Singing in the storm

“Anyone who is afraid of failure and does not dare to face challenges will never taste the taste of success.” When the marketing professor told us this, I laughed and dismissed it, but when I actually failed, I felt that this was true. .

At that time, I came to Qatar in the Middle East to set up a taxi company. Because it was the first time to start a business, I was very dedicated. I didn’t dare to be half-pointed from the site selection to the details, and took a nice name, “Quick Tax Company”. It has just been opened for about two months. Unexpected things happened: Iraq invaded Kuwait, people fled the area, and the company was in deep trouble.

“When the situation becomes difficult and any effort can only be disappointing, you will inevitably lower your expectations and even fall into despair.” The same is true for me. I am ready to leave the line, but at this moment, I remembered Edison’s famous saying: “A lot of life’s failures are the result of choosing not to give up when you are not aware of how close you are to success.” So I decided not to Leave, stick to it, and keep telling yourself: “I am not afraid of failures and challenges. They are just what they see when they look away from their goals.” In the next few months, my situation was really difficult: funds In short supply, the bank refused to lend, and the creditors even threatened me to take all the cars out of debt. For a time, I regretted that I made a wrong decision and determined that the failure was completely inevitable. Everything was hopeless and I could do it. It is the prayer war that ends soon. However, persistence and unremitting efforts have finally paid off. With the end of the war, people returned to their homes in a large amount, and the company’s orders rose sharply, and the business suddenly prospered. Success seems to me to only those who have the courage to look forward with a positive attitude and confidence even if they fail.

Anything that others say, unless you think it’s important, is not a vocabulary, it doesn’t make any sense, and when you let the meaningless words enter the heart and pay attention to it, it is the beginning of irritability. However, you can also wisely choose to ignore it and continue to take your own path. Many talented celebrities have been humiliated and rejected. Emma Snevili, director of the model agency, said to Norma Jane Beck, who is full of hope, “You still learn secrets or get married, You don’t have the basic conditions, no matter what you do, there will be no result.” Norma Jane Beck does not believe, insist on it becomes Marilyn Monroe. The young inventor Chester Carlson found 20 companies with his own ideas, including several of the largest companies at the time, but was rejected without exception, after eating for seven years, closed the door, cut Sterling Carlson finally found Harold, a small company based in Rochester, New York. The company bought his invention rights – xerographic technology, which is today’s Xerox company… such examples are endless Lift.

Woke up this morning, I found that the outside is still dark, and the lightning and thunder in the distance, a raging wind. Just as I was busy closing the window, I heard the birds singing as usual. They are like this every day at dawn. Today is no exception. No matter whether it is windy or rainy, it never stops at this moment. Singing. If there is a “storm” in life, most people will choose to shut up. As far as I am concerned, it seems that I only sing when the weather is good, and I need the storm today, which makes me understand. Being able to sing in the storm, the thundering thunder around it will be the best accompaniment to send the sound farther. In the darkest hours, even if the light of self-confidence is weak, it will let us see the direction of progress. So don’t tremble in the corner, sing loudly against the storm.