Seventeen years

I woke up from a dream of seventeen years.

This is the first thought in my mind after I woke up. For quite some time, it was the only thought – I only know this.

As for who I am and where I am, there is no clue in the moment. I sat up and spent a little while trying to adapt to the surrounding black, and I could see that it was a forced space. It was this kind of seeing that allowed me to distinguish between the physical dull faintness and the darkness of sleeplessness, and to confirm that I really woke up. Long-term sleep makes my thinking very slow, every time I wake up like a new life – yes, every time – I remember, this is a periodic sleep.

I reached out and fumbled around and touched a short stick-like body, which should be a fire. The memory revived with the touch, guiding me to open the fire. The jumping fire burned the black in the room. I saw myself sitting in a stone square trough, and the stone was cool as cold. After waking up, my body temperature slowly rose. I couldn’t stand the cold of the stone trough and hurriedly climbed out. Two stone troughs of the same size are placed next to my stone trough, and there are a pair of beautiful men and women lying there. Oh, that is my parents.

Parents are sleeping, they are just like me – to be precise, my entire race is like this, sleeping regularly, the cycles are prime, and the cycles are different. My sleep cycle is seventeen years. What is the cycle of my parents? Let me think about it.

Hunger, intense hunger, like a swing, swaying in the stomach with the rhythm of breathing. The sleep is over, all the physical functions are gradually recovering, and all the needs of the biological instinct come at the same time, intertwining and afflicting me. I squatted on the ground and looked for it by the fire. I quickly touched the moss and some other ferns. I grabbed them and swallowed them wildly, so I recovered some physical strength.

I once again looked at my parents and found that their hands were pointing in the same direction. I followed them to find a box placed high, with a lot of nuts and berry dried in the box. The charcoal powder wrapped in linen can make the box as dry as possible, but there are still a lot of dried fruits, and it has been put on for many years. I ate all the fruits I could eat, and my strength and memory began to return to this body. I looked at the place where I was. The rough stone walls were engraved with many patterns. This is a map left to me by my parents, marking all the food resources. I opened the charcoal bag for drying, laid the burlap on the wall, and used the charcoal powder to expand the map. At this time, I discovered that a string of small characters was also engraved next to the map. It was left by the parents, and it was meticulous. Caring can only be left in this way.

Soon I felt a suffocation, and there was not much air in the enclosed space. The fire burned more oxygen. I walked out with the map, and opened the roots that were tied to the steps and went outside.

The moment I went out, I smelled the world: not the moldy and corrupt stench in the cave, but the refreshing dry air, the floral fragrance of the bud plants and the fragrance of the earth. The eyes that have been in the dark for a long time can’t adapt to the light of the outside world for a while. Looking back, the original sleeping place was an underground cave with a strong baobab tree above the cave. The branches were thick and tall and full of fruit. I picked up the sharpened stone pieces and climbed the tree. I collected and cut the fruits with stone pieces and ate them.

The long-term sleep has given me the energy I can’t use. As long as I meet the needs of eating, I can keep moving. Under the tree, I planted the leftover seeds around the big tree and walked forward. I don’t know what it will be, but I don’t care, because there is still about two years from the next sleep – my race is like this, random prime sleep cycle, then two years of wake up, and then continue to sleep.

I don’t know how long we live, no one knows, it’s a long way to go.

The vast land, cracked and mottled, only I am alone. The only companionship is the tumbleweed that occasionally passes by, twisting and rolling, lazily sowing. This land is so dry, the tumbleweed has to take up its roots from the soil, and form a group to roll with the wind until it finds a livable environment and then re-roots. I am like it, they are looking for a home, I am looking for the same kind.

This thought reminds me that the drift of tumbleweed is to find a livable place. The wind blows from the high pressure zone to the low pressure zone, and the higher the humidity, the lower the pressure, that is, the place where the wind blows is moist. There is more food there, and there are more possibilities for similar settlements.

I chased the tumbleweed, and when I was hungry along the way, I ate some scutellaria and sea buckthorn. When I was thirsty, I picked some cactus fruit. Half a day passed and I saw the oasis in front.

Starry sky
It was a large-scale forest, growing in a small basin, and the water on the entire continent was brought down here to form this rare green. I stood on the hills on the edge of the oasis and decided not to go in for the time being. It will be late, if there is such a kind of awakening in this forest, he or she will definitely have a fire, which is very conspicuous in the night.

