The hurricane caused great tension in the eastern United States

Hurricane Dorian is approaching the United States, and its strength is further escalated, possibly becoming the strongest hurricane that has hit the eastern coast of the United States in the past 30 years. The hurricane has caused confusion and worry. Some states in the United States have entered a “state of emergency,” while residents are rushing to buy necessities and preparing for the “baptism” of this violent hurricane. CNN said that the “Dorian” hurricane had risen to level 4 on the Level 5 storm scale on Friday, becoming an “extremely dangerous” hurricane with a maximum wind speed of nearly 210 kilometers per hour. After attacking the Bahamas, It is expected to hit Florida in the southeastern United States on the 2nd and 3rd of this month and may continue to move towards Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina, with intense rainfall and storm surges.

This super hurricane has attracted worldwide attention, and the video site “Global Eyes” has planned a series of activities on its page, using the webcam on the Florida coast, especially on the beach, to plan a scene of the hurricane. Some camera videos show that Florida Beach is now empty. Some meteorologists believe that “Dorion” will reach 225 kilometers per hour in close proximity to Florida, and it could be the strongest hurricane that hit the eastern coast of Florida for nearly 30 years, and the hurricane that hit the southeastern United States three years ago. Matthew’s path is similar, and considering that Dorian moves slower, the damage may be greater.

US President Trump has announced that Florida has entered a state of emergency on the 30th of last month, and Georgia has also entered a state of emergency. Florida has mobilized more than 4,000 National Guard soldiers to participate in the disaster relief. The US military Tyndall Air Force Base has urgently transferred the F-22 fighters and other important equipment in the base to avoid serious damage to the base caused by the hurricane. The Navy also ordered dozens of warships stationed at two bases in northern Florida to evacuate.

the Brazilian government announced a 60-day ban on burning on August 29. However, satellite images show that the fire in the Amazon rainforest is still growing, with nearly 4,000 cases increased within two days after the ban. In this regard, the international community is very anxious and said that it is ready to lend a helping hand.

According to satellite data from the Brazilian National Space Research Institute (INPE), there were 3,859 new fires in the first 48 hours since the release of the 60-day ban, of which about 2,000 were concentrated in the Amazon basin. Experts believe that the burning ban issued by the government may come too late, which is more political rather than actual.

At the same time, Brazilian law enforcement agencies and the Brazilian Environmental and Renewable Resources Association have joined forces to step up the elimination of illegal miners in several municipalities. Reuters said the Brazilian federal police and investigators launched a blitz operation in the area surrounding the Aboriginal protected areas, including the city of Altamira. Illegal miners and gunmen have a gun battle. Afterwards, all the miners fled into the forest and no one was arrested. The Brazilian police destroyed mining equipment such as excavators during the operation.

The international community continues to pressure the Brazilian government. However, Brazilian President Bossanoro said on August 30 that in terms of protecting the environment, Europe “does not pair with Brazil to teach” and reiterated its adherence to the “sustainable development” plan of the Amazon rainforest. He also published a tweet saying that he had a fruitful dialogue with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the phone, during which he reiterated Brazil’s sovereignty over the Amazon region. German news TV said on September 1 that the Brazilian parties, including the military, are still trying their best to extinguish the fire. Although the Brazilian government still refuses the help of the international community, Europe is ready.