My patient is the president

A month after entering the White House, I went to the Holly Hills Golf Course in Maryland as a doctor on duty to follow the then President Bush. This is my first time to take care of the president at the golf course and I feel a little nervous.

The ball on the court didn’t last long. The military assistant next to him suddenly listened to the headphones nervously and reminded me: “Doctor, there is a situation.” I quickly looked up and saw if there was an enemy plane flying, and he was now But he said to me loudly: “The president needs a Bondi band-aid!” God, the solemn look is to encounter the enemy.

The medicine box is at my feet, next to a black suitcase with a nuclear code called “rugby.” There are no special requirements for the equipment of the medical kit. I just installed some common items in accordance with the tradition, in case of possible gunshot wounds, heartbeats, chemical weapons attacks, etc., but I never expected to handle such minor injuries for the president.

The top medical devices and potent drugs in the medical kit are all available, but there is no band-aid. I have a cold sweat on my forehead: this will make everyone doubt my ability to work, and my White House life will have a bad start.

“The doctor is looking for Bondi band-aid.” The military assistant stared at me with suspicion, and said coldly to the phone, apparently the opposite person was urging. I looked up and saw that the president was coming towards this side, and my heart suddenly jumped up. Finally, in a hill-like item, a crumpled band-aid appeared miraculously.

I carefully put the band-aid on the heel worn by the president with the new sneakers. He smiled and thanked me for continuing his movement. When I climbed back into the car, my heartbeat still didn’t return to normal. At this time, the military assistant who had been working in the White House for two years smiled and said to me: “Welcome to the White House. Everything that is inconspicuous is very important here.”

When I was first transferred to the White House, I originally agreed that my service period was only two years, but when I was about to serve, there was a little accident. The Bob, the top director of the medical department, made a “small” mistake.

Before the president goes abroad, in order to ensure the president’s emergency treatment, the medical department must first send people to the country to select hospitals, not only to evaluate the hospitals and doctors, but also to introduce them to the president’s basic information. However, unfortunately, once Bob personally performed this task, for some reason, he even mistaken the president’s blood type. The military office was quickly informed of the mistake. The senior colonel director lost his job, and I was pushed to the position of successor and became the first female director of the White House Medical Department.

Corresponding to promotion is more arduous work. One year, I had a rare spring break, and the whole family went to Puerto Rico to visit old friends and sightseeing diving. Just as we followed the tour guide to admire the ruins of the majestic ancient ruins, my cell phone rang.

“I am sorry,” said Barry of the White House Press Office. “But Barty is a headache for us now.” Batty is the president’s dog, only four months old. A few days ago, the White House veterinarian had just sterilized it. . Unexpectedly, the news actually went to the front page of the news, and the result was questioned by the animal protection organization. For this reason, the White House Press Office made a special statement, but the media was not satisfied and still kept on.

So I discussed with Barry how to draft another statement that would satisfy the media for more than an hour. One hour of my precious vacation was dedicated to the sterilization of the “first American dog.” I caught up with my family at the end of the tour. “What?” my husband asked worriedly. “Batti’s egg.” I replied jokingly. Yes, in the White House, a dog is not a trivial matter!

A great way for the president to remember his name
There is a saying in the White House: Being close to the president means power, knowing that the president’s handle means getting more power than the president. However, it is not easy to get the president to accurately name your name among hundreds of staff members and even get favored.

I entered the White House for only one year and caught up with the president. In just a few days, all the traces of the previous government were quietly erased: the vehicles with the bumper stickers of Old Bush and Quill were all replaced with Clinton and Gore stickers, and the portrait of President Bush was hanged. Photographs of important events were also taken down, replaced with photographs of the new president and vice president, as well as large pictures at the inauguration… In general, every change to the White House will change blood, so people’s hearts and minds Spread in the White House.

For a few days, the new president ignored the medical department. We seemed to sit quietly in the office and wait for the summons, but the heart was at a loss.

On the third day, the wireless radio finally came the notice: “The eagle (every president and wife in the White House has a code name, such as Bush called the Timberwolves) arrived at the first floor and walked toward the car.” I was busy with the nurse. Grab the medicine chest and the heart defibrillator. But this time, we just followed the new president for 30 minutes of jogging, but did not attract his attention.

In this way, after a long time in uncertainty and neglect, I finally got a chance to see. The first lady’s father fell ill during the inauguration of the president. I treated him. When I reported to the first lady, I just saw the president who came back in the morning, not only let him know me, but also The situation of the Ministry of Medicine was introduced.

However, the way some people are known by the president is a bit special. Major Ed is an assistant to the Air Force. During the Miami Summit, he complained to me that the president still does not know his name. I then comforted that I would introduce him to the President at the right opportunity. But unexpectedly, he quickly got the attention of the president in another way.

We were chatting, a State Department representative found us that the Guatemalan president had a gout attack and the toes were sore and I hope we can provide some help. Ed then rushed over to see the condition.

Thirty minutes later, Ed came back to me for a bottle of ketorolac, a powerful injection that relieves pain while reducing inflammation. Since there is no single room in the building, the assistant of the President of Guatemala told Ed that the injection was carried out in the men’s room. Five minutes later, the Guatemalan president walked into the men’s bathroom with the help of three agents, and Ed followed.

