The Queen of Love controls love, and the anger and anger is a cold-blooded killer.

At the age of 25, Hu Fang, a female physician at the Third People’s Hospital of Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, staged a legendary love: in order to firmly grasp the “absolute control” of love, she often went to the first love of her boyfriend’s raids in the night; Surveillance of her boyfriend’s words and deeds, she gave up the opportunity of the prestigious university to send public money to study, and use the loud slap to consolidate the love territory; in order to set up a private life isolation zone, Hu Fang attacked the city slightly to expand the territory, and hesitated to tear the boyfriend’s blood to the water’s family bond… When one day suddenly lost the absolute control of love, the unwilling beauty doctor became a cold-blooded killer, and designed a fat date that was terrible than the thriller movie. In late December 2018, the Hunan Cangzhou City Procuratorate reviewed and prosecuted the case, uncovering the secret course of the cold-blooded female killer.

Small town murder case infernal: cold blood killer is beautiful
On July 22, 2018, Liu Jun, the chief surgeon of the First People’s Hospital of Jiahe County, Hunan Province, did not return home overnight, causing strong family uneasiness. After dinner that day, Liu Jun suddenly received a mysterious phone call. He looked very nervous. He said to his father Liu Tanzai: “Dad, I went to the hospital to do an emergency operation for the patient. The door should not be locked. I will return soon. Home.” However, Liu Tanzi waited for one night and did not hear the footsteps of his son.

In Liu Tanzai’s mind, Liu Jun, a 24-year-old son, is not only skilled in medicine, but also works well. He is still a child who is safe and self-sufficient. He never spends the night outside. This evening, Liu Tanzai made a phone call for a night, and Liu Jun’s mobile phone has been outside the state of no answer. Liu Tanzao was not at ease. He rushed to the hospital the next morning to find his son. He got an amazing news: the hospital had no patients at all for surgery last night. What’s more, the director of the department also received a text message from Liu Jun using his mobile phone.

On July 24, after Liu Jun Mo Ming disappeared for 48 hours, his family reported the case to the Jiaguan County Public Security Bureau Chengguan Police Station. Liu Jun’s sister Liu Ling launched hundreds of friends and relatives to post a search for people in the streets of the county. She also visited all the hotels, hotels, hostels and Internet cafes in the county and found nothing. At this moment, Liu Tanzi suddenly received a strange message from Liu Jun: “Dad, I am very tired.” In Liu Tanzi’s impression, his son never sent such a derogatory tone to his family. The text message, an ominous premonition poured into the hearts of the whole family.

Liu Jun evaporates from the human world, making Liu Ling feel vaguely related to a woman. She is Liu Jun’s ex-girlfriend, Hu Fang, a 25-year-old physician from the Third People’s Hospital of Luzhou City. Because Hu Fang had threatened Liu Jun’s family: “I will not find me after anything.”

So, Liu Ling called Hu Fang to ask about the whereabouts of her brother. Hu Fang was very surprised by the disappearance of her ex-boyfriend: “I haven’t been to Jiahe County in recent time. How can I know where he is?” Hu Fang said on the phone that she is traveling with her colleagues at the moment. In order to prove that he said nothing, Hu Fang also transferred the phone to his colleagues to prove.

The local police intervened in the investigation and found that Hu Fang had been working normally after Liu Jun’s disappearance, and there was no abnormal performance. At the same time, I learned that Hu Fang’s work is hard to make progress, and he has a good relationship with his colleagues, and he does not see any flaws. The case suddenly fell into a deadlock.

The mysterious disappearance of Liu Jun has become a hot topic in the streets and lanes of Jiahe County. There are rumors of various versions. On the afternoon of July 27, the police investigation had a major discovery: On the night of Liu Jun’s disappearance, the Red Sun Hotel in Jiahe County surprised Hu Fang. The surveillance video showed that Hu Fang opened the room at room at 9:00 in the evening, and after 20 minutes, Liu Jun called and entered room 201 of the hotel. At about 12 o’clock that night, Hu Fang went out to buy a nightingale and returned to his residence. From 6 am the next day, Hu Fang frequently entered the hotel and brought back two red suitcases from the outside. At 9 o’clock in the morning, Hu Fang checked out, and a taxi driver left with two suitcases, and Liu Jun never left Room 201 again.

