These sunscreen mistakes will hurt you.

In the hot summer, sun protection is very important. If you make a mistake, it will make you black. Only the correct operation can extinguish the summer sun and make a demon on the skin. Let’s take a look at the common misunderstandings of sun protection.

Misunderstanding one

Sunscreen before going out

Many people apply sunscreen before going out. Experts point out that sunscreen products are best used half an hour before going out. Do not use too little. In general, including the face and neck, it is most appropriate to squeeze the toothpaste tube about 3 cm each time.

Misunderstanding 2

Natural beauty, not black

Ultraviolet rays contain a lot of harmful substances, which cause great damage to the skin and cause skin aging. Ultraviolet rays contain UVA, UVB and UVC and are present throughout the year, day, night, rain or cloudy. Ultraviolet rays are the main cause of aging, and the skin after being burnt by ultraviolet rays may have adverse reactions of redness, blackening, and long spots.

Misunderstanding three

No sun protection indoors

Ultraviolet light can be subdivided into long-wavelength U-VA, medium-wavelength UVB, and short-wavelength UVC. When UVC enters the atmosphere, it is isolated under the protection of the ozone layer, leaving only UVA and UVB to the ground.

UVB, also known as outdoor ultraviolet or medium-wave ultraviolet light, can reach the dermis and cause skin to be sunburned. When the sun is strong, wear a light long-sleeved shirt and a hat and sunglasses to prevent the skin from burning and the eyes. UVA will be refracted into the room, also known as indoor ultraviolet or long-wave ultraviolet rays. It can penetrate deep into the dermis and destroy collagen, elastic fibers and even fibroblasts. Therefore, UVA not only stimulates pigment synthesis but also darkens skin tone, which is caused by The main culprit of skin aging and fine lines may even cause skin cancer.

Misunderstanding four

Sun protection has nothing to do with diet

In summer, you should eat less light-sensitive foods such as celery, parsley, mango, pineapple and spinach to avoid skin photoreaction.

Use sunscreen even on cloudy days, not directly in contact with sunlight.

Misunderstanding five

The whole family can use a sunscreen

In order to save trouble, many people usually only have a sunscreen at home, which is shared by the whole family.

Experts pointed out that the choice of sunscreen products needs to be personalized, and family members should choose sunscreen products according to their own needs. In general, the average person’s skin can withstand sunlight for 15 minutes without being burned. Using SPFl5’s UV protection products, there is about 225 minutes of sun protection time. Water-repellent sunscreens are required for heavy sweating or swimming.