At this moment, the telephone at the Secret Service rang: “The positions are transferred to the Oscar channel, and the eagle is going to the toilet. We are moving towards the men’s bathroom.” I suddenly realized that the President of Guatemala and the President of the United States will be in an unexpected way. Meeting in the place. We sat on the bench and waited to watch the show. After a while, the president led a team of agents into the men’s bathroom. Ten minutes later, Clinton, with a smile, walked out lightly under the crowds. After a while, the Guatemalan president slowly moved out and was taken away by the agents. The last one came out of Ed, his face flushed and a look of embarrassment.

It turned out that when Clinton walked into the bathroom, Ed was preparing to inject, and the President of Guatemala had already dropped his pants to his knees and waited on the table. At the first sight, Clinton saw two men, one taking off his pants and the other holding a needle. He was initially shocked, then finally smiled and stopped to grab the arm of the agent captain around him and said, “Lu, I think these two people are taking drugs here!” The captain of the agent also smiled and introduced him: “Mr. President, this is Ed from the Ministry of Medicine. I am sure that he is injecting for the patient…”

Every time we say this, we can’t help but laugh out loud. However, Colonel Ed did indeed want the president to remember his name.

In fact, not only the staff, but even the ordinary people are trying to attract the attention of the president. “President’s bait” is the term we use to refer to the tall, slender, long-haired beauty who tries to get the attention of the president. Every time there is a public event with the president, there will be a similar “presidential bait”. They are dressed up, even if they are middle-aged, they will scream like a little girl seeing a rock star. If you can get a chance to shake hands with the president, you will intentionally use the busty chest to bow to the president, or even ignore the husband standing next to you.

At this time, the agent standing next to me will jokingly whisper: “Now, doctor, you are ready to see how she will kill.” “The president’s bait” is like a moth. Regardless of the consequences. After all, this comes from the temptation of supreme power.

Even the pigs of the White House must be well-dressed.
Maintaining a good external image is the basic quality of the White House politicians, and even means a smooth career. They are strictly self-disciplined in this respect, and even harsh to take risks. I remember that it was a Christmas dinner. Since I am not on duty, I am very happy to have a hearty meal in an elegant evening gown.

Inadvertently, I found a middle-aged man clutching his throat with pain. The doctor’s intuition told me that this person was caught by food. But although he was dying, he still tried to restrain himself without yelling. Everyone in the room feels that they are prominent figures, especially in the dinner party invited by the president, people try to show their brilliance. Even if someone notices that he is being held, he tries to pretend not to see it, because people who know that they are dysfunctional in this occasion do not want to be seen by others.

“Can you talk?” I walked over and asked softly. But he shook his head and gave a sharp gasp in his throat. This is an ominous sign. I immediately turned to him and began to implement Heimlik First Aid, which I applied for the first time after graduating from medical school.

If it doesn’t work, I have to take the next step, just put him flat on the floor, then ride on him and press harder on the belly. Although it is not appropriate to do so at such a solemn dinner.

Fortunately, he coughed up a piece of shrimp after leaning forward, and then he went to the bathroom with his doctor’s assistant. And in the entire room, it seems that no one noticed the scene that was so urgent, still full of laughter and laughter.

When the political elites face the accident, their self-esteem is so strong. If they are dignified, they will not be called for help. I am astonished. From this perspective, they are indeed different from ordinary people, like iron. Political machine.

I remember the day when I entered the third week of the White House. I received a call from Dr. Li, the boss of the head, and asked me to take him to attend a senior meeting of military officers.

The meeting was held at the Presidential Crisis Management Center in the East Building Air Defense. Most of the more than 20 people present are senior officers, and the vast majority are men. In the introduction process, an officer scornfully said: “Remember me? I am the person who asked you to check your chest at the clinic.” The room suddenly burst into laughter.

I did not hesitate to swear: “I can’t be sure of this. There are too many men in the clinic who want me to check their chests.” The men burst into more violent laughter.

For the next nine years, I have participated in countless similar “advanced” meetings, and I am increasingly disgusted with the leadership or representatives of the military or government departments sitting together to hold so-called “advanced” meetings.

In addition to the boring nonsense, I have fully learned the taboos and viciousness of these politicians. After becoming a director of the medical department, I have always been appreciated by the president because of my excellent work. This year, because my annual assessment report was personally signed by the President, this made the military office’s second-hand Rogers very dissatisfied.

“Do you know? In so many officers in the White House, you are the only one who has signed the president’s annual report.” He said sourly. I try to avoid offending him, but Rogers said with deep meaning: “I know something about the president. You will not tell me or the military office. I guess you will call this kind of thing… private affairs. “I am annoyed to tell him that everything is done according to the terms.” Who knows, Rogers is more straightforward: “We don’t want to mention anything. I mean, I want to know if you have played the ‘crane chandelier game with the president.'”

I can’t believe my ears. He is suggesting that I have an improper relationship with the president. It is unbelievable that such a despicable accusation has been said from a senior military officer. I calmly and seriously warned him: “Sir, if you have more embarrassment, my lawyer is willing to listen.” He just made a fuss.

This is the White House, the surface is always beautiful and decent, the politicians appearing here are all well-dressed, graceful, and even show shocking restraint and “dignity” in public. However, in some corners of the White House, they are so rough and ruthless, always performing naked deals, insulting the insults of selfishness and lust. Admiral Acrylic’s words accurately sum up the survival of this White House: “Remember, when you wrestle with a White House pig, you and the pig are inevitably muddy, but you and the pig must remain well-dressed. “”