I caught a voles, peeled and baked, and the twilight soon came. I stood by the fire and looked up at the night sky. The vast night sky is star-studded, and a pale milky white band of stars and dust traverses the night sky, dividing the celestial sphere into two parts. The closer to the skyline, the more stars there are, but the stars near the top of the Scorpio look a bit sparse, setting off the bright red star in the middle of the heavens. The star is red and bloody, as if the fire is burning in the middle of the night sky, bright and lonely.

How beautiful.

Looking at the bright red star, a strange word suddenly jumped into my mind: “Summer.” But what does this mean? I can’t remember it.

But I seem to know the name of this red star, I whispered its name: “hearts two.” This call seems to come from ancient times, awakening some very old things. My voice is weak and hoarse, and the language skills that have been useless for a long time have been somewhat degraded—not to mention sleeping for more than a decade, and even when I wake up, I almost don’t need to speak.

After intoxicating in the Milky Way for a while, I remembered the purpose of this trip and looked at the oasis below, but found that there was no flash of fire in the dark green, and there was no movement at all. I was sitting on the ground with some disappointment. I spread the map of the linen on the fire. The map shows that there is a special place in the depths of this jungle. As for how special, the mark left by my parents I have not seen, but look It’s worth going to go.

It’s not wise to enter the jungle late at night, not to mention the star attraction is too big. I lay down in the same place, staring at the stars for a long time, and the stars staring at me—yes, staring, the red stars in the middle of the sky are still moving, and all the stars outside it are not fluctuating. I watched it all night, and the stars in the night sky barely changed, and would not rotate around the zenith over time. Vaguely, I don’t think it’s right, but I can’t say it.

The starry sky solidified like a painting, but the stars are shining again. In the middle of the night, the clouds in the sky were all gone, and the night sky like the jade was as clean as the wash, quietly covering the earth. I stood on a high place and even the horizon was clear. So I finally saw a little change, the stars poured in very slowly from the horizon, and I couldn’t find it without looking carefully. However, such subtle and slow changes still have no effect on the whole starry sky. The stars are still solidified, because the stars are too many, and they are too far away from me. They look at the same celestial sphere and do not increase it. Less, not born or not.

Dawning, the dawn of dawn and the morning dew sprinkled on the land. I drank the dew of Ganzi and went to the woods. Soon I had an exciting discovery. The vines that had been cut by the sharps between the trees, the shrubs and the sub-trees had been cleaned up, and then went deeper and even saw the burning. The grass ash left behind. I follow these clues constantly.

Finally, I found a patchwork of megaliths deep in the jungle.

This megalithic group is the place where parents are specially marked on the map. It is obviously a proof of the existence of civilization. My mood is very excited – I finally found the same kind.

The boulder is full of ivy and ivy, and such a large piece of stone is definitely not something on this plain. Such a large number of stones have already piled up a relic, a relic of civilization.

I plucked the bushes and weeds around the ruins and finally found the entrance. There is a smell of water and soil after the rain. The old slate floor is covered with slippery moss, and the roots of the eucalyptus and the purslane grow from the cracks in the masonry. I opened the fire and went deep. The leaves that grew on the walls of the ramps swayed slightly. It seems that this ruin has a very good ventilation design – it is not as good as a relic, but it is still in use. I am excited.

After a long ramp, the front is a spacious room with a square-shaped patio above the hall. The sun shines through the branches entangled in the patio and sprinkles on the slab in the middle of the hall. The brown slate stood alone, and it was already mottled, and the center of the slate was engraved with patterns and words. I am excited to go forward and clean up the vines on the slate. It is an accident. The solemn engraving on the slate is actually a proof process – proving that the prime number is endless:

Assuming that the prime number is limited, the largest prime number is set to “ground”.

Another number is “day”, “day” is equal to the product of all prime numbers between 2 and “ground” plus one.

Then “day” is not a prime number.

That is to say, “day” can be divisible by all prime numbers between 2 and “ground”.

The “day” can be divided by any prime number between 2 and “land”.

The introduction of contradictions, the number of certificates is endless.

This is a beautiful proof, the beauty is that it is extremely simple. I know that this proof is very important to my race because it proves that the prime number is infinite, and it provides a theoretical basis for the inconsistency of each individual’s sleep cycle. It is no wonder that this poetic proof will be engraved in the core and most solemn part of the relic. This proof is the Bible of my family.

I bypassed the solemn stone and continued to move forward. The front is a huge dome space, almost as soon as I enter it, I hold my breath. Because the huge dome is actually made up of stone bricks, it is undoubtedly a huge engineering miracle. What is even more shocking is that both the dome and the wall are densely engraved with handwriting and patterns. Imagine that I did not know how many of my kind stops and engraved here.

This is the first time I have seen the existence of civilization, a great civilization from the same family.

