There are always people on the road

Hugo, who wrote “Notre Dame de Paris”, once said that Yuanmingyuan is a model of ideals and art. In fact, the same is true of Notre Dame. Whether it is the building itself or the treasures in it, it records the shining moments of human civilization. A fire not long ago made this civilized highland burned down. When we look forward to another Le Duke for Notre Dame, how many people will remember the attachment of the architect in the past. 175 years ago, when Le Duke insisted on repairing the building in a retro way, he was opposed by members of the Paris Academy of Fine Arts. He stubbornly confronted the popular aesthetic and finally made this Gothic building continue the mysterious and solemn. Temperament.

Last year, after revisiting the old movie “Notre Dame de Paris”, Jenny was attracted by the legendary Paris. She was not satisfied with the image information conveyed by other people’s shots. She even looked forward to using this experience to understand this place, so Jenny decided to fly. Paris, start your own pilgrimage. Looking back now, she is grateful for her decision. Some things have not been done for a lifetime.

“There were a lot of people visiting that day. There was a long queue at the entrance of Notre Dame de Paris. It was 80 meters, but everyone was in order.” After a long wait, Jenny finally walked into the movies and photos. Many times the building. After entering the Notre Dame de Paris, she immediately felt the solemn and sacred atmosphere that she could not feel without personal experience. “There is very quiet inside. Some people pray in prayer, and tourists are taking photos. Standing in the middle of the hall, watching the crowds around, I think of the black and white movie. At this moment, I am standing in the movie scene. There is an illusion of time and space crossing.”

Paris: true romance
“Standing in the middle of the hall. Looking at the crowds around me, I think of the black and white movie again. At this moment, I am standing in the scene of the movie. There is an illusion of time and space crossing.”

Standing under the magnificent rose window, the light came in through the stained glass and sprinkled on her, and Jenny was inexplicably moved at that moment. A half of Western art history, in France, whether it is architecture, literature or painting, our department can not circumnavigate Notre Dame, and she is now standing in this place, accepting the baptism of history and humanity for hundreds of years.

After coming out of a scene that was not realistic, Jenny walked in the square in front of the door. There were swarms of pigeons basking in the sun. She stood by and watched the gods. Some strangers who lived in the area came over and stuffed them. Give Jenny a corn and signal that she can use the corn to feed the pigeons. Friendly, friendly, it seems that there is no distance between people, this is her impression of Paris.

The romance of Paris is not a rainy day. I met a gentleman with an umbrella. Instead, when I walked on the street, I saw artists, beggars and drunks appearing on the same street. This is the true romance of Paris. There is no taboo, no restraint, a high degree of tolerance and freedom, as many years ago, Duke said, “What I am doing is to make a nation’s native art last forever. Let the Romans last forever. Rome, let Athens belong to Athens forever, let the Paris belong to Paris forever.” Notre Dame did not stay, but the temperament of Paris is still the same.

Tibet: the meaning of piety and faith
To find a place opposite to the temperament of Paris, I would say Tibet. Jenny just returned to Shanghai from Tibet and talked about the most impressed place on the road. She said that she was on the way to the mountain of Mount Rinpoche, and they met the one-on-one believers who were struggling for their own faith. Some people have worn their clothes. She is always attached to the idea that she believes, which makes her very moved.

“Although I can see the very shocking scenery, but first of all you have to overcome the high anti-Ali, Ali’s altitude is basically more than 4,000 meters, and the people I walked with went directly to the hospital. But this is still very worthwhile, let’s go When Dangxiong saw the Jiren Horse Racing Festival, this is the largest competition in Tibet. Every year, the 4-year-old children will ride horses. At Namco, the altitude is already over 5,000 meters, although I am a bit high, but I saw In those scenes, it was impossible to describe the mood at the time, and there were many new people taking wedding photos there.”

Perhaps everyone has a place in their hearts that can carry their own ideals. No matter how the external world changes, that place will be pure land, but some people have found such places, some people do not.

Jenny went to Tibet this time and went to the Potala Palace. He saw the complicated murals, the golden Buddha statues, and the monks who practiced devoutly there. Many pilgrims from all over the world gathered here. The Potala Palace built on the hills is spectacular against the blue sky. For many people, this is their sanctuary, a place where the soul can be washed. When I was a child, I read “Peach Blossom Spring”. We always look forward to such beautiful scenery, neighbors and simple places. Tibet is the same place in the eyes of some people. Perhaps everyone has a place in their hearts that can carry their own ideals. No matter how the external world changes, that place will be pure land, but some people have found such places, some people do not.

The trip was not only for the scenery, but Jenny also provided a lot of support for the locals, such as sending learning equipment to children in Tibetan areas. “Many people feel that their power is not enough to make the world better. The rye says, ‘Invest in a great ideal, a good youth, sounds passionate, but special powerless, what is a great ideal? We I often refer to idealism, spiritually transcend reality, and hope to make changes to society through myself, but when I think of ‘sending a few books to children, can a stationery bag really change their lives? It is powerless, The ancient training ‘do not be good or small, but it still has practical significance. I believe that small moves can make the world more beautiful.” Idealism is not an empty talk in Jenny, and the trip to Tibet has become because of this. More meaningful.

Italy: between calm and enthusiasm

The brightly colored fruit and vegetable market in the film has left a strong impression, and people always have romantic reverie about such a place. Compared with Florence, Sicily is like a brisk girl, people are passionate.

Jenny feels the unique literary atmosphere of Italy through the majestic historical buildings and the quiet and long gravel roads. Because she read “The Beautiful Legend of Sicily,” she thought of this country to see. The first place to arrive is Florence. As the birthplace of the Renaissance, the city has a very strong artistic atmosphere. There are more than 40 museums and art galleries in the city, more than 60 palaces and churches. The ancient Uffizi Gallery and the National Baglello Art Museum are art sanctuaries that have to go, and there are many masterpieces of Renaissance artists. But there is also grounding, where people live at a slow pace, the old lady who sells flowers sits quietly on the street, and the people who pass by smile. Although there is a sense of history, the fashion factor is also integrated into the genes of the city. Pitti Uomo, the world’s largest men’s event twice a year, complements Florence. Jenny got up early in Florence and stood on the old bridge in the early morning to see the Arno River flowing quietly.

Then she went to Sicily. The brightly colored fruit and vegetable market in the film has left a strong impression, and people always have romantic reverie about such a place. Compared with Florence, Sicily is like a brisk girl, people are passionate. The Valley of the Temple, located on the high cliffs of the waterfront, is the most memorable Jenny. The Temple of Zeus, the Temple of Dios Curry, and the Temple of Sheila are arranged along the coastline, facing the east, solemn and majestic. At night, the landscape before the starry sky and the lower limit of the stars is wonderful, like walking into the myth of ancient Greece.

Perhaps the city mentioned above is always a beautiful picture when people imagine. However, there are still many places in the world where wars are frequent and materials are scarce. For those who live in dire straits, perhaps eating enough is their ideal. Jenny also looks forward to seeing one day in such a place. “People can’t always live in fairy tales and their own beautiful imaginations, or go into the real world.”

Many people will say that their ideal is to travel around the world. Jenny who has walked through more than 50 countries has almost completed their ideals, but the truth of the trip is not all on the road. “There is a lot of sadness and pain behind the scenes. For example, the plane is delayed for 5 hours and spends a cold midnight at the airport. For example, when the time difference has not been reversed, it has to fly to the other side of the world. But when you set foot on the long-awaited land, all the pain is now sweet, travel of course. It is a wonderful experience that broadens my horizons, strengthens my body, and grows my knowledge. It is wonderful to get these on my own efforts.”