The local police immediately entered Room 201 for a detailed investigation and found that there was still some blood on the scene after being carefully cleaned, and Hu Fang was suspected of committing a major crime.

On the morning of July 28, Hu Fang, who was working at the unit, was taken to the police car. Under the powerful interrogation, Hu Fang, 1.5 meters tall and petite, confessed to her criminal process –

That night, Hu Fang quietly sneaked into the city of Jiahe County from Chenzhou City, and called Liu Jun: “I have figured it out, as long as you finally go to bed with me tonight, leaving the best memories of the two, I promise never to Entangled you.” So Liu Jun rushed to the Red Sun Hotel Room 201, the two had a sexual relationship. After lingering, Hu Fang walked into the bathroom and crushed 20 pieces of eye drops carried in the drink and put them into the drink, swindling Liu Jun to drink. At 3 o’clock in the morning on the 23rd, seeing Liu Jun breathing weaker, Hu Fang used his quilt to cover his mouth and nose, and used her whole body weight to ride on it, causing Liu Jun to suffocate and die…

Hu Fang was unusually calm when recruiting criminal scenes. She used a knife to dismember Liu Jun’s body into three pieces and put it into a suitcase. She lied to the taxi driver that she was a student at Xiangtan College. She was deceived in a suitcase. The requested brother helped transport the heavy suitcase to the door of Xiangtan College, then transferred another taxi to the deserted area of ​​Cangzhou City, and built the body in the abandoned wall with cement and bricks, and then returned without any problems. Go to work as usual and travel to the unit. After being arrested, Hu Fang said with conviction that she wanted to see the evidence. When she was attacked by the psychological defense line, she still had no expression, and the narrative was very clear. Hu Fangcai finally cried until he went to identify the scene of the corpse.

After the case was broken, the police shuddered at the cold-blooded killer of the beautiful woman. The medical staff of Liu Jun’s unit was shocked and confused. Hu Fang had already parted ways with Liu Jun. Why did she have to kill her ex-boyfriend? As the trial progressed in depth, the “cold-blooded killer” shocked the world’s grievances and hatred.

The Queen of Love is very powerful: the night is a thousand miles
Hu Fang and Liu Jun are classmates from small to large. When he was in high school, Liu Jun had grown into a young man with a height of 1.76 meters and a handsome sunshine, making the petite and delicate Hu Fang dark. In order to express his heart, Hu Fang often secretly sneaked into Liu Jun’s schoolbags and desk drawers to stuff apples and halogen eggs, and also smashed Liu Jun’s basketball sweating machine. Hu Fang used a towel to help Liu Jun wipe his sweat while quietly The shy love letter is stuffed into his pocket.

In the 2012 college entrance examination, Hu Fang was admitted to the Guangxi University Medical University with key achievements. Liu Jun was only admitted to two universities, Nanhua University in Hengyang, Hunan. Just as Liu Jun was depressed for the failure of the college entrance examination, he received a hot letter of love from Hu Fang, and the two officially established a relationship of love.

“I gave you the most precious woman for the first time. You have to belong to me for the rest of your life.” On the night of stealing the forbidden fruit, Hu Fang’s bird was dependent on people, and his tenderness was like water. He first proposed to Liu Jun. Love copyright claims. Liu Jun, immersed in a sweet love, made a promise in the form of a hook.

Under the nourishment of love, this pair of college students are flying in school. The enthusiastic and cheerful Liu Jun was elected as the squad leader, and Hu Fang was not only elected as a student council cadre, but also received a hometown inspirational scholarship of 5,000 yuan each year, and a school scholarship of 2,000 yuan per semester. Hu Fang used almost all of these bonuses as a love fund. Every weekend, she took a train from Nanning, Guangxi to Hunan Hengyang and her boyfriend, and each time she brought a lot of gifts to Liu Jun. Eat, open a house, K songs, all the love expenses are Hu Fang fight to pay for the bill. Because of the great investment in the filming, the students gave Hu Fang an nickname called “The Queen of Love.”

