Paris’s St. Regis Mother’s Court suffered a fire. Many countries lend a helping hand to promise to rebuild the history of human civilization.

Around 6:30 pm local time on April 15th, the Notre Dame de Paris, which was being repaired by scaffolding, suddenly caught fire. As the fire spread rapidly, the iconic spire of the cathedral fell in the fire soon. The world is awe-inspiring, and the artistic treasures belonging to all mankind are no longer perfect. Under the full rescue of firefighters, the theme structure of Notre Dame has been preserved. The net people have different opinions, and a lot of goodbye is the last one; sometimes we really need a trip that says to go. Onlookers’ regrets and confession, slowly flowing by the Seine River, looking at the Notre Dame in the smoke, hundreds of Parisians prayed on the ground, their expressions were dignified, some were crying, some were talking to their loved ones, and they were emotional Describe what is happening here. This is the saddest day for Parisians, who pray that the fire will go out as soon as possible. According to firefighters involved in the rescue, the fire may be related to the renovation of the Notre Dame.

French President Mark Long and Prime Minister Philip rushed to the scene after the incident. Some media claimed that tears were spinning in Mark Long’s eyes. Mark Long said, “There is a fire in Notre Dame, and the whole country feels a pain.” Reassuringly, after more than 10 hours of fire fighting by 400 firefighters, the fire was finally brought under control. Notre Dame was burned a part, but it was not completely burned. Mark Long promised to reinforce the wisdom of the world and rebuild Notre Dame. Many leaders expressed their condolences and regrets to the fire at Notre Dame de Paris.

At 18:50 on April 17, all the cathedrals in France collectively chimeed and prayed for the Notre Dame de Paris.

Important cultural relics survived

The good news is that in this fire, most of the precious cultural relics of Notre Dame have not been damaged. Some precious cultural relics such as the crown of thorns, vestments and rose windows have survived the rescue. The large organ and some of the oil paintings were put into the water during the firefighting, and the staff carried out the inventory work. The staff also found the cock sculpture originally at the tip of the spire in the ruins. The spire is also a lightning rod. The cock is engraved with Latin. “God, save me in lightning, storm and evil.” Precious collections will be hosted by the National Museum of France and will be kept in a safe place in the future.

[Hugo said]

Hugo mentioned in the old Paris that today’s Notre Dame is still charming and majestic. First of all, let’s take a look at the face of the Notre Dame. It is the most magnificent chapter in the history of architecture. From the front, there are three spires, beautiful reliefs and engravings, and there are also 20 god statues. The center is a huge window with a lot of exquisite carvings, two delicate side windows on both sides, and two majestic bell towers, together with their slate front and back, a total of six The layers, the harmony is beautiful, and even every stone is in a variety of ways, clearly showing the whimsy of the artisans who are leading the artistic genius. It can be said that this is a magnificent symphony written by stone. It is no exaggeration to say that this is almost the greatest building God has given to mankind.

The story of Paris and Notre Dame

During the reign of Louis VII, with the increasing population and importance of the city, Paris became the new political and economic center of the French kingdom. In order to highlight the city’s status in Paris, Louis VII ordered the local bishop to begin construction of Notre Dame on the ruins of a Roman church in 1160.

Notre Dame de Paris is a Gothic cathedral on the banks of the Seine, in the heart of Paris, on the island of Dyke. It was built in 1163 and lasted for more than 180 years. The Notre Dame combines the architectural features of classical and modern Paris with altars, cloisters, windows and doors. It is famous for its carving and painting art, as well as a large number of art treasures from the 13th to 17th centuries. It has gradually become a center of French religion, art and tourism. Its status and historical value are unparalleled. It is one of the oldest and most splendid buildings in Paris. It is the famous coordinates of France for more than 850 years. Standing on the highest floor of Notre Dame de Paris, it is standing in the center of Paris, cast in the 17th century clock, and is also the big clock of “Casimodo”, it only rings in major Catholic festivals. Steps along the South Clock Tower can continue upwards, reaching the top of the building, with reliefs in the shape of various mysterious creatures, including the most famous statues of Chimera monsters. Overlooking the banks of the Seine and the panorama of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, the Sacred Heart Cathedral and other attractions.

Notre Dame de Paris, which has experienced more than 800 years of wind and rain in France, is a witness to the vicissitudes of history. It is ancient, brilliant, deep and unpredictable.

In 1455, the resurrection of Joan of Arc in the Notre Dame proceedings;

On December 2, 1804, Napoleon was crowned here;

In 1811, the Roman emperor accepted the baptism ceremony here;

In 1845, the hymns of the victory of the Second World War were read here;

In 1970, General de Gaulle held a state funeral here.

Notre Dame de Paris is also known as “Mrs. Paris”. It is closely linked to the fate of the city of Paris. Notre Dame attracts 13 million visitors a year and is the most famous tourist destination in France and throughout Europe. According to figures released by the French Tourism Development Agency, the number of Chinese tourists receiving in France reached 2.3 million in 2018.

If the fate of Quasimodo is integrated with Notre Dame, and the relationship between the Notre Dame and Paris, France and even humanity is inseparable.

“How did God make it? Today’s life is already difficult enough, but why is there such a disaster coming?” (Hugo’s language seems to have some amazing fit with the hearts of contemporary Parisians)

“I think he will bring us endless disasters, we should burn him to death.”

“This may be more secure and more effective.” Just as people agreed to the proposal of Jeanna de Ratmer, a young priest came to the crowd, and of course he heard people’s arguments. And decision. The priest looked serious and his eyes were deep and his face was cold. He sneaked through the crowd and approached the “little devil” for a long time. Just as all the people were excited about their decision, the priest’s unspeakable voice sounded: “This child I have raised!” His tone is filled with strength. This is the first Sunday after Easter, when the monster ringing the bell, Quasimodo appeared on a wooden bed in the left front of the church vestibule, also the assistant teacher Claude Floro in “Notre Dame de Paris” “The most shining scene.

