Shortcuts are the longest road

He grew up 2 birthdays a year, one at the end of August and one in mid-September. When he grew up, he asked his mother. The mother smiled and said: “It is not convenient for the students to eat cakes during the summer vacation. In August, they will have birthdays with their parents. In mid-September, they will have birthdays with their classmates.” The answer becomes: “One is the birthday of the Gregorian calendar, and the other is the birthday of the Lunar calendar.” He found that the birthday of the Gregorian calendar could not be on the same day every year, and the mother changed the version: “Virgo is not good, do you not want to be a lion? “I don’t know how many times, he knows the answer: In order to let him go to school a year earlier, my parents tried to change his date of birth.” They said: “Everything catches up early and doesn’t catch up late. Ning grabs a second and doesn’t wait for three points. In the morning, I learn to work early, even my wife and grandson are older than others.”

But there are some things that are destined to start early in the morning. He has always been the shortest one in the class. Every year, the standard sports meeting is a nightmare. The standard is improved year by year. He has tried his best. He has a long way to pass, just like his birthday. It is only 20% away from September 1. day. I have been missing the car at the end of my school. I listened to the teacher and lectured in the fog. I went to the cram school after school and had dinner in the car. It was very late after the class. He often fell asleep on his parents’ car with his bag. . Insufficient sleep affects height. He grows short and thin. One year, the doctor directly sentenced to malnutrition, scaring his parents to drag him to see the Child Development Division. Fortunately, he grew to 1.75 meters, and he did not become a family regret. He joked: “I have spent the first year of earning my birth certificate and I am on the way to the cram school.”

At that time, my parents often quarreled: “Is nothing wrong with changing the birth certificate. Isn’t this a destructive encouragement?” Now that I am so awake, the idea of ​​who was born at the beginning, neither of them admit that it is their own attention.

Stumbled into high school, the family tried to send him to the best school in the city, his performance is not bad, the teacher’s conclusion is: play normal, is a common one, 985 can consider rushing. Mom and Dad don’t think so, patted him on the shoulder: “Qingbei Renshi, which one do you choose?” Is it that he wants to choose? The shortcut that my parents gave him was: self-enrollment. They are supernatural and have published two papers in key publications: “Of course I didn’t write it, I don’t understand it, but my classmates did the same.” I asked the school to give him a very beautiful report card. There was a professor in his close relatives who wrote a recommendation letter for him and praised him like a genius.

When he was qualified for admission to a prestigious university, he was relieved. He could take two or three fewer exams than other students. In all the diligent enemies, the heart is the most difficult to resist. On the eve of the exam on the most backwaters, he couldn’t help but brush his mobile phone. He comforted himself while blaming himself: anyway, the famous schools have been steady.

Nine stable? There is still an instability. The first section of the college entrance examination, he is not good at writing, will you use the two or three directly? The more he panic, the more he can’t answer it. When the bell rings, his mind is blank. The mentality is like a building block that has been thrown down. All the preparations were done in white, and his scores were not enough for the threshold of self-enrollment.

At the end of the shortcut, the fog dissipated. He saw the road sign “This road is not accessible”. Is it safe to read a common two of the two, or to repeat? He wants to wailing: “I am not yet an adult, I don’t want to make decisions.” But the knot of life, you can solve it by selling a cute one.

Why is this? He doesn’t understand.

I don’t understand either. I have a friend who knows that I am learning to drive and teach me the golden rule: “If there are two roads in front of you, a slow-moving road, an unimpeded path, then choose the road.” I was shocked: “Why? Isn’t it necessary to take the path of less people?” He said: “It’s very simple. The road will not be blocked. No matter what happens, there will be traffic police to command, there will be various measures to ensure the main road. Smooth. But once the road is in a traffic accident, there is a car rear-end, temporary roadblocks, you may be directly imprisoned directly. You call the sky should not be called, can only watch the sunset in the frozen traffic.”

A friend is not a philosopher, but I have heard a metaphor from it: life itself is also true. The road is in the sky, the car is rushing, and it is necessary to follow the steps of the department. It is the life of the people, and the lungs are all the pollutants from the people; to get out of the crowd, it is necessary to have full horsepower, fast-eyed and superb skills. At this time, if you see a path with few people on the side, few people can resist this temptation. In particular, many people are on the road, and they are very happy at the end. Why can’t you be these people? The only problem is that the rules of the path change and it is hard to predict what will happen. Perhaps the first moment you hit the road, its traffic was interrupted. If you are still uncertain, there is no way out.

Why do people take shortcuts? Nothing is quick and quick, and second, it is lazy. And anything that wants to succeed is only two. One is to admit that the road is long and far-reaching, and that it is impossible to step into the sky; the second is the determination and practice of stupidity. Want to lose weight, don’t expect to lose weight in 21 days, you have to eat a bite, exercise a little bit more. If you want to test the TOEFL, don’t believe in the promotion of easy learning, it is the IQ tax, you have to pass a word and a phonetic mark.

I said to him: “When people reach middle age, I gradually discover that all the corners I have bypassed, all the lazy I have stolen, have never disappeared. They are only silently in the bank of time, and they are profitable and then natural. However, let me pay off my debts, interest, late fees and many more overnight.”

Shortcuts are the longest road. This is something that everyone from middle ages has begun to realize. I hope you don’t have to go a lot of detours to eat a lot of hardships.