exist in the real world?
The more difficult the puzzles are, the more attractive they are.

In 2010, the famous British director Christopher Nolan also showed the charm of the “Penrose Steps” in the classic sci-fi film “The Pirates of the Dream”.

The mysterious stairs in the popular game “Monument Valley” are also based on the “impossible graphics” design. The most attractive part of this game is that the player needs to change the space structure by turning the building, starting the mechanism, etc., and finally let the protagonist reach the end.

However, whether in movies or games, the “Penrose Steps” is only a virtual existence. There have been countless artists and mathematicians who have made countless attempts to build the “Penrose Triangle” in reality, but they all ended in failure, because no matter how they try, they can only see this from a certain angle. An “impossible graphic” entity.

In the classic science fiction “Three-body”, the problem of dimensional space has been discussed. In fact, the “Penrose triangle” has many deformations such as quadrilateral and polygon, but they can only exist in two-dimensional space without exception.

In addition to the “Penrose Triangle”, humans have also discovered the Mobius ring and the Klein bottle. The principles they produce are roughly the same. They are all a kind of “space illusion” in different dimensional spaces. In the real world. It can’t be realized.

However, some people still don’t give up. They think that they have found the basis of “real existence” for the “Penrose Triangle” in the real world and materialized it. For example, there is a “Penrose Triangle” in the East Perth neighborhood of Australia. sculpture. In fact, the several cuboids that make up the sculpture are separate. People can only shoot from a specific angle to see a certain face of the “Penrose Triangle”. From a different angle, it is “divided”. This sculpture It’s just the creation of the designer’s wishful thinking. It can be seen that the “Penrose Triangle” still cannot exist objectively in reality.

The practical application of the “Penrose Triangle” in reality
Although the “Penrose Triangle” is just a product of people’s whimsy, its incomparable clever composition makes people deeply fascinated. Thus, this “impossible graphics” has created countless possibilities in reality.

The famous British brand “PALACE” is located at the entrance of the flagship store in New York, USA. There is an interesting “Penrose Triangle” statue. This is the design of “Penrose Triangle” based on the principle of “Penrose Triangle”. Customized trademark. In this trademark, the three sides of the triangle are printed with the brand name, with the meaning of “infinite loop”.

There was a fanatic of “Monument Valley”, and Lego launched a set of “Monument Valley” blocks. In 2011, the fan’s suggestion was finally put into production, and in this way, the Lego Minecraft series was born.

A Spanish studio, drawing on the Penrose Triangle, designed a minimalist vase called the 90-degree vase. This vase made up of white frames can be inserted into a flower or leaf, but when you look at it from a certain angle, you will find that the flower branch is inserted in a “Penrose Triangle”! In fact, this is only because the designer deliberately left a gap in the right angle of the vase, and the flowers or leaves will just pass through the gap.

Although we can’t find such a structure in reality, we have to say that the use of the “Penrose Triangle” graphic in real life still makes us feel fun. Some things can only stay in the concept stage forever, but they do not prevent it from enriching our spiritual life!