The study of the stars is engraved on the wall next to the entrance. The predecessor, like me, also called the red bright star in the center of the night sky “the heart of the two”, and the tape that crossed the night sky was called “the silver road.” But his research is more in-depth. He called the heart of the celestial celestial pole, and he was divided into various parts around the celestial sky. There are many bright stars in the sky that are very conspicuous because they never move, so they are called “stars.” The three or five groups of stars are associated with the objects on the ground, called the “constellation”. There are giant trees, squirrels, squares, serpents, and scorpio, which are left in the form of murals. The heart is divided into the Scorpio, the eyes of the blind. The scorpion is the most horrible thing on this plain, and once it is smashed, it is easy to die. I looked at the star map drawn by my predecessors. This shape does look at the scorpion at a glance.

I continued to look back, not ecstatic, the predecessor also noticed the phenomenon of new stars rising from the horizon over time, but the influx of stars will hardly affect the position of the stars in the night sky. The seniors made a bold inference about this, and guessed that our sky is rising. But because the sky is already very high, it is difficult to see the changes in the overall layout of the stars. He even seriously calculated that after four hundred years, the starry sky pattern will have visible changes.

At the end of the study, he lamented:

斡维焉系? What is the celestial increase? Lexus Ann Chen?

His research results have made me excited. This respectable predecessor used induction and deduction to fight the loneliness after awakening, let the vast stars accompany me and ask the essence of the world.

I continue to look at a wall and look at another author from the handwriting. His research is about plants, I was not interested, but I saw the sacred color! Although I have never seen this color, but just a glimpse, I evoked its name from the depths of the soul, the name engraved in the bones of the blood – blue.

The center of the wall is painted with a blue circle, and although the dye has been faded away from the original bright colors, it is still breathtaking. This noble and elegant color is not seen in nature. The sky is white, the water is green, the blood is red, and the earth is yellow. My family has a natural worship of blue, because it is said that there is a paradise-like holy land, which is a blue round continent – like the blue circle painted on the wall. The legend does not know when it started, but the ancestors have been firmly convinced of the authenticity of the legend. Legend has it that when we end the long life, we will return to the beautiful blue continent, where there are blue skies, blue big lakes, countless lives in the lake, and endless food in the paradise. The most important thing is that there, we no longer sleep alone, no longer wake up alone, no longer live alone, we are together forever.

The wall was engraved with a self-report, and the predecessor went through every corner of the plain and finally found the purple-red indigo grass. After countless attempts, he finally chose to mix the fermented pulp with the ash that was produced after burning, and hydrolyzed the indigo to produce a sacred blue. This dreamy blue made me start thinking about the legend, imagining that it was all a wonderful blue place. After a long time, I recovered from the illusion and began to look at the next one. The next one is about mathematics…

“Who are you?” There was a clear female voice behind her, and the soft voice echoed under the huge dome, and it ran through my body like electricity. I almost used all my strength to look back and saw a pair of feet hidden in the shadows. She walked out of the shadows with bare feet – it was a beautiful girl.

The girl is very beautiful, my parents are very beautiful, of course, I am also very beautiful. Our races are beautiful, no exceptions. The beauty of a girl is not a good thing compared to other women, let alone women, I can’t see other similar kinds, so her existence is invaluable.

“What is your sleep cycle?!” I almost blurted out.

“Hey, you can be direct, 569 years.” The girl said indifferently.

“So long, I am seventeen years.”

“Well, I am going to sleep now.”

How could this be? I broke into the incomparable loss, not myself, almost suffocating. The girl looked at me like this. I tried to calm down my emotions and muttered: “So can you talk to me?”

“it is good.”

“Is there any other partner in this ruin?”

“There are less than one hundred, all sleeping.”

“So much!” It seems that this place is really not a relic, but a colony of ethnic groups.

“These words,” I pointed to the surrounding walls and the dome above. “Is it left by the friends in the ruins?”

“Well, they are all sleeping.”

I finally understand why there are other handwritten notes under each research result, that is, they use walls and domes to talk across time. They are all sleeping here, using space to gather to overcome the barrier of time. They went to sleep after completing their own research, and when they woke up, they saw their peers commenting and responding to themselves, and then enriched their research with joy.

Even if you can’t see each other, you can simulate a reunion.

The girl made a long yawn, “I have to go to sleep.”

“Since you are awake, why didn’t you have a fire last night?” I caught up with the girl’s pace.

“Why do you want to make a fire? I am watching the stars.” The girl looked at me blankly.

“Are not you afraid?”

