Reading is the arrival of the soul

I am a rural woman, three of our sisters, I am the boss. His father was a simple and honest crop, and he had not read a few books. He relied on the land to give people a short-term job to support the family. But his father loves to read books. He came back from the production team, and he would change the tricks every three to five times. He took out a small book and had pictures with words. After eating, during the lunch break, my father was watching on the quilt. After the father went to work, we took turns to look at them. Those appealing storylines often earned the tears and laughter of the younger brother. I remember that my father borrowed several articles, “Sunny Day” and “Dream of Red Mansions”, etc., all of which were original line-bound books. I forgot the hungry when I smelled the ink. I like to read, the most grateful person is the father.

At that time, there was a library in the village. When I was in the fifth grade of elementary school, I learned to ride a bicycle and asked my friends to borrow books from the library. Although the father did not know a basket, he was willing to pinch out a few rumpled sweaty hair corner tickets for us to borrow a testimony.

Borrowing books, every time I watched a window of summer frogs, a bright moonlight, sitting on the bandits, holding a kerosene lamp to read at night.

Reading has become a habit, and when you don’t read it, you lose your soul and you can’t sleep. The life in the countryside is monotonous and boring, I deeply remember: the book has its own Yan Ruyu, the belly has poetry and poetry, and so on.

Writing that wants to come to life for a lifetime is also started in reading.

In the fields, I am cultivating melons with sang. After a hard day, you can calm your mind and study is the only choice. At the bottom of the lamp, a cup of chrysanthemum tea, a book, a singer on the wall, a half-opened screen, a page that slid in the wind and gently blows, the scorpio is full of infinite happiness and happiness.

So that this obsession with reading, in the era of fragmented reading, mobile phones carrying all the information, still grows in my heart.

I used to regard the city as a poetry and a distant place. I was eager to get out of this heavy land through reading. I did not expect that I would eventually marry the village. However, my reading habits have not changed, and the rural areas have also achieved asphalt roads, the roads are smooth, and the villages have telephone and computer lines. I bought a computer with a fee, and writing is more convenient. The mobile phone and the computer are connected, and QQ and WeChat are built. In this way, not only went out of the village, but also connected with the outside world, the article is also flying like snowflakes. From the end of 2017 to the present, I have published more than 400 pieces of tofu, all thanks to the usual reading, as well as the creation of pens. Today, most people fall in love with mobile phone reading, I still insist on reading paper books. I always have a stack of books on my bedside, and I am reluctantly subscribed to several magazines and newspapers every year, “Little Fiction Selection”, “Fiction Monthly”, “Beijing Literature”, “Prose Selection”, and so on. My wife and I are both farmers. He works outside the home all year round. His land and old children need me to take care of them. I raise chickens and raise pigs, wait for the young and the old, and help the field. The biggest hobby is reading and writing.

Reading is the arrival of the soul. I feel very shallow, in the time of day, if I don’t read a book for a while, write some notes, I am very lonely. The years in the countryside, Chunhua Qiushi, record the bits and pieces of the years, and improve the writing ability through reading. The scope of reading is wide and the field of vision is broad. In the past, I was very entangled in my peasant status and tried every means to remove the label of the peasant. I went to participate in the awards ceremony of the prose contest held by the city TV station. When interviewed by the reporter, the other party asked me, as a rural woman, what can you rely on to turn the literary dream into reality? I answer and read without thinking. Hundreds of participating authors, only I am a farmer. I won the Grand Prize of the Grand Prix and a prize of 5,000 yuan. At that moment, I faced the applause of the tide of the audience. I had tears in my eyes and I did not hate the identity of my peasants, and even felt proud.

Reading is the arrival of the soul, and it is also a bargaining chip that fills a person’s heart and mountains. Reading a paper book, the mind is more solid, as if you are having a knee-speaking conversation with the author. There is a green plain of the writer’s mind between the lines. Years ago, the family guarded a dim light like a bean and read a book together. The flow between the veins and the family was warm.

A successful author writer is inseparable from reading this bridge. In the context of the universal mobile phone reading, I will do my own thing, stick to my paper reading, and write my life with my heart. Fortunately, there must be some gains. In the streets and alleys of the village, in the place called Nanhe, I became the only freelance writer who earns living expenses by writing.