There are seven amazing benefits for men to drink alcohol.

[Man has seven amazing benefits in drinking] Medical proof that moderate drinking has a real health effect on the human body. If you are an adult and enjoy a glass of wine every night, you should be able to experience the magical effect of moderate drinking. If you drink alcohol, then you have no chance. 1. Reduce harmful cholesterol; 2. Prevent diabetes; 3. Inspire brain intelligence; 4. Prevent gallstones; 5. Control weight; 6. Prevent tumors; 7. Strengthen bones.

[Red light may make people’s emotions better] Red not only represents passion, but also brings good mood to people. Researchers in neuroscience and psychology at Ohio State University have found that red light may make people feel better. The study, through experiments with hamsters, found that the color of the night light affected the mood of the hamster, and the hamsters exposed to red light secreted less chemicals related to depression.

[Toyota develops fuel cell auto-driving lunar rover] Toyota Motor Corporation, a world-renowned car company, has set its sights on the moon and is preparing to “cross-border” to participate in the manufacture of lunar rover. The lunar rover, which is planned to be developed, has a length, width, and height of 6 meters, 5.2 meters, and 3.8 meters, respectively, and is equivalent to two small vans. It can be driven by the astronauts on the surface of the moon under manual or remote control, or it can travel autonomously, with a driving distance of more than 10,000 kilometers. The car is equipped with a supercharger, so that astronauts do not have to wear a spacesuit to work and live in it, equivalent to a mobile living quarter. The cabin can accommodate 2 astronauts and can accommodate up to 4 people.

[Easy access to the Internet, people’s attention time is shorter] A new study in Europe shows that Internet access allows people to get to know things happening in the world faster, but to make their attention shorter. The researchers found that no matter which topic is involved, the time for people to pay attention is reduced. Take the example of the top 50 tagged hot topic durations on Twitter in the global daily rankings. The average time spent on the top 50 list dropped from 17.5 hours to 11.9 hours. Researchers say that the convenience of the Internet makes public discussion faster and more fragmented. Information overload makes people lose interest in what happens more quickly, that is, the breadth of attention is narrowed.

[Colorectal cancer patients with high risk of cancer in close relatives] The German National Cancer Center recently issued a press release saying that if a person’s parents, siblings, and siblings or siblings have colorectal cancer, then they suffer from this disease. The possibility of cancer is higher. Experts suggest that this part of the high-risk group should be prevented early, and regular screening for bowel cancer should be carried out. The children and siblings of the patients should receive colonoscopy regularly from the age of 25 onwards.

[“Perspective” technology brings light to the accurate printing of human organs] According to reports, the research team led by Etirk, University of Munich, Germany, proposed a “perspective” technology that accurately depicts the internal structure of organs. 3D printing of human organs will “have “The image can be made transparent by the use of solvents, and then the laser is used to scan the organ in the microscope to obtain the entire organ structure including the blood vessels and the location of each cell, and then “copy” one with 3D bioprinting technology. The exact same organ.

[Japan successfully developed contact lens type blood glucose monitor] Recently, the research team at Nagoya University in Japan developed a contact lens type blood glucose monitor. Similar to the color contact lens, the sensor will be embedded between the two layers of lenses. There is almost no difference from ordinary contact lenses. After wearing, the glasses collect blood glucose data every minute. In addition, this blood glucose monitor is equipped with a glucose generator that can generate electricity and store electricity by using the sugar contained in the tears. This lens is mainly based on the type of two weeks of throwing. If this contact lens blood glucose monitor can achieve mass production, its unit price is expected to be only 50 yen (2 to 3 yuan) higher than ordinary contact lenses.

[Staying for 6 hours a day to increase the risk of early death] According to the latest study by Queen’s University in Belfast, a daily 6 hours or more will increase the chance of illness and increase the risk of early death by 25%. If sedentary behavior is eliminated, colon cancer, endometrial cancer, lung cancer, diabetes and other diseases can be prevented to a certain extent.

[Long-term psychological trauma can lead to cardiovascular disease] Everyone may have a “sad” experience due to various traumas throughout their lives. According to the latest psychiatric research, “traumatic sequelae stress syndrome” has long been immersed in “sorrow” “Patients, the chances of getting high blood lipids, high blood pressure and diabetes and other cardiovascular metabolic diseases in the future are much higher than the average person, indicating that sadness may really be “sad.”

[24-hour longevity guide] 6 am: practice yoga, reduce stress; 7 am: eat protein, can prevent wrinkles; 10 am: berry snacks, anti-cancer and anti-cancer; 3:30 pm: drink a cup of sassafras, Charge the cells; 6 pm: Eat fish for dinner, improve brain health; 8:00 pm: couple sex, good longevity; 10 pm: go to bed early and get up early, adjust the biological clock.

[eat too much brain damage ] long-term satiety damages brain health. Why does satiety damage the brain? Due to frequent satiety, the total calorie intake of the body far exceeds the needs of the body, resulting in excess body fat and increased blood lipids, which can lead to cerebral arteriosclerosis, causing a significant increase in “fibroblast growth factor”. This substance can make the fat cells of capillary endothelial cells proliferate and promote the occurrence of atherosclerosis.

[Why eat onions] There is a strong antioxidant in the onion – selenium, which can remove free radicals in the body and has anti-aging effects, which is beneficial to prevent tissue damage. When the human body is deficient in selenium, myocardial function will be impeded, and Keshan disease (unexplained cardiomyopathy) is prone to occur. Therefore, it is recommended to eat onions to remove free radicals, delay aging, and prevent Keshan disease.

[The brain cells gradually decrease after the age of 40] With the increase of age, the human brain function gradually degenerates. How to maintain the vitality of the brain? Keep away from tobacco and alcohol: especially alcoholism, which seriously damages memory; eat more brain foods such as fish, eggs, nuts, etc.; do brain training: count, puzzle, recite poetry; optimistic attitude: keep your mood happy; Exercise properly: Do more aerobic exercises, such as swimming, climbing, etc.

[Two cups of sugary drinks a day or early death] The American Heart Association recently released a new study showing that drinking two or more cups of sugary drinks a day or risking early death is more risky for women, with a 63% chance of premature death among women and men. 29%. The sample shows that high-sugar drinks mainly cause cardiovascular disease, colon cancer and breast cancer, which are the main causes of early death. According to the study, the average daily intake of sugar is much higher than the normal amount of sugar required by the human body, which is two to three times higher than the latter.