At first, Liu Jun thought that he had handed over the peach blossoms and loved his passionate girlfriend. Later, some of Hu Fang’s actions made Liu Juncheng fearful.

It turns out that Liu Jun, a class cadre, is quite cohesive and often organizes boys and girls to carry out various cultural and sports activities. Hu Fang worried that she was not around her boyfriend, afraid that those beautiful girls would “get into the air”. Every time Hu Fang and her boyfriend date, they often openly investigate whether the boyfriend has derailed, and warned the girls in the Liu Jun class, even for “Suspected rivals” screamed, making the girls inexplicable, like Liu Fengjing away from the plague.

In the face of his girlfriend’s hegemony, Liu Jun’s performance was surprisingly inclusive. On one occasion, a girl from another class and Liu Jun discussed the activities of the competition, which happened to be met by Hu Fang. Hu Fang was in the eyes of the public, and he slammed Liu Liu’s two slaps in the face, and everyone in the place was stunned! Liu Jun is like a child who is doing something wrong. He bows his head and accepts the roar and interrogation of his girlfriend.

“You are not called tolerance, it is simply a sac.” Seeing that Hu Fang is constantly worried, Liu Jun’s class boys can’t stand it, and they have persuaded Liu Jun to break up with Hu Fang: “When a man is ruined with basic dignity, What kind of love does it have to do?” Liu Jun defended his girlfriend at this time: “Hu Fang is not bad except for his temper.”

However, what Liu Jun did not expect was that Hu Fang’s outrageous behavior had just begun, and what happened later made him use the word “shock” to describe it.

In order to prevent her boyfriend from “emotional smuggling”, Liu Fang launched a remote monitoring and asked Liu Jun to start up 24 hours a day, report all his situation to her anytime, anywhere, check the phone records from time to time, and look at the QQ space. One night, Liu Jun forgot to charge the mobile phone. Hu Fang couldn’t get through the boyfriend’s phone call. She suspected that Liu Jun had a meeting with her girl. She rushed to Hengyang by train overnight and made a sudden attack on the male dormitory. After Liu Jun was awakened in his sleep, Hu Fang still did not care.

Since then, the night-time “street” incident has been frequently staged. As long as the two people are not in a word on the phone, as long as they suspect that the boyfriend is in love, Hu Fang will be crazy. Although her cross-province “caught” has been emptied every time, Hu Fang still enjoys it, and seems to have absolute control over love. Liu Jun also seems to regard the “tolerance” of his girlfriend as a man’s virtue. However, at the dinner party at the university graduation, Liu Jun, who had been arrogantly smiling, drank a lot of wine and cried very painfully.

Out of the university gate, Liu Jun was hired as a surgeon by the First People’s Hospital of Jiahe County. Hu Fang was given a chance to pursue further studies. She was sent to Guangxi Medical College by Guangxi Medical University to study for public education. Soon after Liu Jun sent a congratulatory message to his girlfriend, Hu Fang made a deplorable decision: In order to increase the absolute control of love, she tore up the admission notice of the master student and resolutely returned to Liu Jun.

Siege slightly expands the territory: absolutely controlled into a floating cloud
Hu Fang, who gave up studying and studying, is still a piece of toon. Because she was born from a prestigious undergraduate high school student, she has a deep professional background. She was quickly recruited by the Third People’s Hospital of Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, and was hired as a pharmacy pharmacist. The monthly salary is three times higher than her boyfriend Liu Jun.

Although they are all doctors, Liu Jun is employed in the Xiaoxiancheng Hospital, while Hu Fang is the business elite of the prefecture-level city hospitals. He is a “strong girlfriend” in his position. To this end, Liu Jun’s parents have a kind of “high climb” for their son’s marriage, and they respect and love their future daughter-in-law. When Liu Jun and Hu Fang officially cohabited, Liu Jun’s parents immediately purchased and renovated the wedding room. Unexpectedly, Hu Fang, who entered the Liujia Gate, soon broke out of war with the prospective in-laws.

