Internet + e-commerce enterprise marketing model innovation

To create an innovative e-commerce marketing model, which can take advantage of the marketing process, increase the amount of marketing, thereby improving the operating efficiency of the company and facilitating the sustainable development of the company. The marketing environment is constantly changing. In this regard, e-commerce should find an opportunity to better adapt to the modern market environment by changing and optimizing marketing strategies from the perspective of marketing, in order to provide conditions for the long-term development of e-commerce enterprises.

The main development trend of the Internet + e-commerce enterprise market

The emergence of the Internet + e-commerce platform has promoted the rapid development of the consumer market and achieved a comprehensive reform of the corporate marketing model. With the network platform as an important carrier, it can realize the interactive and real-time nature of marketing activities, break the traditional space and time constraints, and achieve barrier-free marketing. From the point of view of e-commerce marketing model, compared with the traditional consumption mode, consumer consumption behavior, demand and psychology have also undergone great changes. In the traditional marketing process, consumers pay great attention to the value of goods. With the emergence of e-commerce, consumers pay more attention to self-demand while conducting consumer activities, and they are more interested in the interactive and real-time characteristics of e-commerce marketing model. In order to comply with the development trend of the times, e-commerce marketing activities are not only based on products, but also grasp the latest consumer’s consumption ideas and concepts, emphasizing the consumer-centered “divided” marketing model and actively diversifying. Multi-channel marketing methods, using the network environment to carry out e-commerce marketing activities, to achieve the creative and personalized e-commerce marketing.

1. From the past homogenization and scale, gradually shift to heterogeneity and differentiation.

E-commerce has become the main form of modern economic development, and it is also the main trend of enterprise transformation and upgrading. With the advent of the Internet age, the e-commerce market has enormous potential for development, and the commercial value and economic value it generates are immeasurable. However, from the current status of the operation of the e-commerce market, the e-commerce market still has immature and imperfect conditions. In addition, some enterprises lack professional e-commerce marketing knowledge, which makes the e-commerce show homogenization and scale. . Throughout the modern consumption pattern, consumers’ consumption concepts and personal awareness are obviously enhanced. Consumers pay great attention to selecting relevant brands that they identify with, and emphasize that they can participate in corporate brand promotion and design in the reverse search process. Nowadays, when consumers choose products, they not only pay attention to the quality of products, but also choose more time-oriented, personalized and demanding products to form a diversified demand system, which makes the market characteristics of products diversified. In order to meet the basic psychological needs of consumers, brand innovation should be realized. This requires selecting the right marketing model and focusing on creating an innovative form of consumer experience that can achieve online sales and offline experience and provide consumers with More choices can also ensure product quality. In order to obtain more consumption characteristics, the search engine can be used to search and collect information in the context of big data, and the collected information is regarded as an important reference for the market-oriented marketing, so as to prepare for the realization of heterogeneity. In addition, consumers will be more active and proactive in reading product information, using a variety of channels and terminals to select the type of goods, thus achieving a new consumer-oriented marketing model.

2. From price-based marketing to comprehensive marketing.

Judging from the actual development trend of the marketing model, the traditional homogenous marketing model based on low-price competition will be gradually abandoned, and replaced by a personalized marketing model with personalized and customized properties. E-commerce companies can’t rely on price to make profits, but to weaken the perception of price margins. In combination with consumers’ pursuit of personalized and experiential consumption patterns, e-commerce needs to try to cater to the needs of consumers and create a comprehensive marketing system based on perceptual experience. The development of e-commerce marketing activities in the network era mainly emphasizes the differentiation of e-commerce enterprise services and products. Only in this way can we ensure that the market environment is in a virtuous cycle and provide high quality to consumers under homogenization conditions. Personalized service.

The innovative path of internet + e-commerce enterprise marketing model

1. Update the marketing concept in a timely manner to enhance the awareness of marketing innovation.

In order to comply with the development trend of the times, better use of Internet technology, and to create a more efficient and efficient e-commerce marketing model, we need to abandon the old ideas and old ideas of profiting by price, and achieve a comprehensive update of marketing concepts. Enhance the sense of innovation in marketing and explore a marketing model that is more suitable for consumers. In the new era, when consumers engage in consumer activities, they pay more attention to the individualization, differentiation and service quality of e-commerce products. The status of product quality and quantity in the minds of consumers is gradually weakening. In this regard, e-commerce should seize the psychological characteristics and actual needs of consumers, use network technology to optimize and improve their own marketing tools, emphasizing that the marketing model must be combined with the specific needs of consumers to achieve personalized customization, so that Every consumer can have a great shopping experience. Enjoy exclusive and personalized services, both on the product and on the service, to improve marketing. At the same time, in order to achieve continuous innovation in marketing model and provide conditions for new marketing methods, e-commerce enterprise leaders should attach great importance to it, strengthen infrastructure construction, prepare all kinds of equipment needed for marketing, and equip with professional marketing team. Supporting personalized marketing methods can improve marketing levels.

