Modern and magical “fixing method”

The legendary “fixing method”
There is such a description in the classical masterpiece “Journey to the West”: Qi Tian Da Sheng Sun Wukong was called to the Heavenly Palace by the Jade Emperor and was assigned to manage the Taoyuan. Goku is overjoyed and takes advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the fairy peach in the garden. On this day, the Queen Mother will hold a “Peach Blossom Festival” in Yaochi. The Seven Fairies will come to pick the peaches, but they will see the sparse fruit. Dasheng heard that Taotao would not ask himself, but he groaned and muttered a spell, and said to the fairies: “Stay! Live! Live!” This turned out to be a “fixed body”, and the seven fairies were set in the peach tree. Next, Dasheng drove a cloud, jumped out of the park and went to Yaochi Road. Later, it disturbed the peach tree and made a big trouble.

This wonderful “fixed spell” reflects the desire of the ancient people to temporarily disable the other party’s ability to move without hurting the other party. In many martial arts novels, there is also a description of the “acupoint” fixed body, just a legend. The development of modern science and technology has gradually turned this “fixed spell” into reality.

Sound and photoelectric “fixing method”
The earliest realization of the “fixed body method” was achieved through physical methods, namely strong stimulation of sound, light and electricity. Noise is a kind of pollution in human life, which makes people’s hearing loss, irritability, insomnia and forgetfulness, and stuns when it is serious. Scientists use this principle to create noise bombs to deal with hostage-ridden thugs. In this case, because of the human nature, you can’t shoot with a gun. The powerful sound waves of the noise bomb can make the hostages and thugs present shock at the same time, but do not hurt their lives. A few years ago, a violent hijacking occurred in Germany. The police cast five noise bombs. After a few loud noises, all the crew were unconscious and the police took the opportunity to rescue the hostages. Capture the mob. This is a spell that uses strong sound waves to make people “fixed” temporarily lose their resistance, without any side effects on people.

“High-voltage electric rods” or “electric guns” are weapons used against mobs very early. They can send high-voltage electric pulses, touch the bad guys, make their muscles numb, their brains faint, lose their resistance, but because the current is very small. So it does not endanger the other’s life. This kind of electronic pulse gun is very powerful, fast and widely used, but there is a weakness that it is necessary to contact the other party in order to make its electric shock “fixed”.

Scientists have recently developed a new long-distance “fixation method” that uses a special laser beam to carry out “fixed spells” in places far from criminals. This laser beam can cause the muscles of the criminals to contract and twitch. It is not painful or injured, but it can’t be moved, so as to avoid police casualties.

The use of dazzling flashes to temporarily blind people can also make people “fixed.” When you are doing electric welding on the roadside, do not look at it, otherwise the strong arc light will make you unable to see things in a few minutes.

In a foreign football match, the players of both sides fought and fought, and many audiences outside the stadium excitedly rushed into the arena, and hundreds of people fought. The police decisively threw a few blinding bombs, only to see the golden light on the field, so that the two sides of the melee could not see anything for the time being. They both stood with their eyes closed and a tragedy was stopped. This kind of temporary blinding bomb is also very effective for dealing with criminals. In some important places, such as banks, museums and other places, automatic alarms and blinding devices are installed. Once the bad guys sneak into theft, the alarm will sound. The blinds automatically shoot out the light of the road, so that the bad guys can’t see anything, and they have to “set the body” and not move.

The first application of laser blinding weapons was in the Falklands War in the United Kingdom. At that time, the United Kingdom equipped the “laser glare” on the warships and the results were too successful. The United States has developed a variety of “laser glare”, such as the “saber 203” handheld glare, which can project a beam of bright red light onto a human body at a distance of 270 meters. In Somalia in 1995, the US Navy used this glare to successfully disperse the rioters.

However, some laser blinding weapons are too powerful, causing some damage to people’s vision. For humanitarian reasons, the Protocol for the Prohibition of the Use of Laser Blind Weapons was adopted at the International Conference in Vienna in October 1995. It should be pointed out that this protocol only refers to “permanent” blindness, and in fact it is difficult to master specific standards.

“Bundled fairy rope” type “fixed body method”
All of the above-mentioned high-tech “fixing methods” have a common problem. The criminals are only temporarily “fixed” and not allowed to move. If they cannot be tied up or handcuffed in time, the criminals will recover after a while. Run away or have an accident. So the scientists invented a “bundle of fairy rope” type of weapon, this is the magic “spirit gun.”

The principle of “spider gun” is not complicated. It is similar to eruption mousse. The sprayed solution can quickly solidify on the hair to fix the hair. Another example is the ribbon glue that is sprayed on the wedding. Colorful filaments are wrapped around the bride and groom to increase the festive atmosphere. The “spider gun” designed by scientists uses high-pressure gas to eject a polymer solution. This solution is specially treated when it passes through the muzzle. It can quickly solidify into a strong “cord” in the air. Once it is glued, it can’t break free. The “rope” is left and right, and the criminal is tied like a donkey.

Other devices can launch a more powerful “gel screen”, which has a certain viscosity, and the criminals are not allowed to move once they are put on. This kind of “spider gun” is costly and complicated to use, so there is a “soap gun” that can continuously emit a large amount of soap bubbles, which can be sprayed to criminals within a certain distance. Large and small soap bubbles are tightly attached to the head, hands, hands and feet of the criminal. It is conceivable that in so many soap bubbles, even the north and the south of the things can not be distinguished, and they can’t resist. It’s awkward!

Rapidly developing “fixing method”
The modern “fixed body” has developed rapidly, and various “fixed spells” have emerged in an endless stream. Its official name is called “non-killing technology”, which is not only important in people’s lives, but also very important in special occasions on the battlefield. Countries all over the world are scrambling to study. In the last five years of the fiscal plan, the United States has invested 148 million US dollars in technology.

For example, in recent years, hijacking terrorist incidents have emerged in an endless stream. Some people require aircraft pilots and aircraft security personnel to carry pistols. In the past, no weapons of any type were allowed on the aircraft. To this end, the US aviation safety department has repeatedly studied, and with the consent of the superiors, specifically allowed large civil aviation pilots to wear a “Taser”, this new type of gun can emit a very strong pulse current, causing the gangsters to numb. Lose your ability to move immediately. According to reports, the US aviation security department has purchased 13,000 “Taser” and has trained 9,000 pilots, which is useful for safe flight.

The rapid development of science and technology has made these modern “fixed body methods” more and more magical, and their power is getting stronger and stronger. Compared with the fixed spell of Qitian Dasheng, it is really more brilliant!