The secret of living in the Antarctic

4,000 people at the highest peak in Antarctica
The 4000 people don’t sound much, but when you hear that these crazy people live in the South Pole, you won’t be calm. The figure of 4000 is not static. According to the report of the Independent, this is only the population in the “summer” month from November to March. The climate was not so bad at that time. Most people rushed away when winter came. Return to the normal climate of human society. In any case, there are no Aboriginal people in Antarctica. Therefore, according to the statistics of the Scientific Committee of Antarctic Research, everyone living there is a migrant population, and the vast majority of the population are scientists studying geoscience, life sciences and physical sciences.

The most populous settlement is the McMurdo Station in the United States. The Independent described it as a “frozen border town” with a population of about 1,200 people in summer, and McMurdo station is like New York City in Antarctica. In addition to housing, there are many benefits in the town, such as ATMs, churches, road signs, hospitals, department stores and 3 bars.

In any case, McMurdo is not the only research station in Antarctica. Because there is no local government in Antarctica, many countries enjoy a piece of it here. It is reported that this frozen continent is covered with dozens of rare bases, operated by Finland, Chile, Japan, Pakistan and Germany.

Some people live there in winter.
The winter in Antarctica is biting. According to the Atlantic Monthly, during this time, the temperature will drop to minus 37.7 degrees Celsius. However, the harsh cold weather is only part of the winter in Antarctica. In the summer it is illuminated by the midnight sun, while in winter it is covered with darkness throughout the month.

A few months of life without sunshine can lead to serious emotional disorders, so people who sign up to work in Antarctica must first undergo a psychological test. The lack of vitamin D means that depression is very likely, especially in the darkness of the past few months, and almost completely isolated from the outside world, just like living on the X planet.

How do people respond? Just like living in a well-organized world: taking yoga classes, learning foreign languages, going to the gym, reading in the library, and looking after the plants in the greenhouse. In an interview with Fashion magazine, Antarctic worker Kerry Nielsen described the dark time as a period of “contemplation, calmness, and concentration.” She also mentioned that the most wonderful moment in Antarctica’s winter is to dress up for a party, where people wear unicorn costumes under the sparkling sky.

Antarctica has a primary level of work
Perhaps you have secretly dreamed of living in Antarctica, but because you have not studied well, you have already abandoned those dreams. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a scientist to live and work in Antarctica, because there are also junior-level positions!

Ask Kerry Nielsen, who is interviewed by Fashion magazine. She was only in her 20s when she moved to McMurdo in 2007. She was only a cleaning worker at first, and then stepped up in department stores. She also said that if you use this experience to enter the field of propaganda work, you can promote the Antarctic work to the political career of Washington, DC. Therefore, the Antarctic has a lot of room for growth.

Although Nielsen’s experience indicates that primary level work typically involves washing the toilet or washing dishes, there are actually a wide variety of work categories. For example, the postman needs to deliver each person’s letters and parcels; someone must make a financial account; the department store must have someone on the shelf. There are actually many choices for people who want to experience in the most remote corners of the planet.

a concert every year
Every New Year in Antarctic begins with an “ice bank” music festival. It began in 1990 and is a six-hour outdoor annual music festival. This is definitely a do-it-yourself event. The stage consists of two flatbeds, and the parachute flutters in the background to create a cool visual effect. The “Ice Bank” performances include personal audio performances, playing the Didier Du Du, and the passionate rock band performances. All bands are “local” combinations, composed of Antarctic workers rehearsed together in their leisure time.

The “ice bank” may be the biggest music event on a frozen continental block, but it is by no means the only one. At McMurdo Station, there are often live concerts in the bar, vocal evenings every two weeks, and special women’s music nights.

Can’t use the internet frequently
In an interview with Extreme Technology, Antarctic communications expert Marty Kiefer described the Internet access in Antarctica as “extremely limited.” He explained that this is not a question of Internet connectivity, but because Internet access is mainly used for scientific support, scientific channels and other important matters. Antarctic network services are slow, Internet packet explorers prefer long response times, and services like the steam game platform are blocked. The use of Skype is also subject to strict restrictions. So if you go there, don’t expect to be able to go online anytime. Perhaps coming to Antarctica can cure your “smart phone syndrome” and let you completely get rid of your smartphone.

Sports competition
If your ambition is competitive in nature, then the South Pole may not be your first choice. However, if you have a cold, there are many ways to keep you healthy.

Every year, the Ross Island Cup football game is held. Scientists team up to throw, pass and intercept at the foot of an active volcano. If you like running, you can take part in the annual McMurdo Marathon. Participants are required to cross the 42195-meter cold runway, and runners can also participate in the Earth Tournament. Participants run around the geographical South Pole, which can travel through every meridian on Earth.

The most extreme sports achievements may belong to those who participate in the so-called “300 Club”, where they will perform a streaking game. To join the “300 Club” that is blown away, you must successfully respond to the temperature difference of 131.1 degrees Celsius completely naked. Participants had to steam 93.3 degrees of sauna at the beginning of the game, then barefooted to wear shoes to the outside of 37.8 degrees, running around the South Pole, and finally back to a safe place, it sounds dangerous enough. This traditional event originated in 1959 and it seems that the streaking history of the Antarctic is really long enough.

The number of tourists has been increasing
Antarctic tourism has exploded in the past few decades. According to reports, tourists in the 1980s were afraid of freezing their feet. At that time, the number of tourists was less than 2,000 per year. However, this figure soared to 46,000 people per year in 2007-2008, and about 38,500 tourists came to visit in 2015-2016.

However, due to climate change, Antarctica is the fastest-growing region on the planet, and if the number of large vessels entering the region grows too much, it will also cause damage to the biosphere of the site. People coming to the Antarctic want to observe the original ecological environment there, but the human footprint is the biggest threat to the fragile ecosystem.