Love is in my heart

The cold wind blew on his face like a knife, and the purple bruises were blurred under the flashing streetlights. He licked the blood in his mouth and shrank in the corner. He was beaten by the owner who sold the bread. He had not eaten for a day. For a long time, Amu used a frozen, stiff hand to pull out a squeezed hoe from the chest and split it into two halves. Half of it was stuffed into the mouth and half swayed toward the black alley.

Suddenly, a black shadow flashed, and a group of hairy and dirty guys slipped out of the darkness, licking the hoe in Amu’s hand and swallowing it in three or two. This is a wild dog. Because the wild dog has one ear missing, it is called a half ear by Amu. In this city, Amu and half ears are outsiders.

The rain on the roof is accumulating into a stream, and it is getting bigger and bigger on the ground.

“Half ears, do you say that we give up like this?” Amu held the wild dog, and his head was pulled on the dirty fur of the wild dog. Responding to Amu is the sound of a half-ear. Dark yellow hair is attached to the half ear. If the two eyeballs do not turn up and down, they will be considered a worn blanket. Seeing half of the ear, Amu decided to try his luck again to see if he could find a job.

The next day, Amu washed the smelly hair in Qingshuigou, and finally sought a special job in the courier company of the boss of the suburb of Wang: the longest road, the hardest work, but the least wage. Half of the ear quietly squatted outside the door of the courier company until Amu came out. Half-ear also thought that the person in the courier company would also bombard Amu like the owner of the bakery and then smash it. If so, the half ear will tear the other side with its sharp teeth.

On the following day, Amu took a bamboo-like leg and shuttled through the streets of the city, followed by half ears. The days passed quickly, and the letter that was handed over by Wang Boss would be able to receive the salary. Amu and half-ears could not help but speed up.

“God! How did the letter to Miss Liu disappear?” Amu opened the pouch and panicked. At this point, Amu found that half of the ear was gone. A Mu Gu didn’t have so much, and turned around and looked for a place that might fall, but he still couldn’t see it. Amu could not find a letter, sitting on the steps of the church and buried his head deep in his chest. The afterglow of the setting sun sprinkled on his ankles through the treetops in the distance. A group of furry figures floated over, half-ears were wet, and a colorful letter was on the mouth. Amu’s eyes were beaming, and I took a look at the letter. Fortunately, there was plastic waterproof outside the letter, otherwise the letter was useless, but the anger was gone: “You are an unreasonable wild dog, dare to take away such an important letter. When I send the letter back, see how I can clean you up!” Amu did not finish, he ran to the house of Miss Liu, holding the wet letter in his hand.

Half-early squatting on the steps, empty church, only the “Dangdang” bell accompanied it. Half ear does not understand why Amu is angry? Is it blaming yourself for looking for a letter for too long? The half ear was rubbed with the tongue and caught in the sewer, and the hind legs were pulled out, where fine blood was infiltrated. Suddenly, it seems to think of something, squatting in the direction of Amu, disappearing into the bloody red sunset.

Amu never ran so fast, he passed through one familiar street and hurriedly knocked on Miss Liu’s door. “Who is knocking on the door, I don’t know if I am doing maintenance!” A woman’s voice was drilled from the crack in the door. “Madam! This is the letter that the boss of the boss asked me to give you.” Amu, who was sweating, was out of breath, extended his right hand and handed the letter to Miss Liu. “Letter?” Miss Liu did not look at Amu, and opened her letter with her hand. The letter-like bird flew to the door. “No sincerity, a letter would like to buy me, you Go back and tell Wang Boss, don’t toast and don’t eat fine wine!” When the voice fell, the angry Miss Liu turned and closed, leaving a “squeaky” sound.

Amu looked at the wall with grievances. This month, he whispered, but his life was from the hard work of the most tired, but all of a sudden, this month’s salary will be frustrated, because the boss of the king had something to say first, if there is a letter Did not serve, dried up in a month. Amu was unhappy and kicked the stone awkwardly: “All the half ears, let me go back and teach it a meal!”

Amu walked on the sidewalk. Suddenly, a luxury sedan was pulled out from the side. His heart suddenly stopped, and he forgot how to avoid it under fear. Seeing that the car was about to press on him, a group of furry figure fluttered to his body and saved him from the place where the car was run over. The place where Amu was standing was already bloody. Amu struggled to get up from the dust and madly squeezed into the blood that had been surrounded by passers-by. Sure enough, half ear! Seeing that Amu came in, half-ears twitched and struggled, but the half-ears could no longer support the body to stand up, so they had to squat.

There are many people around. “How did the driver of the car learn how to drive to the sidewalk?” “Oh! This is not the dog that wrote the letter in the sewer? After a long time, I thought it would drown, I didn’t expect to be It’s a rumor!” Amu squatted on the floor, and both hands clasped half of the flesh and blood, and everything understood. It was half an ear to help him steal the buns, half of the ear to help him find a letter, half a ear to save his life.

“Half-ear–“, Amu shook his head full of tears, and found that the half-eared mouth contained a letter and the letter that Miss Liu had destroyed. Amu held his hands in half of his ears, his heart licking the letter and rushing to the driver and shouting: “I still have half of my ears, and I am half-ear!”

The driver walked down and Ahmu lived! It is the boss of Wang! No wonder this car is so familiar. But the boss of Wang did not pay attention to Amu, and he punched Amu down to the ground, followed by successive ankles on Amu’s body. Amu tightly protects the half-ear, and the low-pitched snoring echoes in his mind, getting weaker and weaker, so weak that he is about to forget the voice. Suddenly, Amu had the strength and stood up and pushed the boss of the king next to him to the ground, punching his fist and punching his face, and slamming into his ear until the police stopped.

Boss Wang was taken away by the police, not because he had hit Amu, but involved a huge amount of smuggling and murder. The witness was Miss Liu. The evidence is Amu’s express list, including the letter sent to Miss Liu today.

Amu was acquitted by the police on the spot, but Amu was already crying. Because Amu knows that his half ear has left him.