“There is nothing to be afraid of.” The girl is crying and laughing. “There are too few creatures that can bring us danger, and the probability of encountering the same kind in our waking state is too small.” She thought about it and squinted beautifully. Big eyes looked at me. “If you came over last night, I think I will be very happy.”

That damn sense of loss came again, turned into regret and remorse, like hot resin infiltrated into my body, grabbed my heart and broke into my bone marrow. “When you wake up next time, I will come to you.” I said only half a mile.

“How do you want me to believe in you?” the girl grinned. “The next time we meet is after 10811, when can you remember that I still have two?”

I was about to defend myself, and I was shocked by the sight. The girl took me into a huge step space, and nearly 100 cold square troughs were drained from bottom to top, all of which were sleeping with my peers. . They look calm and look charismatic. I have never seen such a large number of ethnic groups at one time, and the inner shock has not been added.

The girl has already stepped into her own stone trough and sat down. “I am still happy to see you,” her speech rate became very slow. Obviously her metabolism has begun to stagnate. “There is food here, you are welcome.”

I looked around, and the wall opposite the ladder was covered with all kinds of dried meat, and the box was filled underneath, and I thought it would be filled with dried fruit.

“Right, I still don’t know your name…” I just turned around and asked this sentence, and I saw the girl lying in the stone trough and falling into a long sleep. Among the great relics, there is no echo.

I took some meat and sat down on the ground to start eating. I suddenly found some writing on the ground, but I didn’t finish it. The handwriting suggests a concept that I have never heard of: “the prime number” – a pair of primes with a difference of two. I remembered that the parents’ sleep cycle was a prime number, and the father’s sleep time was two years earlier than the mother, so they regained each time they woke up, without waiting for the public multiple. This kind of looks is enough to make the whole race awkward. They only have each other in their lives, they only need each other, and they are naturally separated from each other because they are no longer alone. So they don’t have to explore the world like scholars in the ruins. They don’t need to use knowledge to fight against loneliness. They are the world.

I once again looked at the writing on the ground. The scholar sensibly called his “problem prime number” “the other half.” I was hit by this concept. In the history of countless generations of ethnicity, how many ancestors have been searching for their own prime numbers throughout their lives, looking for their own “other half.” Because of its infinite lifespan, age does not make sense to us. As long as we can find our other half, we end the loneliness of a lifetime. It doesn’t matter whether it is gender or age. However, the luck like parents is too little and too little. More is just a meeting of Jinfeng Yulu, and then it is only for the sake of reproduction.

Because some of them are not eligible for luck from birth, their prime numbers simply do not exist. And my descendants may have lost their lucky qualifications before they are born. Because although the number of primes is endless, who can guarantee that there are infinite pairs of prime numbers? The scholar tried to prove that the prime number was abound, but he failed, so he did not finish writing.

After meeting, I realized what is lonely. I ate dryly to fill the huge emptiness in my heart. The food piled up in the stomach, and a strange mood grew higher and higher, and finally flowed out of the eyes.

The empty ruins are silent, only I cried intermittently.

Big fire
I returned along the same path and cursed the fate of my family. Why do my races have to bear such a long sleep cycle, so that they carry the infinite loneliness. I went back to the room in front of the ramp and looked up through the patio to the deep night sky. From the patio, you can only see the heart of the center, isolated by the long night, lit by the lonely red light. At this moment, I suddenly felt that I was walking alone in the wilderness of time, alone with the heart of the night sky.

Through the starlight, I suddenly found that there was a handwriting on the back of the stone monument engraved with infinite numbers. I saw it when I walked in the opposite direction. The engraving on the back of the stone monument is actually a guess about the sleeping cycle – the quality of the sleeping cycle is actually a kind of protection for the ethnic group.

The stone tablet said that there was a natural enemy of our family in history, and they also had a certain life cycle. In order to avoid the sleeping cycle that can be divisible by their longevity, we have evolved into prime numbers. In this way they will not be able to meet us regularly, unless they encounter a common multiple, the probability of encountering natural enemies is thus reduced to a minimum. This also explains why this natural enemy exists only in theory and has never been discovered. Because in the long evolutionary race, they have been left behind by us and eventually become extinct.

The natural enemies have long ceased to exist, and we no longer need such a cycle, and we can no longer go back.

I walked in the long and dark martyrdom, and the journey seemed to be much longer than it was. Even if you really need a prime cycle to continue the population, why should each individual cycle be different?

Out of the ruins, I walked out of this wet jungle from the other direction and embarked on a new land. The lichens were covered with gray-yellow earth, and under the stars, there was almost a dreamy color. The red willows took out the sprouts and climbed the ground. The condensed starry sky helped me to calm down. I followed the paintings in the ruins to correspond to a constellation, which made me feel quiet.

