Seven major museums: These millennium “drama” are playing in the vibrato!

“In the past, museums were high above the cultural halls and historical ancestral temples, but in this era, museums cannot continue to be proud,” said Chen Zenglu, director of the Shanghai Museum’s education department. Indeed, more and more museums are beginning to use some novel and young ways to find a balance between cultural values ​​and effective communication.

On this year’s International Museum Day, the seven major museums jointly announced a H5 advertisement called “The First Cultural Relics Exhibition”. The original cultural relics on the exhibition stand were all “shaking”. Taking gray dance, 98K electric eyes, Dangdang dance… These trend songs were interpreted by Tang Sancai’s maids, terracotta warriors and other cultural relics. Sanxingdui bronze masks, Northern Song wood carvings, Luo Han and other cultural relics also appeared as supporting roles.

In just a few days after the H5 went online, it was swiped in the WeChat circle of friends, forwarding more than 170,000 times, with a total of 120 million plays, and the number of praises exceeded 6.5 million. The broadcast volume is equivalent to the annual visit of the British Museum. More than 100 times the total number of people.

The event caters to the preferences of young people through the most popular short videos and H5; letting the cultural objects “shake” breaks the image of the cultural relics, inspiring the public’s interest in cultural relics, and making more people willing to go. Enter the museum to learn and understand the precious historical and cultural heritage.

The same advertisement is much more interesting, and even if it is humorous and short, it will be annoying. How to make the audience willing to watch it over and over again? Australian optical shop Specsavers thought of a simple and clever idea.

In the advertisement video, a father was repairing the twins for his twin daughters. After nailing, brushing, moving, and smashing, he invited the daughters to play in the newly decorated “Princess Castle”, but it is surprising that The father’s well-renovated cottage, due to myopia, is actually a kennel next to the hut.

Overall, this is a very interesting little short film, but it is special in the beginning of the ad to give a hint: “The film has 15 errors.” If the father in the film nails nails will be longer and longer The pink brush brushed out the blue wall and so on, and the rhythm of the advertisement was very fast. The audience had to concentrate on finding the unreasonable place. In addition, in order to encourage viewers to watch it repeatedly, Specsavers also announced that if it finds 15 errors, it will have a chance to win $15,000.

A simple little game makes the advertisements that are originally limited to one-way communication have the interaction of participation by the whole people. At the same time, it is also very suitable for brand positioning – “helping everyone to see things better”, which not only spreads the brand value concept but also wins The degree of attention is two-fold.

The fast food industry has achieved the ultimate in listening to consumer opinions. There are domestic KFC’s “Who can represent KFC”, followed by Japan’s McDonald’s “popular Hamburg general election”, and recently the Spanish Burger King also inserted a foot, came to the field “Huangbao Gaoding”.

Burger King of Spain has released 9 stories via Instagram Stories. Each story ends with a question, such as: “Do you like lettuce?” “Would you like a few patties?” “Do you add onions?” and so on. When a user browses through a full list of Stories, it is equivalent to doing a survey of taste preferences. As a bonus, users participating in the survey can get a coupon, which can be exchanged for free to redeem this custom-made Fort Royal.

It is reported that within a few hours of the event, 45,000 people participated in the interaction, and 30,000 coupons were robbed. In addition to advanced customization, Burger King also analyzed a royal castle that is most suitable for the taste of the Spanish according to the voting data of netizens, and publicly sold after the event.

Since the opening of the Stories function in Instagram, it has been the focus of the advertising and marketing industry, and major brands are seeking the possibility of business cooperation. This time, the Burger King “Huangbao Gaoding” is undoubtedly a successful exploration. While gaining consumers’ attention and goodwill, it also promotes the production and development of products. I hope that the domestic Weibo story can also learn from it.

Toyota planting vegetables, Chery shipbuilding, Fiat selling clothes… It is no longer a new thing for car brands to play cross-border. Recently, Volkswagen also launched a mobile phone case “not doing business”, but after deep understanding of this product, it brings a new feeling.

There are 153 mobile phone cases, each of which is made of car debris in a traffic accident. Some of them have been painted, some are scratched, and some are sunken. The back lines of each phone case are different, and the deep and shallow traces tell the tragedy that happened. These 153 traffic accidents have one thing in common – they are all caused by “human disasters” caused by the use of mobile phones during driving.

Nowadays, mobile phones have become inseparable items. Even if you drive, many people can’t help but pick up their mobile phones. According to the survey, the probability of causing a traffic accident by driving a mobile phone is 23 times higher than the average. Based on this, Volkswagen launched a wrecked mobile phone case, hoping to alert people. In addition, Volkswagen official said that the sales revenue of the mobile phone case will be donated to a non-profit organization that helps people who are injured in traffic accidents to recover.

The use of the mobile phone case to reproduce the traffic accident caused by the mobile phone not only serves as a warning, but also allows the mobile phone case to bring a certain artistic color, and the income is returned to the victims of the car accident, and the public welfare attribute is given. This wave of the masses has a cross-border, attitude and temperature.