The sky is a happy event, the boss is dead, and you are dead and dead.

Liao Wenguang, who works in a 4S shop in Guangzhou, has a happy event: the proprietress Wan Nanyan asked him to marry him because he wanted a child. Liao Wenguang, who has a girlfriend, is in a dilemma. He loves his girlfriend but he really can’t bear the good job. After several urgings, Liao Wenguang agreed with Wan Nanyan’s request. I didn’t expect Wan Nanyan to have a child, and he had a serious car accident…

The proprietress asks the male subordinate to marry himself
On April 22, 2017, Liao Wenguang received a call from the owner Wan Nanyan and asked him to go to her office. Liao Wenguang put down the work at hand and rushed over. After the seat, Wan Nanyan asked for warmth, and Liao Wenguang had a warm current in his heart. Before Wan Nanyan had never been like this to him.

Suddenly, Wannan Yan’s words turned: “There is a chance, you can get a 50,000 yuan benefit. Let me tell you directly, you are married to me!”

Liao Wenguang couldn’t believe that Wan Nanyan would have made such a request and couldn’t say a word at all.

Then, Wan Nanyan talked about the reasons for doing this. It turned out that after graduating from college, she went to Guangzhou to work hard. In the first few years, she did not make any money. Her boyfriend couldn’t help but live on a rich woman. Under one temper, Wan Nanyan devoted all his energy to his work. For more than ten years, he has worked hard to spell out the current 4S shop. With status, there is money, although people have a face before, but her heart is very lonely, especially with the increase of age, she wants to be a mother. Marriage is not expected, so she wants to have a child through the IVF, but when she goes to the hospital, she can’t do this surgery for a single woman like her. Where can I find a suitable person to marry? Wan Nanyan’s eyes fell on Liao Wenguang’s body. In the company, Liao Wenguang is silent and silent. Although he does not have outstanding work ability, he can complete the arrangement work well. The most important thing is that he has few calm words and he will be able to keep his mouth shut.

Knowing the intention of Wan Nanyan, Liao Wenguang was very embarrassed. He already had a girlfriend. He only worked in Shenzhen. They are not common.

“You can rest assured that our marriage is a fake. We will not live together, nor will we announce it to the outside world. When I am pregnant with a child, I will divorce.” Seeing Liao Wenguang still hesitating, Wan Nanyan threatened, “Now You already know my secret. If you don’t want to cooperate, then I can only ask you to leave.”

Liao Wenguang was shocked and heard a blank, and had to say that he had to go back and think about it.

The next night, Wan Nanyan called again. Liao Wenguang couldn’t tell the reason for the refusal. He was forced to agree.

Half a month later, Liao Wenguang and Wan Nanyan received a marriage certificate. Wan Nanyan kept his promise, everything was as usual, and Liao Wenguang’s heart was finally put down.

After the marriage, Wan Nanyan passed the relationship to prove the inability of Liao Wenguang to give birth, and contacted the hospital for surgery. Everything went quietly and smoothly. However, the operation of the IVF baby failed twice, which made Wan Nanyan very depressed. Liao Wenguang is even more uneasy. He thought that Wan Nanyan would soon be able to conceive a child. Seeing that the time is getting longer and longer, it is difficult to ensure that this secret will not be discovered by his girlfriend. “You can rest assured that I will have a child in the next six months. If not, I will give you an extra 10,000 yuan every three months.” Wan Nanyan comforted Liao Wenguang.

In July 2018, Wan Nanyan finally became pregnant. She told Liao Wenguang that she would go through the divorce procedure when her pregnancy reaction eased.

On August 22, Liao Wenguang drove out to talk about business. At noon, Wan Nanyan received a call from the hospital and said that Liao Wenguang had a serious car accident and was being rescued. Wan Nanyan rushed to the hospital. The doctor said that Liao Wenguang was seriously injured. Even if he was rescued, he was probably a vegetative person. Wan Nanyan pondered a moment and called Liao Wenguang’s father Liao Ping.

After Liao Pingan went to the hospital, Wan Nanyan did not say anything. He gave him 50,000 yuan and left in a hurry.

