Looking for the real base camp of Camry Wine

“Bo” is as profound as a dream
The first news of Beaujolais has been attracted by this dreamlike name. She is located in the central and eastern part of France, north of Lyon, on the east side of the Central Plateau, west of the Saône River. It is a paradise for wine lovers all over the world, a place of dreams and ambitions. Beaujolais has a typical continental climate, with high temperatures in summer and long drying times in autumn. There are more than 300 kinds of soil on this land, and most of them are hillside landforms. The hard granite layer is covered with weathered gravel, rich in silica and minerals, which provides fertile for planting high quality grapes. soil. As a large wine region, Beaujolais is twice as large as Rhode Island and larger than any of Burgundy. There are nearly 20,000 hectares of vineyards in this area. In the area of ​​nearly 55 kilometers and 11-15 kilometers wide, the vineyards are undulating with the hillsides. This is also the beauty of Beaujolais that can produce a rich and beautiful wine. The reason is that 10 premium vineyards are here to provide wines to consumers around the world. In the south, there are large plains, mostly shallow clay, which are mainly used to make the Beaujolais new wine with refreshing taste.

“If” sowing harvest during the rain
In the timely and sunny climate, Beaujolais, among the many wines, there is a very high quality, light-bodied, fruity red wine with a smoother, smoother and more tannic tannin. Beaujolais is the true home base of Camry, and 98% of the Beaujolais vineyards follow the long-established traditional methods of planting and planting high-quality Camry grapes.

In July 1395, Philippethe Bold, the Grand Duke of the Principality of Burgundy, declared that the cultivation of Camry grapes was illegal. Sixty years later, his grandson Philippe the Good issued another decree prohibiting the cultivation of Camry grapes. The reason for this was “Burgundy.” Dagong is the godfather of wine in the Christian world, and we must maintain our reputation.” The direct effect of this decree is to promote the cultivation of Camry grapes to the south of France, away from the main production areas of Burgundy, and finally rooted in the Beaujolais region, which is highly suitable for the growth of Camry grapes and full of granite geology, and Straight to flourish today.

Hanging Peng Peng “Lai” sharing joy
Penglai is a fairyland. As the main wine of Beaujolais, it can always appear on the table, appear in the party, and appear in the blessing. This kind of wine is full of flavour, light and meticulous, and pleasing to the eye, as they say, “The beautiful and lively character of Jiamei is especially like a little girl who has not been involved in the world.”

As a Chinese who likes food and wine, in order to share success, happiness and joy with friends, family, colleagues and partners, we can always find a suitable wine to match with delicious food, and Camry is the most suitable. The hundreds of breweries in Beaujolais offer quality wines with different tastes and different atmospheres. Camry is very suitable for Chinese cuisine, and Camry is a relatively balanced, with a relatively flexible quality. Wine is like a subtle Chinese culture. It has a long history but is not high-profile, not unassuming, like a pearl buried in the deep sea, to release its dazzling light sooner or later.

Please go to Beaujolais to share your time.
Dialogue with Mr. Dominic Piron, President of the French Beaujolais Industry Association

Chairman Dominique Piron was born not only in Beaujolais, but also in wineries and vineyards in the famous Mogon Morgon, as if he was born “the blood in the blood is flowing”!

Q: Speaking of Beaujolais, many people will think of the Beaujolais New Wine Festival. In addition to the new wine, what are the characteristics of Beaujolais wine?
A: As everyone knows, the Beaujolais new wine officially admitted to creating an extraordinary history in the 1950s. It is true that the existence of new wine masks the existence of other Beaujolais wines. Like the wine regions of the world, Beaujolais has three different levels, according to the pyramid’s sales rules. The first is the holiday season. We drink new wines on major festivals. New wines are often launched around the holidays. The second is the choice of terroir. These wines have a very unique flavor, round and fruity, and match with food. Third The selection is excellent, the wine is very good, and it is related to the unique style and unique skills of the winemaker. The Beaujolais wine is a big family and very comprehensive.

Q: What are the advantages of Beaujolais wine in China?
A: Most of Beaujolais wines are made from Camry grape varieties. They are delicate and exquisite with a lot of fruity taste. Between solid and tannic strong and light, they are highly praised and loved by young people. Sell ​​products.

Q: The proportion of Beaujolais wine exports to China is only 1.8%. What is the market potential of China?
A: China is not a major consumer market for wine, but China is growing more and more grapes. As China’s consumption grows and consumption habits, it will also buy Beaujolais. Moreover, Beaujolais wines and Chinese cuisines can be well matched. Chinese dining emphasizes sharing food and sharing wine. The cultures of China and France are the same on the table. In the future, the Chinese market has a place where Beaujolais has a place. It is a new wine and excellent selection series, and the price of approachable people is loved by consumers around the world.

Q: Chinese drinking is paying more and more attention to table wine mix. What advantages does Beaujolais have? How to make use of these advantages?
A: The wine mix is ​​a very good theory. The Chinese and French diets are the same, but the cooking techniques are different. The combination of French wines can be applied to China. Beaujolais wines can be paired with most of China’s diets, such as with spicy or meaty meals. The typical characteristic is that tannins are not particularly strong, the advantages are particularly fresh, light and soft, and can be used with most The food has a very good mix.

Q: Does Beaujolais consider combining with tourism, will it be a professional destination tourism?
A: Beaujolais has already written wine tourism into planning, and has received more and more Chinese tourists. At present, we are working with Lyon to create a special wine tour. A few weeks ago, the “World Food Valley” was officially unveiled. The valley is from Dijon in the north of France to Provence in the south. Beaujolais is at the most central position. We have already taken action to carry out such activities and attract more More tourists. A year ago, we were awarded the title of Geopark by the World UNESCO. There are 7 in France. Beaujolais is the only geological park with vineyards. The landscape of Beaujolais is also very diverse, which is also very good. A hot spot.

Q: Caramel is a very attractive grape variety. Why does Beaujolais make great Camry wines?
A: Caramel is both refined and very fragile. It reflects the soil very accurately. Beaujolai’s soil is very diverse. 12 years ago, we carried out a detailed study of the soil and developed a soil map based on the research. We found that the composition of the soil is very rich, mainly granite, which is also a beautifully shining and blooming The reason for the charm, but other places where the beauty is grown are not as rich as the Beaujolais.

Q: If you use a few keywords to describe Beaujolais wine, what would it be?
A: If you use a word to characterize Beaujolais, it is very suitable for drinking with friends. Everyone shares a good time and is also a perfect ideal wine. It can be friendship, intimacy, time together, drinking. A very pleasant wine. Even if you drink a few glasses of Beaujolais wine, its tannins are very delicate, you will not feel uncomfortable, but will bloom more smiles.