Goodwill has never been far away, when the little monster Casimodo will be rescued by a group of people on the occasion of the fire, the assistant leader became a life-long adoptive father that Casimodo is proud of, Quasimodo is The soul of the Notre Dame. He has similar experiences and fates with Notre Dame. Notre Dame de Paris, after the fire, also received enthusiastic assistance from all over the world, promised to rebuild the Notre Dame de Paris, save the historical civilization treasures belonging to all mankind, and reproduce the past.

The French Kaiyun Group promised to donate 100 million euros to rebuild Notre Dame. The Pino family had donated to the Chinese side the first rabbit head of Yuanmingyuan, and returned them to China in 2013. The Chinese side gave positive comments on this move and believed that this will is a friendly expression to the Chinese people, reflecting the protection and support of the Pino family to Chinese cultural heritage, and also reflecting the international community’s recognition of the return of cultural relics to its original national values.

Following the first announcement of the investment of 100 million euros by Kaiyun Group, on April 16, luxury goods groups LVMH and L’Oreal subsequently announced that they each donated 200 million euros.

According to a report by the Russian Tass news agency on April 19th, King Mohammed VI of Morocco donated money for the reconstruction of Notre Dame. However, the amount of funds was not disclosed in the communique.

In addition, the President of Chile stated that timber and copper were provided to rebuild Notre Dame.

According to the Beijing Evening News, the National Museum of China is the first “civilized sanctuary” established by China. Wang Chunfa, director of the National Museum of China, is a member of the Academic Committee of the Endangered Cultural Heritage Protection Fund. On April 16th, he wrote to the Director of the French Louvre and Chairman of the Academic Committee of the Endangered Cultural Heritage Protection Fund, Jean Luc Martinez, on behalf of The National Museum of China expresses heartfelt concern and condolences to the French cultural heritage colleagues and all French people.

Wang Chunfa wrote in the letter: “The artificial or natural invasion of cultural heritage is such a painful thing for us, as a member of the protection fund of the endangered cultural heritage, we feel that time is tight and the task is arduous. The National Museum of China will Do our best to participate in the work of the Fund and the Endangered Cultural Heritage Shelter, and would like to provide all possible support and assistance to French colleagues in the post-disaster reconstruction and restoration of the Notre Dame.”

On the day of receiving the letter, Martinez responded with gratitude and said: “This fire is a real disaster for the world’s human heritage, for our city, for all of us. We are deeply saddened and will protect Artwork that may be affected.”

Up to now, the commitment of all parties to donate funds for the reconstruction of Notre Dame has exceeded 800 million euros.

It was also a big fire. It was also the historical treasure of human civilization that was burned down. The wounds of the Yuanmingyuan being burned by the invaders awakened in the memory of the Chinese people and caused controversy.

When the fire of Notre Dame was extinguished, the topic of the Yuanmingyuan was intensified. “Burn it well” and “live” the “causal cycle” appears on the web compared to extreme language. Some people are relatively calm, some are indifferent, and some are emotional. At around 17 o’clock on April 16th, published the “Unable to Bear the Civilization” through the official Weibo. “I sincerely hope that the cultural relics will be able to stay away from the disaster and pass on from generation to generation.” The atmospheric response of Yuanmingyuan triggered many official media to forward. And given a positive evaluation, the lyrics gradually stabilized and basically dissipated.

Coincidentally, on November 25, 1861, the French writer Victor Hugo severely condemned the British and French coalition forces in a letter to his friend and Barrett, who participated in the Second Opium War. The crime committed by Yuanmingyuan.

Hugo mentioned in the letter: People often say that there are Parthenon temples in Greece, pyramids in Egypt, big theaters in Rome, Notre Dame in Paris, and Yuanmingyuan in the east. If you haven’t seen it, then imagine it in your imagination. This is an amazing, unparalleled masterpiece of art. It is like a silhouette of Asian civilization that has been vividly presented on the horizon of European civilization. This magical world is now gone…

As for the moon over the Forbidden City and the Notre Dame in the night of Shangyuan, it’s a bright future. In the days before the fire of Notre Dame in Paris, the “Fire Safety Work Conference” was held in the Forbidden City. The firemen of the Forbidden City firmly believe that “there is no war, it is the best battle.” Such a spirit of the Forbidden City people insisted on 48 years, the wind and rain are unimpeded, and they have no hesitation. The official fire is strictly forbidden in the official. Firefighters eat vegetables in the rice cooker. They have been cooking for several months. For decades, they don’t know how many pairs of shoes they ran. A recruit has to run for three months. In order to familiarize the terrain of the Forbidden City. In the event of a fire, the firefighter is required to arrive at any place in the Forbidden City within two minutes.

The gatekeeper of the Forbidden City, the former president of the Palace Museum, Shan Yuxiang, was the first person to execute the “no smoking” in the Forbidden City. He used to describe this position with “skating on thin ice”. For the protection of the Forbidden City, he once said: “We say that we must be foolproof for doing one thing, because we have nothing to lose in this post. 9999 things are done, one Some things are not done well, the cultural relics are damaged, I am sorry for the nation, I am sorry for the country.”

“To hand over the magnificent Forbidden City to the next 600 years” is the unwavering belief of the Forbidden City.

On the evening of April 16, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage published an article entitled “Restoring the Alarm of Cultural Relics Work Again” again emphasizing the importance of cultural relics protection.