The starry sky suddenly flashed – with a grainy texture.

I blinked and thought it was just a blink of an eye, because the star has returned to calm. But in the next moment, the whole sky is dazzled by the dazzling light! Scorpio is lit! The stars of the stars are eclipsed, and the dark night sky is full of flirtatious red light. I suddenly stood up and ran up the highest hills to look into the distance. I am wrong, it is not the sky that is ignited, but the earth – the whole piece of land is burning!

The wavy orange-red light curtain pierces the horizon and rises to the sky, and the sleeping earth is completely illuminated. The flame tongue smashed every star around the skyline, like a fire-breathing dragon waking up from the ground, consuming the entire sky. The heavens and the earth are almost melted in this endless glare. I am running forward against the strong light. I will go to the end of the heavens and earth to find out what happened.

I ran across a huge dandelion field, and the wind brought in countless white spores. The flying dandelion fluff was also dyed red with glare and escaped into the night sky that had turned purple. The flocks of birds were awakened, and they rushed out of the woods and plucked the pale feathers. I ran to the horizon, but I didn’t feel the heat that the fire should have. Originally, I thought this was a sign of destruction of heaven and earth: hell broke, the sea of ​​fire from Huangquan flowed into the earth’s surface; or the ground produced a violent explosion, and the molten rock slurry splashed into the sky. But all of this has not been confirmed. I have not seen the smog caused by the explosion, and the earth has not been ravaged by the heat.

I am sure that I have been running for a whole day, and dawn should have passed. But the day is not coming, the sky is still the night, although the stars are taken away by the fire, but the stars at the top of the sky are still faintly visible. Especially the lonely heart, staying in the heart and accompanying me.

The night was endless, I kept running, running, running through the jungle, running across the lake, running through the hills and running through the basin. Along the way, I saw cornflowers and sunflowers growing wildly towards the skyline, because there was no day and night, and only the fires on the horizon could bring them light. I have not encountered any kind of similarity. Maybe only one of me can wake up on this land. I only saw voles and hares fleeing around, and there seemed to be no large animals on this continent. The lake reflects the stars in the night sky, and the fish in the water swims like a sneer.

I ran for a hundred and fifty days and the fire burned for a hundred and fifty days. In the long night of 150 days, all I have to do is eat and run, no need to rest. One hundred and fifty days later, I came to the end of the heavens and the earth – the silver wall of the sky. The walls are as smooth as a mirror, reflecting the world of the world behind me. The margins are not visible from left to right, and the top of the wall is hidden in the dazzling red light. At this time, the sky has been completely occupied by the fire, and the heart can not be seen.

In the remains of the forest, I feel the shock of the existence of civilization, and here, except for the miracles, I can’t think of other explanations.

There is a door on the wall.

He – he leaned closer to see the door, and suddenly three lights on the door scared him. The young man bounced back a few steps in horror, and suddenly heard a girlless voice coming from the door:

“Lately Homo sapiens, age: 25 years old, in good health, are allowed to enter.”

He can understand every word and can’t understand it when he is connected. But he did not continue to ponder because the door was already open. The young Homo sapiens walked in with tension and excitement. The world in the door was completely beyond his understanding. The sorghum space was composed entirely of silver metal, smooth and dense. What he could not understand was that he couldn’t smell any more after entering here and felt that he had left the world.

“Oh–” This crisp voice was amplified by the empty metal space, and the young Homo sapiens was shocked. Following the source of the sound, he saw a smooth wall opening a door out of thin air, and a thin old man came out of the door. The young Homo sapiens saw that the door was not a passage, but a forced box. He could not imagine how the old man could stay in such a small box without suffocating. He didn’t know that there was such a thing as an elevator.

But he won’t think about it, because he was pleasantly surprised to see the second kind, and he never saw the same kind of aging, and he never saw the same kind of clothes.

“Hello!” The young wise man rushed up. “Why are you getting old?”

The old man noticed the young man and smiled slyly. “Humans will grow old.”

“Human? What is humanity?”

“Humans are us, we are all human beings, a primate from the earth.”

“Earth? What is Earth?”

The old man gave up explaining to him what the earth was and instead asked, “How did you find it here?”

“Big fire! The earth is on fire!” The young Homo sapiens remembered the purpose of the trip. “I am chasing the fire. I want to know what happened.”

“Oh, it’s still a smart boy,” the old man smiled gratifiedly. “Do you want to know, come with me. I came up to see this.”

