Rock paintings record mysterious sightings

The mysterious cave of Tangbala is 1020 meters above sea level. It is located in the village of Tangballatas, 70 kilometers away from Fuyun County, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It faces south and has been eroded by wind and rain for a long time. It has a strange shape and a relative height of 25 meters. It is a A huge natural cave in the middle of the mountain. The cave is wide and wide, and there are dozens of people in the cave. It is obviously a place for early human sacrifices.

The cave is covered with red painting, and its composition is strange and unintelligible. On the right side of the cave wall are two human face figures with pointed hats. The figure is painted with eyebrows, eyes, mouth, and Hu, as well as short lines of radiation that symbolize light. The top of the denomination is painted with 22 parallel lines. Under the curved circle formed by the parallel lines, there is a pair of eyebrow lines, and there are 3 eye-like patterns underneath.

In the upper corner of the image is an emblem, and two circular patterns extend all the way to the bottom of the screen. It is an elliptical circle composed of two colored lines. The first one is painted in blush, nearly round, with a curve in the middle. Second, the rock is flatly painted in red, with an oval shape in white and a small white circle inside. Third, draw an oval with a crimson line. Fourth, apply a white bottom, a red ellipse, and then draw a small circle in white, or draw a curve. The four elliptical images show a gradual landing trajectory, and the inner and outer ring patterns are obviously rotating. There is a huge torch-like pattern on the left side of the screen, and a set of bows and arrows and 3 small circles on the right side. The whole picture reveals a very rich mystery.

In the early years, some senior scholars visited the cave rock paintings in the field, and most of them made this rock painting nature as the female genital worship theme rock painting, or the sun worship rock painting. However, some researchers have studied through the field and reviewed a large number of ancient and modern documents and witness reports. It is believed that the painted rock paintings in this cave are likely to be a very special celestial phenomenon, or that this rock painting truly records a rare astronomical event, rock painting It should be a picture of the celestial body.

As mentioned above, the two figures on the screen are inverted images. Obviously this means that the gods look down from the sky to the living beings, or that the priest is looking up at the sky. What is he looking up to? It can be clearly seen that there are several very simple circles next to the top priest, and the following are concentric circles with clear and complex patterns and large proportions. This upper and lower not only has a continuation relationship, but also the heavens and the earth. The position is also clearly drawn. Doesn’t this mean that a round thing is going from sky to land, getting clearer from far to near, and getting more realistic?

At the bottom right of the wall is a bow with an arrow that stretches to the sky and a simple circle in the middle. Why did the ancients use this bow to shoot the sky and shoot the circle? What exactly does this special circle graphic represent?

Prehistoric stories from heaven
From the Neolithic Age to the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, people depicting celestial images on pottery are mostly expressed in concentric circles. Why do ancient ancestors use concentric circles to represent celestial bodies? In addition to the day, month, and stars, some patterns are difficult to explain. What are they? What does the arrow on the concentric circle show to people?

Through a large number of Chinese and foreign literatures, I was surprised to find that the various concentric patterns on the Tangbull caves and cultural relics are basically consistent with the 90-degree bottom view of the “circular-shaped flying saucer” in the UFO report published at home and abroad. The 90-degree bottom view of the disc-shaped gyro-shaped, snap-on disc and other flying saucers mentioned in some reports also shows this pattern. Some people in foreign countries have vividly described such flying saucers as “wide-brimmed hats.” In 1971, 1980, and 1997, this flying saucer appeared in Beijing Daxing, Shaanxi Baoji, Xinjiang Shihezi and other places. In 1991, Yang Baoquan, a civil aviation worker in Gansu, witnessed a three-circle concentric flying saucer.

Fuyun, Qinghe, Fuhai, Haba River and other places in the Altai Mountains and other places in Xinjiang, there are quite a few reports of UFO sightings. The shape and rotating posture of many UFOs are very similar to those painted by the Tangalantas. On the evening of December 26, 1979, in Fuyun Cocotohai, the junior middle school students of the Mining Bureau had just finished their studies in the evening. The students walked out of the classroom and found a round bright object in the direction of the southwest of the zenith. The north is slowly flying. This object is silvery white, self-illuminating, with a narrow halo. It is opaque, round, and slightly protruding in the middle, much like a standing discus. It flies in a clockwise direction and is silent. After three or four minutes, the color gradually disappeared. At this time, there was no cloud, no wind, no strings, no stars, more than 100 students witnessed, and a teacher.

Another case of a rounded unidentified flying object was very intriguing. It was recorded by the Party History Office of the Altay Region: at 0:45 on June 25, 1982, in the Kalatongke area of ​​Fuyun County, the fourth is the Bureau of Geology and Minerals of the Autonomous Region. More than 40 geological members of the geological team’s three-team team found a round UFO. The flying object rotates from the southwest to the northeast in a counterclockwise direction. Visually observing the flying object like a washbasin, shining with milky white light, surrounded by an annular aura, as large as a wheel, turning forward. During the operation, suddenly the halo threw out the light tail, and gradually became an arc-shaped light belt, which was 20 to 30 meters long and suddenly stopped. The haze is still ring-shaped, and the light band spreads five or six meters wide. The flying speed and height of the flying object are equivalent to the average airplane, but there is no sound. The flight disappeared from discovery to disappearance for three or four minutes, and the light band dissipated after five minutes. According to written records, such UFOs have occurred in Fuyun and other places in recent decades. Some of the witness cases have also made written reports to relevant departments of the autonomous region.

Why do UFOs frequently visit Fuyun? Is it because there are abundant mineral resources here? This seems to be in line with the research of French UFO research expert Henry. He found that from the Mongolian Plateau, Altai Mountain to Junggar, it is a UFO flight line, which is the world’s high incidence area of ​​UF0 phenomenon.

Most rock painting researchers believe that the ancients often need to portray them as magical things, and then worship the engraved graphics to eliminate the disease. It is conceivable that once a special illuminator such as a flying saucer appears in the air, it will certainly cause horror of the ancestors, and naturally it will be associated with the gods, thinking that this is a warning or prophecy. The ancestors portrayed their shapes as objects of worship, which should be said to be logical actions of that era. When the ancestors of the time depicted the celestial bodies, they did not create the image of the illusory god, but only a real and intuitive image.

From this point of view, the richly painted rock paintings of the Tang Yunle Cave may be a story of a prehistoric story from heaven. The rock painting is a mysterious celestial celestial image, which is a true record of a UFO phenomenon. Has the shaman in the picture ever performed activities such as offering sacrifices to the gods, descending witchcraft, communicating the world, and practicing the heavens in the cave? Still more people have to explore.