The public official prosecuted the child
However, because Liao Wenguang has been living in the ICU, the daily cost is as high as 10,000 yuan, and 50,000 yuan is spent in a week. Without money, Liao Pingan had to find Wan Nanyan again.

With the help of Wan Nanyan, Liao Wenguang got a compensation of 300,000 yuan for work-related injuries, but this is only a drop in the bucket. It took a month to finish, and Liao Wenguang still did not wake up.

Without money, Liao Pingan had to find Wan Nanyan again. This time she said that she would not pay any more money: “I helped him apply for work-related injury insurance, and he has done everything right. If you make trouble again, I will call the police!”

Liao Pingyi, who is honest and honest, heard the alarm and was terrified. Wannan Yan said: “If you are no longer troubled, out of humanity, I can take out another 200,000 yuan, but you have to sign an agreement to ensure that you will not find me in the future, and you will not be able to make trouble in the company.”

Liao Pingan humiliatedly signed the name on the agreement.

In the afternoon, Liao Pingan went to the company’s dormitory to clean his son’s clothes. When he opened the drawer, he found the marriage certificate of his son and Wan Nanyan. Liao Ping was confused. He never heard about his son getting married, let alone his own boss.

Liao Pingan took the marriage certificate and Wan Nanyan confronted her, but she did not admit that she was married to Liao Wenguang. She also sarcastically said: “I will not look in the mirror, will I marry him?” With doubts, Liao Pingan asked again. Colleagues of Liao Wenguang, they all said that they didn’t know what they were getting married with: “I don’t know where your son got this fake certificate, go back and fool people who come out to work in the same village!”

After another month of treatment, Liao Wenguang was not awake but moved to an ordinary nursing ward. On that day, Liao Ping went to the water room to collect water. When she came back, she saw Wan Nanyan coming. She stood by Liao Wenguang’s bed and looked flustered and held a document in her hand.

Seeing Liao Pingan coming in, Wan Nanyan explained that this is a salary slip owed to Liao Wenguang, who needs him to press a handprint. Liao Pingan pretended to be fine, and when he was close to Wan Nanyan, he stole the documents in her hand. This look at Liao Pingan is almost dumbfounded, turned out to be a divorce agreement between the two, and Liao Wenguang has pressed the fingerprint: “You honestly explain, what is your relationship, or I will call the police!”

Wan Nanyan had to say something about marriage with Liao Wenguang.

Liao Pingan trembled and trembled: “Where is there a fake marriage, as long as you have a marriage certificate, you are a husband and wife, you want to hide, do you want to pay for the money?” Wan Nanyan appease Liao Pingan calmly, saying that he still Something, call again at night. However, at night, Liao Ping called Wan Nanyan’s phone, but she kept shutting down. She went to the company to find her the next day, and she did not see her. Liao Pingan realized that he was being played.

In a rage, Liao Pingan took her to court on the grounds that Wan Nanyan did not fulfill her husband’s support obligations. In court, Wan Nanyan repeatedly said that the marriage of the two is a false marriage for the purpose of living together. Her original intention was to obtain the qualification to be a test-tube baby. However, Liao Wenguang’s lawyer said: “If there is no true or false marriage, if you get a marriage certificate at the Civil Affairs Bureau, you will be protected by law. As a husband and wife, you have the obligation to support the other person.”

On the same day, the court ruled that during the treatment of Liao Wenguang, Wan Nanyan must not file a divorce for any reason, and must fulfill the husband and wife obligations.

Liao Pingan sued Wan Nanyan and passed it to Liao Wenguang’s girlfriend’s ear. She went to the hospital and saw Liao Wenguang returning to Shenzhen with an angry look.

Liao Pingan found Wan Nanyan with the judgment of the court and hoped that she could fulfill the judgment. Wannan Yan did not intend to pay any more money: “I advise you not to save it. Even if it is rescued, it will be a waste! Although the court sentenced me to give money, but the business was not good in the past few years, I just sold the company. I also have to pay back the bank’s arrears, where to go to get money to treat Liao Wenguang!” Liao Pingan also knows that the treatment of his son is a bottomless pit, but he can’t watch his son lying in bed indifferently.

