Studying in the US “will save money”, spending can be halved

For overseas students, how to complete their studies carefully is an important topic, especially in high-spending America. In fact, as a student, you can enjoy a lot of exclusive benefits. The resources for schools and society to help students save money are also very rich, and there are many ways to save money. If you can keep these tips in mind, you can almost halve your daily expenses.

Recently, an article about the hot second-hand market of Chinese students has been circulated on Chinese websites. Beginning in the summer, American colleges and universities will have a variety of second-hand commodity trading activities, which will reach its peak when new students enter school in September. During the period of the new and the old, both buyers and sellers have extremely high demand – the old people are eager to deal with the old goods that are not needed, and the new students are actively looking for the necessities of life and cheap.

This type of transaction not only brings economic benefits to both parties, but also promotes the exchange of old and new students. In the United States, alumni are a unique and important social existence. From the time of going to school to the future, the large and sturdy alumni network has played a big role in the United States. Therefore, through the second-hand trading market, freshmen can also join the ranks of American college alumni as soon as possible, opening the first door of social networking.

Second-hand trading is a variety of things, from textbooks, reference books to pots and pans, small appliances, to furniture, cars, can be traded. The main methods of trading are as follows: First, the use of various online platforms. Most American schools have online forums where students can buy and sell posts, and Chinese students’ WeChat groups are also a good place to get such information. In addition, the famous online large-scale free classified advertising websites (such as Craiglist) and the shopping websites Amazon and eBay are also good places for online second-hand goods trading. Second, actively use the activities within the school. Most of the school’s international student centers or student societies organize activities such as “flea market” and “bartering things” to facilitate the purchase and processing of second-hand goods by students. These offline transactions are not only convenient and reliable, but also an important component of student life. In part, participating in these activities can be a leisure time for intense study. Third, in the “charity supermarket (Goodwill)” Taobao. The “charity supermarket” system in the United States is very mature. Their main business is to accept and resell the old things donated by the citizens and use the profits for social welfare. The operation of “charity supermarkets” can also provide jobs for many low-income groups. There are many things in the “charity supermarket” that are brand new, such as the packaging of unpacked daily necessities or new clothes that have not been removed from the tag, often with unexpected gains. On the other hand, donating goods to “charity supermarkets” can be tax deductible, and it is also a way to save money for students who have legal income in the United States.

Shops selling books and stationery in various universities in the United States will offer discounts to students at specific times, but it is necessary to know in advance when they are “discounts” and “discounts” and bring a student ID card. Secondly, students such as music, drama and other performances and sports events will provide students with a part of free tickets and discount tickets, as long as you pay attention to information, you can apply. Finally, many of the school’s lectures, presentations, and student activities offer free lunches or souvenirs. If you are interested, you can participate. Many US merchants have special student discounts, just register with the school’s mailbox. For example, a typical user must have a free shipping service on Amazon for $35, and it usually takes four or five days to arrive. However, if you use the school mailbox to register, you can enjoy any amount of free shipping within the first half of the year and two-day service. If the service does not have a school mailbox, you need to purchase it for a total of 119 dollars a year. In addition, the student card can also enjoy preferential prices in major museums and tourist attractions.

For the international students who first arrived in the United States, another common way to save money is the “new user discount”. Whether it is the network car software, take-away food delivery service, or the purchase of clothes and daily necessities, there will often be new users minus 10 dollars. Or a 20% off event, but it’s important to note that sometimes you need to have other users send a referral link, or register via a new user link on the web to enjoy the discount.

In addition, many merchants in the United States will give gifts or coupons on the day of the member’s birthday. Just search the business name and “birthday” on the Internet to know what kind of birthday offer this merchant offers, just register the user and Register your own birthday and you will get a lot of discounts.

In addition to the above, there are many ways to save money in studying in the US. Students are also a good way to exercise English communication while saving.