New retail era eco-marketing

Frankly speaking, the term new retail has been used up. Everyone is talking about new retail. If you let a teacher say “retail” now, everyone will think that Low is going to burst. However, if you ask a teacher or a so-called big coffee, what is the new retail, how should the new retail be played? I don’t think they can give you a perfect answer. Because in the face of new retail, many of us are confused. In the face of various new technologies and new models, each of us will be anxious. The only certainty is that the new retail gameplay is different from the past, and although it has not changed dramatically, this change has already happened quietly around you. If you open a restaurant, you will find that at least half of the business comes from take-out. If you open a supermarket, you will find that box horse fresh and super species are not a routine with you, but they can beat you.

If you are still talking about the retail three rate (into the store rate, turnover rate, return rate), then you are undoubtedly abandoned by the new retail this fast-moving train, because many traditional concepts and methods in front of the new retail To be subverted. Today, what I want to share with you is the issue of eco-marketing in the new retail era. Before we talk about this issue, we need to first explain the new retail and eco-marketing. I understand that the new retail has at least a few keywords, one is customer management, and the other is deep marketing. What do you mean? The new retail will make the customer more convenient, which means that the customer does not have to spend a few days driving a few kilometers to your store. Instead, you should go to the customer, where should the customer appear? Whoever gets closer to the customer will be able to seize the opportunity. Customer resources are the most competitive resource for retail terminals and the ultimate goal of all our marketing campaigns. The term “ecosphere” is no stranger. In an ecosystem system, carnivores eat herbivores, herbivores graze, and grass grows by the nourishment of animal feces and sunlight and rain. Of course, if it is a linear chain, it is simple. However, the real natural ecosystem is intricately cross-nourished, and no animal or plant survives in isolation. In the business world, we should not think about problems with the simplest linear thinking. There are always a lot of sales people in the WeChat circle to forward such a paragraph, “You just need it, I am just professional.” In my opinion, this is a relatively funny thing, because people have requirements, you are also professional, but people are not necessarily looking for you. Ah, because after all, professional is not the only one.

Two days ago, a project teacher from my team called me and said that he was helping a marble customer to do a retail store improvement project. He took the customer’s sales team to the house to sweep the building. The results of it? Especially injured, because the owners are not seen at all, and the second is because the decoration masters really do not have the phone number of the owner. How to do? Coincidentally, in our group A, a dealer who is doing high-end windows and doors is also asking, what should I do in the community sweeping? In this regard, let me fall into thinking. First of all, we have to think about our business model. Whether it is marble or high-end windows and doors, we sell high-end customers, so it is obvious that the road sweeping is not the best way. Because we are not catching the number of customers but the quality of customers, the blasting behavior of community sweeping is more suitable for popular products. Since high-end customers are few and very few, it is important to find and build trust with these high-end customers.

I. Alliance resources based on consumption scenarios

The so-called consumption scenario refers to a series of consumer needs generated by consumers in a specific period of time. For example, if a customer wants to travel, he will have relevant requirements for booking airline tickets, hotels, tickets, restaurants, shopping, etc. To get married, then he will have to buy diamond ring, take wedding photos, order banquets, find a wedding company and other related needs; if the customer wants to decorate, then he will have to find a decoration company, buy building materials, buy furniture, buyer electricity, etc. demand. In such a consumption scenario, it is more cumbersome for customers to solve such problems themselves. Each of them has a high cost of docking with customers, and the competition is fierce. In this context, the concept of brand alliance has emerged. .

Like the marble merchants we just talked about, he can go to the seller to use the central air-conditioning and floor heating customers to do some customer relationship or resource replacement, because the home central air-conditioning is at the forefront of the renovation, they have already exhausted each The way to get the customer’s information, and even completed the customer’s product sales and installation services, then in this case if people are willing to help you recommend marble or door and window products, our sales is not very simple?

Second, based on customer behavior, different resources

No matter what kind of product you are selling, the first thing to do is to study who your customers are. If others use the A method to earn a lot of money, you are likely to lose money, because the products are different from customers, and the sales methods are also different. It should be different. If we are doing high-end products, then when we set up the ecosystem, we must study the consumption behavior of high-end people. They often appear in those places where they are consumed, especially in some high-frequency consumption places, that is, we want to integrate interaction. Eco-sphere resources, such as car 4S stores, jewelry stores, etc.

There is a dealer who is a high-end water purification product. He does not have many employees in his own store. In his words, his main business relies on friends, and friends are the ecosystem we say. The key is where friends come from, how come, he studied the sales target of his products. Since foreign imported products are mainly sold to rich people, what are the high-frequency consumption places of rich people? He found a high-end beauty spa club, then he went to visit the heads of these high-end SPA clubs, and made friends with them. When those high-end ladies came to the SPA, they experienced their products and the business naturally Not bad.

Third, the social circle based on social relations

Everyone has their own circle of interpersonal relationships. To do business is to mix circles. There are too many circles we can mix. For example, do you participate in local fellowships, there are resources that we can deeply interact with in the fellowships, and even everyone in the fellowships may be our target sales people. Everyone knows Wenzhou people in the country, so Wenzhou people have Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce all over the country. From the perspective of doing business, the value of the Chamber of Commerce is more important than the fellowship. Of course, we also have alumni associations. Although we have different grades in different departments, we are studying in the same university and happening to work in the same city. There is no doubt that there is a lot of communication. In the era of “knowledge payment”, many of us have downloaded the app, Fanden reading club and other independent learning, then have you found that these apps are now doing offline interactive salons, these are the customers who know each other. A good resource circle.

In addition to the existing circle, as the owner of the retail store, we still have to find ways to improve our influence, then holding some important leadership positions in the community is also a means to enhance the influence. A good friend of mine is doing business in a county. The local government established the “Young Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Association”. He volunteered to assume the position of Secretary-General. Naturally, his influence in the local county town was loud.

In the new retail era, eco-market marketing, first of all, requires our operators to abandon the traditional marketing concept. Don’t think that their products are good service, they will have good business. If you want to do everything possible to tap customer resources, we need to go. Link a lot of people to create an ecosystem. Only in this way can you get tickets for commercial games in the new retail era.