The world is wonderful

The groom throws broccoli to pass happiness
Western-style weddings have been popular in Japan, even more than traditional Japanese weddings. Like the Western-style wedding, the Japanese bride wears a wedding dress and the groom wears a tuxedo. The two sides exchange vows and kiss each other. Of course, they also include traditional weddings such as wedding banquets, toasts and tossing flowers. However, the traditional Japanese wedding has added new tricks. A groom has a whimsy, using broccoli instead of a garter to throw at the guests. It is understood that there are many sayings about the use of broccoli as a substitute for garters. Some people think that broccoli gives birth to many small branches from the center, which symbolizes that the people who receive it will be full of children in the future.

Kazakh men dressed as women for girlfriend exam
An infatuated Kazakhstan 20-year-old man named Ayan Zademon, his 17-year-old girlfriend is nervous because of the upcoming college entrance examination. After A Yan opened his girlfriend to help him decompress and useless, he decided to take the test for love. On the day of the test, he wore a black wig, makeup on his face, and walked into the examination room wearing white short-sleeved and gray short skirts, but he was caught by the eye-catching examiner. After inquiry, A Yan’s voice instantly exposed himself, and eventually he admitted that he was taking the test for his girlfriend. In the end, Ayan was fined about RMB 19,000, and his girlfriend was also punished by re-examination next year.

Russian three men climb the Eiffel Tower by hand
The three Russian men climbed the famous Eiffel Tower, about 300 meters high in France, without wearing any safety equipment. A drone recorded this thrilling journey. The three men were Ivan Kuznetsov, Alihan, and Ivan Semenov, all in their early 20s. For the experienced climbers, the Eiffel Tower is not difficult to climb, but the whole process is not easy, because they stayed in the corner of the tower for a night to climb. The video shows that the three explorers only bought tickets when the tourists left the Eiffel Tower and then they hid them until the next day at 5:20. Although the elevators had started at the time, they managed to escape the camera and opened a dangerous climbing trip.

Swedish restaurant custom menu for dogs
A restaurant group in Gothenburg, Sweden, has launched a menu designed specifically for dogs. The three restaurants of the group offer special diets for dogs and even alcohol-free “dogs and dogs”. The restaurant group launched the business, hoping to let the owner and the dog eat together like a big family. At the same time, dogs can also enjoy the prepared salmon and beef in the restaurant. The price per meal is about 50 SEK (about RMB 40), and the ingredients are sourced from a Swedish premium pet food company. In addition, the restaurant prepares special dishes for dogs.

Australian mother collects 35 simulation dolls
A 42-year-old mother from Sydney, Australia, has a collection of simulated dolls. In two years, she collected 35 dolls that resemble real newborns and carry them with them every day. The mother’s name is Sylvia. She joked that she has 37 children, two of whom are her own daughters, and the other 35 are newborn dolls. Sylvia received the first doll that was sent by her two daughters on her birthday. She named the doll “Isabella”, dressed it up, and placed it “sleeping.” After that, she fell in love with the collection of simulation dolls. Sylvia has collected 35 dolls, and she puts the dolls in order in order to let each doll take turns to accompany her. Every day, she takes her dolls around, enters shopping malls, cinemas and ice rinks, and even takes them abroad for vacation.

Indian local government levies “fat tax” to reduce obesity
The government of Kerala, the southern province of India, has announced that in order to prevent any food consumption that may lead to obesity, the state will impose a 14.5% “fat tax” on “junk food” such as pizza, hamburgers and sandwiches sold in fast food restaurants. According to local media reports, the obese population in India has grown in recent years and has become one of the top three obese populations in the world. State officials said the move was in response to the World Health Organization’s initiative to use fiscal means to promote food health. Although this measure may frustrate young people, doctors and parents will be happy about it.

Love cats to do “cat wedding”: invite 1100 cats to witness love
Most of the guests in the general wedding are relatives and friends, but a couple of Canadian lovers who are crazy about the cat decided to run a wedding with only cats, and the number is not “three or four kittens”, but 1100! In order to host this cat wedding, the couple went to California, and came to the largest cat shelter in the United States, becoming the first couple to marry in a shelter. It is reported that the bride Verono visited the shelter in his early years and made up his mind to come again one day. Verono later met Hesse, who also loved cats. After three years, she decided to get married. She remembered the shelter, so they chose it as a wedding venue.