There is love in the heart from fragrance

A girl, loves to laugh, loves to travel, loves photography, runs her own small shop, lives her own little days, and is full of fragrance. But what I saw was only her enviable life in the circle of friends. Later, she learned that her parents were divorced. She and her mother lived together. After her mother died, her father had a new family and she began to live alone. If the pain is a clothes, then she will wear it as underwear, and she will not be known for her unique taste. I asked her if she hated her father. She said, why bother, resentment will only make you colder.

A young boy who was seriously ill, his family had no money to heal, and he was discharged from hospital with tears. The attending doctors were all entangled, and finally decided to let them sign a 30-year repayment agreement with the hospital, which is 200 yuan per month. The child’s life is saved. After leaving the hospital, the little boy earned some money to help his parents repay by selling the evening newspaper. Every day, he took time to go to the hospital, went to the doctor’s office and threw a evening newspaper of the day, and turned and ran. He used his insignificant actions to repay the doctor’s life-saving grace. The convection generated by love circling in the hallway of the hospital.

The film “Eternal Memory” truly records the story of Sweden’s first photographer. The social unrest in Sweden in the early 20th century was both lacking in material and spiritual life. The housewife, Mara, is holding a less wealthy home. Once, when she went to the photo studio to sell a camera that she got when she bought the lottery, she met another important man in life, the owner of the photo studio, Pedersen. Under Pedersen’s persuasion, she tried to pick up the camera, and from then on, through the lens, she entered another world. Unlike men who are dissatisfied with reality through violence, this woman who has suffered too much domestic violence and humiliation uses the lens to find a peace of mind and change the deep trajectory of life. Ever since she picked up the camera, she suddenly found out that she could control where the lens was facing, control the distance of life, and control the crowd covered by the lens. She suddenly found that life was controllable. Since then, her mental state has changed, she lives happily, and she does not even care about her husband’s derailment. And slowly, more people in the community asked her to take pictures, deepen her confidence, her social circle was opened, she was full of more autonomy, a small lens for her to face It is still this conservative town, a family under the control of macho, but it allows her to escape this.

The old gentleman Pedersen did not appear much, but he gave a proper salvation when Mara was desperate: “The man opened a passage and was unable to turn back. It is a world worthy of your record. It is eternal. Pedersen is willing to be a model of Mara, along with his loyal old dog. He encouraged Mara: “You are so good, my dog ​​and I are more and more like it.” Generosity, enthusiasm, gentleness, tolerance… These human loves emerge through her lens and flow through many Human heart.

Cai Wei went to a restaurant to eat, saw a guy dressed as a clown, used balloons to pull out a variety of animal graphics, and made the children who came to eat very happy. He comes twice a week, every hour, once 700 yuan, this is only his sideline, his main business is to send express. Cai Wei asked him how to learn this hand. He smiled and said that buying a book is self-study. If you try a few times, you can increase your income and make others happy. Why not? Cai Wei admire. If he just complains that his aunt can’t beat others, work too hard, and frown all day, then how can his life be imagined. His heart is filled with love, and there is no place to complain. As it turns out, complaining is the most useless act. When you keep complaining and praying for God to help you realize your wishes, you have thought that God is the mentor of the world spirit, not the nanny of your family.

There were a lot of things happening during this time. The neighbors who were still greeting in the early morning drove the cranes to the west. A young student was hospitalized, and the family was in danger of being overwhelmed. There were too many unpredictable lives in the life, so that we could not dodge and cope. We only have to be careful to love, and to cherish it. Living is to find the happiness and happiness that belongs to you. When you want to go, there is a way under your feet. When you want to rest, there is a shadow on your head. On the way home, there was a light; when I got home, there was a hug. This is happiness.

I met a cute little squirrel in the morning run and watched me for 3 seconds. Yesterday, I made my own squid, and the taste was not bad. The team supported by my colleague Xiaopeng won and warmly embraced me to celebrate. Seeing a joke, wrinkles increased by three and a half, which are all happy. They are small and small as the tentacles of an ant in the dust. When the hurricane strikes, we don’t make papers that are exiled by fate, we must be living butterflies. This impermanent wind can never blow us away. As long as there is love in the heart, it can be firmly nailed in this beautiful world.