2. Fully implement socialization and mobile marketing.

In the Internet+ era, new media has gradually evolved. It provides an important communication platform for interaction between people and realizes the immediacy and interactivity of communication, which in essence changes people’s consumption behavior. In combination with people’s basic consumer demand and consumer behavior, we should pay attention to the development of social marketing and mobile marketing models, and closely integrate mobile terminals and networks to enrich people’s communication channels and improve the quality of marketing services. With mobile phones or digital platforms, the audience can interact with the media in real time, express their opinions from the real and concrete, and scientifically supplement and evaluate the specific content published in the news. The application of social marketing can greatly reduce the cost and expand the influence of e-commerce marketing, which can produce the attention effect in the shortest time. Compared with the traditional media single marketing, social marketing will rely on a variety of media platforms such as WeChat and Weibo to make the marketing activities social and interactive. Before the implementation of social marketing, enterprises need to accurately target the audience, combine the characteristics of the audience in different media to customize the exclusive marketing tools, and release various interactive topics in a timely manner, mainly from the perspectives of breadth, precision and depth. Form a complete social marketing system. First of all, the customer data should be continuously improved, and the data fed back from the media should be integrated. Secondly, the user database should be built by means of media to analyze the active users comprehensively. Finally, the big data platform can be used to understand themselves and the customers. The actual intimacy, combined with customer needs to determine consumption points and hot topics, to maintain and deepen the good relationship with customers.

3. Create a multi-channel, comprehensive marketing model.

Under the network era, the traditional consumption pattern has been subverted, and the emergence of network technology has fundamentally changed the consumer’s consumption concept. In order to meet the needs of consumers from different angles, we should build a multi-channel, comprehensive marketing model to provide consumers with personalized, all-round services. In this regard, first, we should do a good job in market positioning of the brand, use a variety of media platforms to promote, analyze the types and characteristics of each media consumer, thus providing a complete and unified marketing service; second, implementation The dual marketing model of online and offline combination is mainly based on online sales and offline experience. At the same time, companies should create a dedicated e-commerce website, set up a variety of sales modules, consumers can choose their own marketing methods, so that the entire marketing model becomes flexible and user-friendly.

4. Special measures for internet + corporate marketing.

The media and commercialization of data. When talking about the media and commercialization of data, Alibaba Group Media Investment Operations Director believes that we have said that so much big data is very fashionable, and everyone is willing to explore related topics. In the process of discussion, we are unconsciously Looking at big data from a media perspective, what kind of vision will others look at big data? First, the data you are exposed to is unstructured. Second, we are more willing to think of the data appearing in the traditional media as legends and stories. Everyone will feel that the data is very attractive. Using data to analyze business events and analyze a company is different from the past, so it will bring a kind of The characteristics of legends and stories. In fact, the data provides a cool business observation. Third, many people go to read the data, there will be an experience, we are willing to share with others. The commercialization of data does not mean that we must use data to sell money. We believe that there are four types of scenarios that can be applied: one is administrative decision-making; the other is business decision-making. We also hope that we can drive more production by more customer demand. Data products; third, investment decisions; fourth, academic research. This is the commercialization of data.

Share all kinds of business resources through the dimensions of the community. After understanding the business application from the data dimension, Ruijinlin e-commerce CEO Zhou Ying shared its business value and application from the dimension of the community.

Why do you need to manage the community?

Because mobile, mobile and PC users behave quite differently, today we have replaced the search engine as the main entry point for the mobile Internet. Users are getting lazy and we only want to use the thumb on our mobile phones. And social sharing is the only information transmission channel that can be used across the APP. The Internet in the PC era is the real Internet, because at that time, the websites are connected to each other, and the hyperlink address can be used to point to it. It is difficult to achieve this on the mobile phone. One point, why? Because this era has been turned into an one-of-a-kind app, who can get through the wall between the apps? Only social platforms. Each app has a shared button. Clicking this button will share the information you see on all social platforms. This is a very important change.

How do brands do community?

We recommend three main ways: First, build your own brand community, of course we can give many examples. For example, everyone may have heard of Harley-Davidson, and has established a good fan base long before the Internet. Second, if you don’t have the ability or the willingness to build your own brand community, you can connect with the now mature community on the market. For example, I am a mother-infant brand. If you don’t have the ability to set up a community for your mother and baby products, you can connect with a community like Baby Tree and Mom Circle. Third, if you are an Internet company, you will have your own services, and you will have your own app. It is recommended to add the elements of the community to the app.

How to become a good community?

We believe that the community has an axis system and three major elements: first, people, people in your community. Second, the entrance to the people gathered in the community. Third, we end up selling goods or services to our customers. This is our axis system. Operating a very good community makes this community very valuable. Only the axis system is not enough, and a series of auxiliary systems are needed. The growth system, labels, points, grades, activities, customer service, and automated marketing are all in order to make the community well. It’s like we have a company today, but it’s not necessarily a good company. We need an attendance system. We need a promotion system. The KPI incentive system that needs to be evaluated will make the company energetic. “No community, no business; no fans, no brand.” This is a new change in the future of the mobile Internet era.

Increase the sense of marketing experience. The gap between consumer experience and expectations is a problem we face today, as long as the brand that shortens the customer experience and expectations will win. In the future marketing, we must establish an unbreakable relationship with our customers and design an unforgettable or accidental customer experience. If we can give this experience to our customers, I believe that users will not be disgusted with our marketing. What you need to have in future corporate marketing is to use this design, analytical, and agile approach to marketing.

For e-commerce companies, choosing the right marketing model is extremely critical. It is related to the business efficiency of the company and also affects the industry strength and market power of the company. Therefore, in order to achieve sustainable development of the enterprise, the enterprise marketing department should have a forward-looking awareness, pay attention to the continuous innovation of the marketing model, make full use of the Internet technology, combine the psychological characteristics of consumers and consumer demand, and create a humanized, time-oriented and Innovative marketing plans can attract consumers to a greater extent, thereby improving the marketing level of enterprises, seeking higher economic profits for enterprises, and escorting the long-term development of enterprises.