After thinking about it again and again, Liao Pingan had to sell the house of his home and raise some expenses for continuing treatment.

The amazing truth behind not saving
Perhaps Liao Pingan moved to God. On February 12, 2019, after six months of coma, Liao Wenguang finally showed signs of recovery. Liao Pingan told Wan Nanyan about this good news. She rushed to the hospital and learned about Liao Wenguang from the doctor. Then she said, “No matter how much the price is, please be sure to cure Liao Wenguang.” In the hospital account of Liao Wenguang, 500,000 yuan was deposited.

After another three months, under the careful treatment of the doctor, Liao Wenguang finally got out of bed and walked slowly.

One day, Liao Pingan told his son about some things that happened after he was in a coma. When he mentioned that Wan Nanyan was “seeing death and not saving”, Liao Wenguang suddenly became very excited: “I want to call the police, I want to call the police!” The doctor was afraid that his condition had been repeated and he was given a shot of stability.

Three hours later, Liao Wenguang woke up and Liao Pingan called him to call the police. Ten minutes later, the police rushed to the hospital, and Liao Wenguang took the facts together.

After Liao Wenguang entered the 4S shop for sale, he could only give the master a hand because the technology was not so good. One day, Wan Nanyan informed him to go to her office. After a routine inquiry, she lowered her voice and said, “I have a chance to make a fortune. If we buy used cars with used accessories, then you open. Going out to make a car accident, the insurance company will deduct the amount of compensation according to the authenticity! You can rest assured that after the event, we will account for three or seven. Of course you can not do it, the company is willing to do it!” Liao Wenguang knows that if it is checked When he came out, he was sentenced for breaking the law, so he refused Wan Nanyan.

When he went to work the next day, Liao Wenguang was stunned by Wan Nanyan because of a small mistake. He realized that this was Wan Nanyan wearing his own shoes. Sure enough, a few days later, Liao Wenguang was called by Wan Nanyan every day to the office to cover his face. It seems that if you don’t cooperate with Wannanyan to swindle the insurance company’s money, there is no other way to resign. Sure enough, half a month later, Liao Wenguang was called to the office by Wan Nanyan and asked if he could not do it. Liao Wenguang had to promise.

In this way, under the operation of Wan Nanyan, Liao Wenguang opened several accidents with a small vehicle equipped with waste equipment. Due to proper operation, he was not injured in the accident, and Wan Nanyan also said that according to the good Sanqi account, Money was credited to his account.

After a few times, Liao Wenguang completely let go of his courage. On August 22, 2018, he drove his car and went out again. But what I didn’t expect was that Wan Nanyan had told him that he had moved his hands and feet to the water tank, but in fact he was replaced with a discarded airbag. As a result, Liao Wenguang was seriously injured in the car accident.

According to the clues reflected by Liao Wenguang, the police quickly arrested Wan Nanyan. In the face of police interrogation, she confessed the facts of the crime: after several successes, Wan Nanyan was enchanted by the excitement of making quick money, plus the older the The bigger she was, she wanted to have a child, so she forced Liao Wenguang to marry her and tied the two together with interest. However, with the increase in the number of fraudulent insurances, Wan Nanyan began to worry about Liao Wenguang telling the police, so she decided to take the risk after she was pregnant and replaced the airbag so that Liao Wenguang was killed in a car accident. However, unexpectedly, Liao Wenguang did not die. After learning that Liao Wenguang was awakened, he was worried that he would report himself. Wan Nanyan changed his attitude before he refused to pay. He hoped that Liao Wenguang would forgive himself after he woke up. However, after waking up, Liao Wenguang has realized that this is Wan Nanyan’s unloading and killing, so he decisively reported the police.

Liao Wenguang and Wan Nanyan are destined to pay for their actions because of fraudulent insurance. But what makes people conceal is that the interests never make people feel emotional. Once the balance is out of balance, the result must be the end of your death.