Run slow to run far

After the diagnosis of depression, the doctor clearly recommended that I use medication. These drugs are not regular drugs, but psychotropic drugs, the side effects are very strange, and you have to eat six at a time. I lived in my 40s, and I rarely take medicine. This is a big blow to me. It is hard to imagine that I will be with drugs from the age of 43 and even live with me.

I suddenly realized that when people reach middle age, they begin to face all kinds of resistance, including age. Fortunately, at that time, the company asked the management to be a good example of healthy living. The vice president and general manager took everyone to run, so I had to do it.

During this period I met several good coaches who taught me in a very flexible way. Starting from the initial walking, then running, 800 meters, 2000 meters, 5000 meters, until now, I have ran 59 marathons. I have not remembered the specific process. I only remember the feeling when I finished the first 5000 meters – I feel that life seems to open a new window.

When I was in high school, my physical education often failed, so I could not go to my ideal school. Since then, I have decided to bid farewell to sports, especially running, so that when I saw the track and field competition on TV, I turned it off.

From the coach to take me to 5,000 meters, I feel like a legend. When I ran the first 5000 meters, I ran 5000 meters every day for 6 days to prove that this happened, I really can run down.

This kind of joy can’t be felt in any work or study – I can actually do something that is completely “insulated” from me. This gives me an inspiration – many times, my own psychological hints block many possibilities in life.

Since then, I have started to challenge the half marathon and the full marathon. Once I run down, I will have an unparalleled sense of accomplishment. The most impressive thing is that during the Spring Festival of 2013, I went to Hong Kong to run a half marathon. There, I met Singer, the world’s oldest marathon runner, who is 101 years old. He announced at the marathon that he would no longer run the marathon. At that time, I was in the same direction as him (he was halfway through the whole journey, and the departure time was different). When we met on a certain road, I saw a 101-year-old elder, and the white beard was fluttering. There was a group of his young fans. The scene still exists in my mind and it is hard to eradicate. The kind of struggle with age, the vitality of life, when I think of it, I feel that I am too young, and life has just begun.

The marathon sport is always a game of its own. I always want to run faster at the beginning and want to overtake others. It was later discovered that this is meaningless at all, and there are always people who are faster than you. In the end, I concluded: “The slower you run, the farther you can run.”

The same is true in life. Many people always pursue fast, but they can’t go further.