“Three readings a day” accompanied me to grow up

Eat three meals a day, read “three readings a day.” This habit has been with me for nearly 40 years. Even if the Internet readings that have arisen in recent years are overwhelming, I still have to learn hard to change. The lack of “first reading” means “hunger”.

The so-called “three readings a day” is also a morning reading, a lunch reading, and a night reading.

The morning reading is mainly poetry works. In the morning, because of the urgency of time, I chose to read poems that were shorter than novels and prose, which not only achieved the effect of reading, but also did not waste time. The poems I read all year round mainly include Tang poetry and Song poetry and new poetry. The crops grow well, and they all rely on the dung. I like the creation of new poems, and I believe that the Tang poetry and Song poetry are the “bottom fertilizer” of new poetry creation. Without reading classical poetry, the “land quality” is difficult to reach the “small well-off”. The poems of the new poetry are mainly poetry publications such as “Poetry” and “Stars”. They are often read in bed. While reading, they use a ballpoint pen to outline their favorite sentences. They even like to write a few comments on the top, and they will also I think that the author’s failed sentence is sketched out, and the work that I think is of too high quality sometimes whispers and swears a few words. In fact, reading is like eating, some people like spicy taste, some people like sweet taste, some people like sour taste, others like “smelly smell”… Some people like meat, some people like vegetarian food, some people like vegetarian food, some People like rice, some people like pasta, others like to drink two or two small drinks while eating… It is because everyone has different tastes, different habits, different hobbies, different needs for food, so the Northern Song poets Mr. Ouyang Xiu will be issued in Volume 1 of the “Return to the Field”: “The remedy of Bu Zhongshan, although the song is full of cleverness; and Fu said that it is difficult to adjust to the mouth.” I think that the quality of poetry with higher quality may not be as high as the peak of Mount Everest. Poor quality poetry works may not be as low as the Mariana Trench. Fortunately, no matter how good poetry or poetry I read, I will not waste every period and every poem. Basically, I read twenty or thirty poems every morning, and the “spiritual breakfast” was officially completed.

The main reading in the afternoon is prose. Compared to the poor time in the morning, the noon time is quite abundant. After lunch, I will lie on the sofa and start reading prose works. The main publications include “Prose” and prose works in various literary publications. I especially like the prose works of nostalgic and rustic, perhaps the reason why I was born and grew up in the country. Reading these works full of cockerels, mountains and rivers, fathers and old folks, whole grains, and folk customs, I will feel the return of the past years, as if the fathers and relatives who are lurking in the lines are sitting next to me: The men squatted and smothered the old dry smoke, and the harvest and the poor harvest of the fields with me; the women pierced the thorns and pierced the needles and the shoes at the bottom of the layer, while I was screaming with the “east parents, the west family, the Wang family The bowl of Li’s family.” Reading these essays, I seem to have found my own roots, touched the ancestors’ breathing, and felt that the influence of local life on a person is the kind of flesh and blood. Another type of essay I like is non-fictional “report literature.” Although no one has classified “reporting literature” into the ranks of prose, I have always read reportage as a prose. For example, the “alternative” literary works published in “Beijing Literature” that focus on special groups and vulnerable groups, the composition of each word in the works is like a small surgical instrument, knocking on me. The bones, holding my pulse, stimulated my acupuncture points, and made the Yangtze River and the Yellow River in my body roar. My wife always criticized me for not knowing how to rest at noon. In fact, she didn’t know that reading on the sofa was my best way to take a nap.

The main work of night reading is novel. The loess that I live in has a saying that “the chicken is not called the work of today”, which means that as long as the cock is called the next morning, the night of your business is still the work of today. The night I read the posture I chose was completely lying in the bed. At this time, my family will form a picture: the wife changes the facial expression on the right side of the bed to browse the mobile phone, and I read the novel with great interest on the left side of the bed. We live in peace and do not interfere with each other’s “internal affairs” and share the leisure time at night. The length of the novel is relatively large, and the time of the evening is just right for reading such works. From more than 30 years ago to today, I have read four famous works, “Lin Hai Xue Yuan”, “Red and Black”, “White Deer” and “Dust Settled” in the night reading process, which laid a certain foundation for my literary creation. Now the main source of my reading novels is the literary magazine, especially the “good-looking novels” in “Beijing Literature” (exciting reading). These good-looking novels, either rejoicing or sad, often make the audience suddenly conceal their thoughts during the reading process. I like the humorous style and military theme novels. The earliest reading humorous satirical novel is the long chapter of the novel written by Li Boyuan, a late Qing writer who read more than 30 years ago. The author takes the official forum of the late Qing Dynasty as the stage. A pen is swaying and swaying, showing the ruin of the corrupt officialdom, especially the section of “Taiwanese Seeing Foreigners” that was once included in the textbook. The character’s psychological portrayal is barely revealing. In no way lost the “chameleon” of the Russian writer Chekhov. The military-themed novels range from “Xiaobing Zhangye” to “Wisdom Take the Tiger Mountain” to “The Garland under the Mountain”… I often read that the pillows are full of smoke and fire. In my wife’s words, sum up my preference for military-themed novels, that is: I have never seen you with such feelings and immersive reading. Fortunately, there are no pistols around, or you have already treated me as a bad person and shot them hundreds of times.

There is an old saying cloud in the Taihang Mountains: people are iron, rice is steel, and a meal is not hungry. I changed it to: people are iron, books are steel, and a “ton” does not read hungry. Today, I have been more than half a year old, and the habit of morning reading, afternoon reading, and night reading is still deeply rooted. This old problem! I am afraid that I will not be able to change this life.