It is not difficult for young people to keep up with the pace of the elderly. But then he saw the old man raise his right hand and the red light flashed, and the two flew together. He never experienced the acceleration from the outside world, almost fell to the ground, but fortunately the old man helped him in time. He felt that the force that was added to the body gradually weakened and finally stood firm.

The ground is actually moving! He found that the ground was carrying himself and the old man flying forward, and he was too surprised to speak. The ground was flying with two people. For a moment, they had crossed the road that would have taken more than a hundred days to finish, and came to the end. The young man was too late to be surprised because he saw the most shocking scenes of his life.

Through the huge portholes that were incredible, he saw a supernova explosion.

The volume of red stars in the following year has skyrocketed hundreds of times and the brightness has increased dramatically. The dense magnetic field of hundreds of millions of Gaussians entangled into a blunt heavy axe, which was cut from the poles and opened the red giant star. Crown-like hot gases erupt from the star’s wounds, converge into a spherical mid-air mass around a high-speed rotating star, and are compressed by a magnetic field into a ring. The yellow-red shock wave ejected from the star crashed into the gas ring, and the collision and friction made the gas ring hotter and hotter. Several gas rings and plasma clouds surround the red star, and the super-giant itself is still rhythmically contracting and expanding, continuously pulsing the high-energy particle flow, and finally becomes what the young Homo sapiens will see at the moment. ——

He saw a glowing red heart pulsing deep in the universe!

After more than a hundred days of gushing, the hot air ring at this time has become a high-speed rotating accretion disk under the action of huge gravity. The beam of particles heated to the incandescent state emerged, and the resulting lateral shock finally destroyed the red superstar. The deep sky is as bright as white.

The arm of Orion disappeared.

“This is the fourth place.” The old man is already full of tears.

It took a few seconds for the young Homo sapiens to restore sight. Visiting four? He seems to know the name. Some ancient knowledge has gone back to his mind after hundreds of years of sleep, but the problem has been broken up. He asked: “Where is this?”



“A star-rated spaceship,” the old man sighed deeply. “Children, you have been living in the simulated ecosystem of this starship.”

“What?” The doubts of the young people have not been resolved, but they have become even bigger.

“The four in the Orion is a red superstar. The red giant has a low surface temperature and abundant carbon. Therefore, complex hydrocarbons and solid matter dust may appear. These substances may form a life-friendly planet. Very early. A long time ago, humans observed the chemical fingerprints of organic matter in Orion, and there are signs of life. Therefore, the mission of the Milton is to go to the Orion constellation to find a new home.”

The young man listened attentively and expected the old man to speak the words he was familiar with.

“Earth, the place where we humans were born, a planet in the solar system.” The old man continued, “The Milton started from the earth and spent seven hundred years accelerating to one-thirtieth of the speed of light, and then Start to sail at a constant speed. It takes more than 20,000 light years to travel to the Earth at the speed of the Milton. Now our trekking is finally coming to an end, but it is a blessing.

The old voice is like an ancient singer from the ancient times. With the old man’s martyrdom, the young man gradually recovered the memory engraved in the gene, and he finally managed to keep up with the old man’s words.

“That earth, is it blue?” The young man burst into tears.

The old man nodded.

“We have been away from home for more than 20,000 years?”

“Children, the starship is our home.” The old man’s old face squeezed a pleated smile.

The young man reacted. “I have been living on a starship?”

“The time for interplanetary navigation is too long, and it is longer than the human civilization at the time. And the design concept of the Milton is infinite, and the deep space around the four is only the first goal. The fuel problem of unlimited life has been Solved, according to my vague memory, the starship is propelled by the use of positive and negative material annihilation. However, other facilities on the starship are powered by controlled nuclear fusion, unable to maintain human civilization and continue to supply tens of thousands of years. The operation of the hibernating equipment. The only solution is the closed-loop ecosystem. Only the ecosystem can run on its own, and it will be used in human generations to overcome the time and reach its limit in theory.”

“The ecosystem is our world?”

“Yes, the second half of the entire starship is an ecological circle. Because Orion and Scorpio are almost symmetrical about the solar system, on this route, you will always see the second high in the second half of the starship. Hanging in the middle of the night sky.”

The young Homo sapiens finally understood that the astronomer in the ruins was wrong, not that the sky has been rising, but that the earth has been advancing. He asked again: “Is the sky of the ecosystem artificially simulated?”

“Yes, the ecosystem is the epitome of the earth. All the animals and plants above follow the rules of the earth. So the starship simulates the day and night alternation according to the Earth’s 24 hours, allowing plants to have normal photosynthesis.”

“The night sky is not simulated?”

“The night sky is a real-time broadcast of the rear view of the starship. Because our goal is the Orion constellation, so as long as the heart is always in the middle of the heavens, we know that there is no deviation from the route.”

