The rise of tennis stars

In the semi-finals of the Cincinnati Masters (ATP1000), the 23-year-old Medvedev from Russia surpassed the world’s No. 1 male net star Djokovic in the first loss, ending the defense of Deyo. The road; in the final against the Belgian star Goffin, he once again showed great strength and won his first Masters title 2:0.

Medvedev, the young man born in 1996 with a height of 198cm and the same name as the Russian Prime Minister, was nicknamed “the Prime Minister” by the fans. The recent series of highlights not only brought his ranking to the top five in the world, but also raised a discussion about whether he might become the next generation “giant”.

In the 2019 season, the Prime Minister won the first championship in Sofia, defeated Druid in Monte Carlo and reached the semi-finals, and reached the final in the Rogers Cup and Washington Station, although the first two finals lost to Kyle Goss and Nadal failed to win. But it has shown the strength and stability that is rare in the new generation. He also became the youngest player to reach the Rogers Cup and the Cincinnati Masters back-to-back since Roddick in 2003.

Deyo: The opponent’s second hair is doing very well.
Before coming to Cincinnati, Deyo was dominant in the three wins of the Prime Minister, but this negative is precisely Monte Carlo in the recent past. The game was originally dominated by the Germans and won the first set at 6:3, but in the critical moment of the 3:3 in the second set, the Prime Minister suddenly began to exert force, first breaking the service of the Djoy, followed by In each of their own serve, each of the two hairs is beaten with one shot. Under the height of nearly two meters, the stable and unrelenting beat-style second shot actually controlled the turnover rate to the minimum, tearing open the defense line of Deyo, and finally won the game with two 6:3. At the press conference after the game, Deyo said: “He is one of the best players in the world. Since the Australian Open this year, his forehand has improved, his mobile has improved a lot, and his serve is quite sharp. My career is very good. Faced with such a situation, the opponent did so well on the second round, as if there were two opportunities.”

Completing the double-killing contract is a stunned achievement. A closer look reveals the continued progress and great potential of the teenager. Two wins against Deyo rely on a distinctly different strategy, which proves his technological advancement and Flexible thinking skills.

At the Monte Carlo clay court, the average speed of the Prime Minister was 191 kilometers per hour and the second was 149 kilometers. The serve was not the main means of scoring. His basic strategy is to maintain the bottom line, relying on the young physical strengths, and actively mobilizing the opponents, so that Deyo ran 200 meters in the whole game, and sent 47 unforced errors, and he only had 21 mistakes. . If it was said that “the Deyo was defeated by the Djokovic”, this time it was to use a sharp attack to disintegrate the wall of the defensive defensive wall of the derby. After losing a set of plates, it began to use the second round of the fight, even the average speed It is about 9 miles (106 mph vs. 97 mph). After the game, Medvedev said in an interview, “The first set of Deyo was repeatedly attacked when I was in the second round. I later thought that it would be a shame to go on like this anyway. It is better to simply fight.”

“I have no strength at all.”
In the final against Goffin, who defeated himself, Medvedev used his more fierce serve and stable bottom line to establish an advantage, but this does not mean that victory will be a matter of course. The prime minister began to cramp in the second half of the second set. He said, “I am twitching almost every muscle. If I drag it to 5:5, I guess it will be finished.” However, he still locked the championship with 3 ACEs. After the game, he said, “I have imagined the excitement scene after winning the championship, but I finally found out that I have no strength at all.” The charm of tennis is that you must try your best to the last moment.

With a tough and tenacious bottom line defense, coupled with a calm and bold fight, at the crucial moment, dare to use the strong second round to regain the situation, Medvedev went all the way, finally won the championship in the third final of the season. He said: “I asked myself before the finals. How do you lose three finals in a row? You need to do something different in the final. I have the best serve in these weeks, a steady and consistent play. I am very happy.” In the finals of the serve-winning game, the Prime Minister issued a series of three consecutive ACEs in the face of the break point. He said with the humor of the Russians: “In Russia, people often say how to take risks if they don’t take risks. There is champagne, I have champagne tonight!”

Growing up is no longer making the same mistakes
Since Wimbledon lost to Goffin from 2:3 this year, Medvedev has boosted the state in a short period of time and continued to output stably. The next three races are not lost to the finals. It is really shocking, and it is second to none in the new generation of players after the 90s and even 95s.

To know that even if you have great talent, very few people can reach the finals of the competition three times in today’s men’s professional tennis world, not to mention the young teenager born in 1996.

Calmness and calmness are not born. Just two years ago at Wimbledon, Medvedev was warned and fined in the second round because of emotional out of control; he complained when he and Belgian Bermelmans battled to the final. The ruling law enforcement unfairly demanded that it be replaced. After losing the ball, the wallet was more angry and the coins in the wallet were thrown one by one in the direction of the main seat.

Who is not young and frivolous? Keegos, also recognized as a very talented person, is one year older than Medvedev. He said at Wimbledon earlier this year, “When I was young, I always thought about tennis and thought that just hit With good ball skills, I can win on the court. Now, I have changed myself on the tennis court. This is the current state, and I am constantly improving and improving.”

Because of youth, there is no fear
Who will be the first Grand Slam champion in the 90s? The little red prince Tim, Sisy Pas, Kachanov, Zvilev… Or our protagonist Medvedev today?

The charm of tennis lies in the uncertainty of each game, and the opportunity is fleeting. Today, however, we have reason to believe that a new star with strong learning and reflection skills, stable play and flexible strategies is on the horizon.

A year ago in Cincinnati, the young prime minister was only a qualifier. He passed the two rounds of qualifying and was defeated by Churic in the first round after winning the race. Now he has already won the first championship of the Masters here. When asked by reporters what he expected from the upcoming US Open, he said: “I still think about how to get into the semi-finals and say, after all, I have never gone so far in the Grand Slam.”

Perhaps the key to the prime minister’s stability is that he got married in September last year. He refused to reveal his wife’s name, just said, “She used to play tennis, so she knows everything about tennis. For example, she knows that we can’t go to the shopping center one day before the game, so it is much easier to get along with each other.” He said in his wife’s With help, he was able to focus his attention on the court: “She gave me confidence, I was still ranked 65 when I was marrying her, and I have already reached 15 at the end of last season.”

Medvedev will release a slogan every time he faces the Big Three. A few weeks ago, when he was interviewed by a reporter before the Montreal game, he said: “I believe that if I can keep this state, then Nadal. It will not be easy to win. I think it is better than before. It will be a big fight. I hope I can win.” But in the end, Nadal used his flexible path to disrupt his fast pace. Attack, give the Prime Minister a lesson.

And he also said before the Australian Open against Devon earlier this year, “Djokovic is not the same Djokovic, I have the confidence to beat him.” But the result was swept by Deyo 3:1 . Of course, it goes without saying that Federer’s position as a giant in the year-round is quite confusing: “Since I was 10 years old, I hate Federer. I hope that he will lose, and he will cheer his opponent from the first round of the game. This is I. Just as Barcelona won everything in football, I expect them to lose. Of course, at some point in the day, when they (the giants) always retire and leave, a new generation of players will start to win the championship, this is life. “”

This may be the uniqueness of young people. The rhetoric seems to be young and frivolous, but if you don’t believe in yourself, how can you let others believe? Don’t forget that Djokovic was only 18 when he beat TOP10 for the first time. At the age of 20, he won the championship in the world’s top three Roddick, Nadal and Federer in the Rogers Cup. Under the premise of respecting opponents and rules, not defaming other players and referees, what is wrong with young pride?