Not all efforts are worthy of recognition

In 2008, the talented woman Liang Ning got an angel fund from Lei Jun, and started her business as a traveler. After the company has been in operation for a while, it has not yet reached the goal of profitability. Looking at the company’s funds only go out every day, Liang Ning worried that the product is not ready, the money will be spent. She decided to “follow the war with war.” While developing products, Liang Ning also made propaganda plans for some tourist cities and tourist attractions. Liang Ning’s writing is very good. After a few transactions, he earned a lot of extra money. He can “suppleate the family” for the company. Liang Ning is proud of himself.

One year later, Lei Jun asked her if she still had money. Liang Ning said: “Yes!” and then reported a number. Lei Jun was very surprised: “How come there is so much money?” Liang Ning said that he had “strategic warfare” strategy. Liang Ning thought he didn’t believe it, and quickly counted how many scenic spots and cities’ slogans came out of her hand. Who knows that Lei Jun frowned and asked: “So how is your product developed?” Liang Ning does not say anything. Lei Junyu said with a strong heart: “Liang Ning, with your talent, if you want to advertise, you can join any big advertising company to realize your dreams. But now it is starting a business, to be an Internet product. A startup company is the most The core resource is the energy of the CEO, so you should go all out to focus on the research and development of the product, rather than earning these small money. Maybe you think it is safer to separate a basket of eggs, but this is inevitable. I hope that you will put these eggs in a basket and then do your best to protect the basket.” Subsequently, Liang Ning led the team to concentrate on product development. One year later, “Traveler Network” was absorbed by the National Tourism Administration. Member of the core media group.

Not all efforts are worthy of recognition, after all, one’s energy is limited. It may be possible to get temporary gains from attacking around, but it is also likely to be a small loss, even contrary to the original intention.