It turned out that Liu Jun belonged to the type of “squatting children” at home. He respected his parents and listened to his parents’ words, which made Hu Fang feel very uncomfortable. She bluntly told Liu Jun: “You are my man, only belong to me alone. You and I will live a lifetime, instead of living with your parents for a lifetime, why do you listen to your parents?” Hu Fang often deliberately finds and talks with Liu Jun. The family quarreled and provoked Liu Jun to sever the relationship with his parents and proposed to move out to rent a house.

Liu Jun understands the intention of his girlfriend and knows that Hu Fang has set up a separation belt in order to effectively control him, avoiding the intervention of her husband’s “control”. This seemingly weak man stood up for the first time: “Parents have renovated new homes for us, why do they have to pay for rent?”

At this time, Hu Fang had 3 months of pregnancy. She had planned to marry her son. Now she sees her fiancé dare to “back up”. She is angry and angry, she goes to the obstetrics and gynecology abortion alone, and pushes the responsibility of abortion to Liu Jun.

In the middle of the sputum, Hu Fang was again in May 2010. When Liu Jun was happy to organize the marriage, Hu Fang used his belly as a chip to give Liu Jun a multiple-choice question: “If you continue to contact your parents, I will have an abortion again. If you really want me, you must follow The family broke down.”

“With yours, I can accommodate you anything, but I will not trade with you.” Liu Jun showed a tough stance and once again angered Hu Fang’s fragile nerves. After the second abortion, she took a slant and sent a claim to the Liu family for a 100,000 yuan nutritional fee, which forced her husband to compromise and made Liu Jun completely desperate: “I can’t afford you to hide.” After serious consideration, Liu The army proposed to break up with Hu Fang.

On June 23, Hu Fang called his parents to negotiate with Liu’s family. After some bargaining, Liu Jun paid Hu Fang 20,000 yuan for youth compensation and signed a break-up agreement on the spot.

Looking at Hu Fang’s departure from the back, Liu Jun, who was tossed by the “absolute control”, was so angry that Liu Jun had mixed tastes. He did not expect that Hu Fang had just left his foot and stepped into his life again.

A few days after the breakup, Hu Fang suddenly rushed from Ganzhou to Jiahe to find Liu Jun, and asked Liu Jun’s colleague to play cards, so that Liu Junzhang’s second monk could not touch his head. He thought, can’t be a lover or a friend, so he followed the wishes of Hu Fang to call friends. On the mahjong table, Hu Fang still discharged Liu Jun like a couple, and her relatives made Liu Jun feel helpless.

After the end of the game, Hu Fang took Liu Jun to open the room, and Liu Jun’s ghost made him a bed of his ex-girlfriend. Since then, Hu Fang has repeatedly visited Liu Jun’s colleagues to play with friends, and each time he successfully stripped Liu Jun’s clothes. After Liu Junjun told his family: “I shouldn’t have a skin kiss with Hu Fang after the breakup, but I don’t know why, every time I can’t help myself.” Liu Jun suspects that Hu Fang, who works in the pharmacy, is in charge of various anesthetics and sleeping pills. He was convinced that Hu Fang often put medicine in his tea, which led to his drug after the disorder. To this end, the family was faintly aware of the great danger, and warned Liu Jun: “A little bit away from Hu Fang, otherwise it will suffer big losses.” Unexpectedly, in a word, Hu Fang soon designed a death date.

On the night of the incident, after the two men were in the rain, Hu Fang suddenly proposed to restore the relationship of lovers, and Liu Jun categorically refused. Therefore, Hu Fang carried out her murder and corpse plan indiscriminately. In the process of committing crimes, she was calm and calm. After committing the crime, she erased the traces of her footprints and fingerprints, and sent text messages as Liu Jun, using the unit to create the illusion of absence.

In late December 2018, the Procuratorate of Chenzhou City, Hunan Province prosecuted the cold-blooded killer of the beautiful woman. Until then, Hu Fangcai revealed the true motive of her killing Liu Jun: after breaking up, she lost control of her ex-boyfriend, and Hu Fang could not accept the huge psychological gap from “love queen” to love defeat. Killing Liu Jun is not only for revenge, but also for letting her woman control the man she once loved. Hu Fang may never understand, trying to “absolute control” of the lover’s flesh, but it is a god.