The starry sky on the eve of the fire was the violent electromagnetic radiation generated by the supernova explosion that interfered with the mimic of the ecological circle. For more than 150 days, the ecological circle entered an endless night.

“But I think about it until now, I never even know that I am living on a starship!”

“Everything about the earth is engraved in our genes. It is a pity that the long sleep and the original living environment make you forget.”

“Right, why do we sleep? Is human being a creature with a different quality sleep cycle? I think… I think of the knowledge in the genes, which tells me that this is not the case.”

“That is the evolution of the ancient earth scientists,” the old man’s eyes are muddy. “The closed-loop biosphere is indeed designed, but the population that can be supplied once is limited. Too many people will cause the ecosystem to collapse. ”

“So they let us sleep in prime cycles?”

“Yes, scientists have developed a technique that allows humans to enter a state of suspended animation, suspending all metabolism. Just pairing with a substance called ‘Hueyu’ to maintain low temperatures is equivalent to self-sleeping. This technique was edited into the gene of the Starship Human. Every newborn is given a new prime sleep cycle because…”

The young man answered: “Humans with different quality sleep cycles are too small to meet.”

The old man nodded. “The prime number of sleeps solves all the problems. If it is not, the human beings who live without natural enemies are prone to population explosions, which are exponential growth, and the huge ecosystem will collapse. Of course this concern is likely. It is superfluous, because another possibility is even greater. When the resources of the ecosystem encounter bottlenecks, humans will almost certainly fight for resources to fight for resources – the war that causes human extinction. This is a talk of experience.”

It turns out that our natural enemies are ourselves.

“So human life has not changed, it is still only a hundred years old. However, the metabolism is stopped under the hibernation state, and each person’s sleeping cycle is different, so life seems to be extremely long, but the number of times that can be awakened is limited. Said the old man.

The girl is right, it seems that he really can’t wait for the day she wakes up, they will never meet again.

“There was a creature on the earth called ’17-year-old cockroach, Homoptera. This cockroach would lie on the ground for 17 years before it rushed out of the ground, molting and mating. The prime cycle can avoid them and parasites or Natural enemies meet regularly to protect the continuation of the ethnic group. This should be the prototype that scientists draw on,” the old man said.

“Is there still an insect that lasts so long?”

“Seventeen years are just sleeping and sleeping. Their lives are still very short. They die after mating and spawning. They are still dying.” The old man thought about it and said, “But we are actually the same. The life span of a hundred years is in the universe.” The scale is really too small, and the same is sent to the world, one of the vast seas.”

Indulging in the powerless sense of the universe’s vast space and time scale, the young man finally noticed the crux of the problem, “Why are we leaving the earth?”

The old man smiled and shook his head. “I can’t remember. Anyway, there must be a reason to leave the earth for a long journey. The long sleep has made me forget a lot of things. The humans once unified four basic forces, so the stars The ship can produce artificial gravity that simulates the earth. But this glorious civilization has been forgotten by the children and grandchildren. Only the thirteen prophets who are sleeping deep in the starship know everything. They are natural people who are hibernated by equipment until they settle in their new home. They will be awakened. They will be awakened with them, and all the knowledge and history in the core computer of the Starship will be rebuilt to rebuild human civilization on the new planet.”

“What is your cycle?” The young man finally asked this question.


“So long!”

“Yeah, before the departure of the Milton, I chose the training of the first batch of starship humans with the longest sleep cycle. My task is to maintain the normal operation of the starship equipment, so I have been in the first half of the starship. “”

“So you have seen the earth!” The young people are very excited. The first group of starships that sailed away from home that year, looking at the azure planet that would never return, the pure blue was deeply engraved in their memory, and was retelled and deified.

“Yes, but the details are too vague and too vague.”

For a long time of silence, the two looked out of the porthole, and the supernova was slowly cooling down. The star eventually lost the energy needed to fight its own gravity and collapsed. In the next month, the material that is constantly collapsing will eventually gain nuclear repulsive force against gravity, collapsing reversal, and outward impact.

The young man looked at the star that had entered the final stage of his life and said slowly: “Is there only one starship in the voyage? Is human civilization pinning our hopes on us?”

“Of course not, humans have tried many times. The southern gate of Centaur II, the double star system of Sirius, and the five cars of Auriga have all had human footprints. They are all lessons of the past. The original voyage fleet did not The discovery of a livable new home, there is not enough fuel to return to the next galaxy, can only die in the space. After absorbing these experiences, the Milton was designed to be infinitely endurance. With the Milton Other starships of the same magnitude should also sail in other directions, and now they are moving deep in the universe.” The old man rested for a moment and said, “In order to create artificial gravity, the core of the Milton has great quality. The degenerate matter, therefore, also has the ability to launch gravitational waves. Over the past 20,000 years, the Milton reported to the Earth through the gravitational wave communication, but never received a response.”

