Looking for real sea monsters

The ocean is mysterious and dangerous. It is said that there are many sea monsters hidden in the sea. They are huge and destructive. Once they meet them, they are nine dead. Does the sea monster really exist? What do they look like?

Sea snake
Appearance: It looks like a snake or a dragon. The head and neck are long with red hair and the body length is usually several tens of meters.

Appearance: the world’s waters

Thousands of sightings about the sea snake have been witnessed for centuries, and one of the famous events was the sighting of the Royal Navy’s Dadarus frigate.

In 1848, when the frigate sailed in the South Atlantic, the crew suddenly saw a nearly 20-meter-long animal swimming away. The crew did not dare to neglect because it was too much like the legendary sea snake. Legend has it that the sea snakes often make waves on the sea and can instantly overturn ships. All the crew were ready to fight and watched the monsters swim over, but for some reason, it got into the bottom of the sea and swam away. This sighting was recorded in the official report of the Royal Navy. Not only witnesses, but also on some beaches around the world, there are occasional bodies like the sea snake, which makes many people believe that the sea snake exists.

Where is the sea snake?

Scientists have studied the bodies of the “Sea Snake” that rushed to the beach and found that they are actually a deep-sea animal – the kingfish.

The kingfish is the longest bony fish in the world, up to 11 meters long. They have long red dorsal fins that extend to the top of the head and look like a 鬃 (zōng) crown. The shape of the squid and the swimming look are similar to the sea snake. However, the kingfish is not as cruel as the legendary sea snake, rarely on the surface of the sea, and does not attack ships.

Wrinkly sharks may also be mistaken for the sea snakes, one of the most primitive shark species on the planet, shaped like a squid with 25 rows of sharp teeth in the mouth. Although the body length is only about 2 meters, this appearance is enough to make people feel scared.

Island whale
Appearance: The back of the water surface looks like a natural island with an area of ​​at least a thousand square meters.

Appearance: the world’s waters

According to legend, this huge whale wanders in the vast sea, their back is wide, like a large island, hence the name “island whale.” They like to sleep on the sea, and sailors who face the sea for a long time mistakenly think that they are small islands, so they will always “go to the island” happily. The sailors are active on the “island” and often alarm the island whales, they will sink quickly, and the sailors on the whale’s back will naturally fall into the water. When the island whale sinks, it creates a huge whirlpool that draws the boat into the sea floor.

What kind of whale is as big as an island?

Under normal circumstances, we will not recognize the whale back as a small island, but for those sailors who are facing the sea and eager to reach the land, it is very possible to have an illusion.

If you want to pick out one of the most marine animals in the island, it is the blue whale. The blue whale is the largest animal in the world, with a body length of 33 meters. Their body is slim and long. Estimating the area of ​​the whale’s back should be several hundred square meters. Although it is not as big as the island whale, it can be regarded as a big one. It is a mini island.

However, the blue whale’s back is blue-gray, and there are some fine lines. Compared with the island’s surface, the difference is still very big; more differently, the blue whale usually does not float on the sea to sleep, but collectively vertical. Hover in the water to sleep. Therefore, the island whale may be a fictional image created by the blue whale.

Saw whale
Appearance features: the head has a saw-like corner, full of fangs, body length of 5 meters or more.

Appearance: Atlantic

In the Middle Ages (5th to 15th century AD), a marine monster, the sawing whale, was passed down by people. It is said that they are superficial and fierce, always bursting out of the sea, easily sawing the passing ships in half and swallowing the people on board. No one can tell how big the saw whale is. We can roughly estimate that ships that can sail on the sea are at least two or three meters wide. To saw such a boat in half, the angle of the saw whale is at least two or three meters long. In order to ensure the balance of the body, the length of the saw whale is longer than the angle, so it can be estimated that the overall length of the saw whale is more than 5 meters.

Two-in-one sea monster
Scientists believe that sawing whales may be a combination of two sea animals, they are sawfish and narwhals.

Saws can be up to 9 meters in length. The biggest difference between them and other common fish is that they have a long, saw-like kiss that is about one-third the length of the body. The “big saw” of the saw whale may come from the saw.

The body of the saw whale comes from another marine animal, the narwhal. This whale, living in the Arctic waters, is 4 to 5.5 meters long and has a long “horn” on its head, which is easily reminiscent of the legendary unicorn.

People wandering at sea may have seen saws and narwhals, and in their spare time, they have the imagination to temper these two temperaments, but the weird animals combine to create the image of the saw whales. .

Appearance features: like giant octopus, dozens of wrists and feet, huge body.

Appearance: mainly in the Atlantic

A large ship is crossing the icy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. Everyone is afraid of it. Because of the hidden murder in this sea area, if you accidentally wake up the Kraken sleeping on the seabed, even people will be buried on the seabed. The crew were careful and tried not to make a small noise, however, they still alarmed the Kraken. The Krakens are floating out of the sea. The body that is exposed to the sea is as high as five or six stories. It is waving dozens of wrists that are hundreds of meters long, tightly entangled in the hull, and the ship is sent to its own giant. In the mouth. After a full meal, the Kraken quickly swam to the bottom of the sea, leaving behind only a huge whirlpool that was stirred up by it.

Real “mirret”
As people learn more about marine animals, the true face of the Kraken gradually appears in front of people. Dawang Physalis and King Squid are the closest matchers. In addition to their conformity, they are also large, ranking the first and second largest invertebrates on the planet. Dawang Physalis can grow up to 12 to 14 meters, and King Squid can grow to 10 to 13 meters. Although it is not comparable to the legendary Kraken, it is already a giant for humans.

They also have scary weapons that match the Kraken. Dawang Physalis has a sharp hook in each sucker on the wrist. The edge of the sucker on the wrist of the King Squid has a jagged “teeth”. Once the prey is sucked by their suckers, it is bound to open up.

The only natural enemies of these two giant invertebrates are sperm whales (up to 20 meters in length). However, in the case of struggling to resist, they can escape from the sperm whale mouth and learn the sperm whale.

Appearance: The upper body is a human and the lower body is a fish.

Appearance: the world’s waters

Under the night light, the ship sailing on the sea floated quietly, and suddenly a group of beautiful women gathered around the boat, and they sang beautiful songs. The sailors were awakened by the song, came to the deck, and took a closer look, those who are not people, but the mermaid! Their faces are very beautiful, the upper body is the same as humans, but there are no human legs, replaced by a fish tail. The sailors were confused by the songs and jumped into the water to become the delicious food of the mermaid.

Mermaid or beautiful squid?

The legend of the mermaid is found all over the world, and the mermaid is also mentioned in China’s Shan Hai Jing. In reality, many people claim to have seen mermaids, and even some mermaid fossils or bodies have been discovered. But scientists believe that the mermaid is a beautified manatee.

The manatee’s appearance can be said to be quite ugly. How are they associated with the mermaid? The manatee has a paddle-like ankle (pǔ) with a similar human face, nose and eyes. This is a marine mammal that floats to the surface every 20 minutes or so. In order to prevent the cubs from being suffocated, the manatee mother will also float to the surface when feeding the cubs, and half-lie to feed. In order to avoid being found by predators, they spend more time on the sea during the night. Imagine, on a moonlit night, on the silent sea, a creature with a face like a human, a chest bulging, and a fishtail swaying, is it easy to be mistaken for a mermaid? If the manatee appears on the surface of the sea, it happens to have some seaweed on the head, which is more like a long-haired mermaid.