The old man gently pressed the young man’s shoulder. “Remember, the child, your home is a starship. It may be a new home before the four explosions, but it will never be the earth.”

“What happened to the earth?” the young man sighed.

“Nobody knows.”

After a long silence, the young man slowly said: “The four blasts, and we have to start sailing again?”

“Yeah, the devastating devastating gamma ray burst is enough to kill the life of a few light years. In a few hundred or even thousands of years, it will be a barren land. ”

“Then I want to ask, when the humans on the earth developed such advanced civilizations, did they prove that the number of primes is endless?” The young man suddenly remembered.

“No, no one can prove, no one can falsify.”

silence. Perhaps one day, the number of twins was exhausted, and the next generation, who had not yet been born, lost the qualification to meet the “other half.” At that time, perhaps the humans on the starship still could not find a home to settle, and continue to drift infinitely. The young man thinks this way.

“Child, what are you asking about?”

“As long as you find the other half of the quality of your sleep cycle, you can look at it!”

“Is it right? You can’t. Children, there is nothing special about the quality of the birth.”

“What do you say?” The young man couldn’t react for a moment. “My parents’ cycles are mutually prime. My father went to sleep two years earlier than his mother, so they will reunite each time they wake up!”

“Child, think about it, is this the case?” The old man sighed.

“Isn’t it?” The voice of the young man trembled.

“After the first encounter, their awakening will still open the gap for two or two years, or wait for the public multiple, any two prime numbers are like this. The prime number does not make sense, the child, the prime number does not make sense.”

If a young person is struck by lightning, he is wrong, and the researchers in the ruins are also wrong. The prime number is not meaningful at all, and the appearance does not exist.

“The only advantage,” the old man said slowly. “The cycle of the prime number is the closest. Even if you need to wait a long time for the multiples, you can wait. If it is a small prime, you can even meet regularly. It’s not like two. Individuals with too many cycle gaps can only see once in a lifetime.”

“I can only see once in my life.” The young man remembered the girl. Parents are not obeyed because they reunite each time they wake up, but because they are willing to stick. The communication between parents, even the same as the scholars in the ruins, is to use stone carvings to simulate a reunion.

The young man’s heart hurts and he feels dizzy and dizzy. This is also the case. An incremental acceleration came from the front, forming a strong shot of him. He was so grief that he couldn’t extricate himself, he lost his balance like a thin piece of paper, and he relied on survival to support the bulkhead when he crashed. The old man slammed directly into the bulkhead. The young man rushed to help the old man and saw a thin blood flow from the top of his skull.

But the old man opened his mouth first: “The Milton slowed down.”


“The computer of the starship control core judges that it will enter the range of gamma rays, which is very dangerous.” The voice of the old man becomes very weak. “The Milton will stay here for a while, collecting the high energy generated by the supernova explosion.” Particles and heavy metals complement the resources on board.”

“and then?”

“Then turn and set sail to find the next possible habitat.” The old man is already mad.

“What’s wrong with you? Are you going to start sleeping? We hurry to find your Hanyu trough!” Young people feel that the temperature in the elderly is getting lower and lower.

“No, I am going to die.” The old man was pale and showed a weak smile.

“What is death?”

“It is the end of life.” The old man slowly closed his eyes.

The young man is holding the old man and feels that the old man’s body is getting cold. He couldn’t understand death for a while, the metabolism stopped by the old man and the cooling body temperature seemed to have entered sleep. He felt that the old man should wake up after two thousand years.

He turned his head and looked at the stellar corpse that almost collapsed into a neutron star outside the porthole, spinning at high speed in the wreckage of the plasma cloud. The new journey is about to open. When the starship turns, the humans in the rear ecosystem will see that the starry sky has finally changed and began to move. The sustenance of the 20,000-year-old high-hanging heaven is gradually shifting away, like a red pass slowly across the lonely night sky, like the words that have been circulating on the ancient earth for thousands of years.

The fire broke out in July.

He stood up and prepared to take the old man’s body back to the ecological circle, return to the place where he grew up, and find a cold jade trough for the old man. He knew that the starship was about to sail to the next galaxies, opening the next 20,000 years – even longer. And the one who has a short sleep cycle, certainly can’t see the arrival of the new home, he will live his life on the starship.

So he only cares when he will meet the next wake.