Insect testimony, German spouse madness is now

At 10:20 on May 2, 2018, a police plane carrying six special passengers quietly took off from the airport in Braunschweig, Germany, to the destination of Manhattan. There, Dr. John Benecke, the world’s first forensic entomologist and professor of biology at Columbia University in New York, is anxiously awaiting the arrival of six special passengers on the plane.

The only police officer on the plane was Jacques Chesterlin. From the moment he boarded the plane, he stared at the two special shackles with flies and ants, every three or five minutes. Carefully observe the temperature displayed on the raft. Because the fly eggs can never be hatched, once the fly eggs produce even a very small change, it will make his mission of the trip disappear. The police officer of Ecker knew very well that if these special “witnesses” could not be safely arrived in Manhattan, it would lead the experts to draw a wrong conclusion, which would eventually lead to the punishment of the criminals he wanted to arrest –

A search for a wife, to unveil the prelude of a mysterious murder
On February 7, 2018, the electrical engineer Grosser, who lives in Munich, Germany, took his wife Ayala and his daughter to Brunswick. At noon that day, when strolling in the beautiful Franz Forest Park, Ayala Lali suddenly noticed a strange smell, and Grosser also smelled this stink. When the whole family shook their noses and sniffed forward, and walked out about sixty or seventy meters, the six-year-old daughter Lisa suddenly pointed out that there was a man in the bush not far from the front!

It was a female corpse with a bloody face and a scar indicating that she was beaten before she died. On the bloody side of the deceased’s forehead, there were a lot of green-headed flies, and when they came, they were soaring. There are bloodstains that have been blown dry behind the female corpse and neck…

Grosser immediately reported the case to the police with his mobile phone.

Located in the northern part of Germany, Brunswick is the second largest city in Lower Saxony and one of the important economic and cultural centers in northern Germany. The headquarters of the famous Volkswagen company is here. In addition, Brunswick is a safe city – there have been no murders for four years before the discovery of the female body of the Forest Park.

After receiving the report, the police station specially assigned the inspector of the criminal investigation experience, Yukker Chesterlin, to investigate on the spot. The young inspector of the Braunschweig Police Department is a new emerging elite in the German police community in recent years. He is known for his quick detection of strange cases.

In the afternoon, Yukker and his assistants repeatedly investigated for nearly three hours on the seven roads around the body and through the forest, and could not find any clues.

From the rot of the body, Yukell quickly determined that the woman was killed three days ago. Unfortunately, she did not have a thing to prove her identity. He further inferred: This is a premeditated murder case, and the suspects were carefully planned and prepared.

What makes Eckel feel a bit guilty is that there are no suspicious footprints and any other remnants near the scene and near the body. There is no clue to be traced in addition to a rotten female body.

On the way back to the police station, Yukker sat in the position of the co-pilot and closed his eyes. The brain kept searching for all the clues that might be related to the murder. Soon, Yukell remembered the strange announcement a few days ago!

It was a sentimental search for a wife, which was unintentionally discovered by Yukker.

After work on the afternoon of February 5th, Yukker invited a friend to have a meal at a restaurant on the Lacob Street. After sending friends back to the apartment, Yukell saw four or five residents gathered in the corner to talk about something, and occupational sensitivity made him stop. It was a somewhat unusual advertisement – “seeking a wife”, and it was attached to the outer wall of a apartment building on the Lacob Street. The whole story is full of truth –

“Dear Mary, where are you? Why do you leave the warm home for a little bit of a humble little thing, is there a man in the world who loves you more than I do? My heart is so uncomfortable, every day I am I endure the inexplicable suffering. Perhaps, I am really wrong, I apologize to you sincerely – forgive me, dear. Really, this is the last time!” The latter is Barack Coster.

Residents near the apartment felt the pain of the wife who had lost their wives from “finding their words”. They talked about it for a while: “Mr. Coster is really pitiful!” “Yeah, that Mary is doing too much.” How can I bear to leave the husband who loves you so far away from home!”

At the time of reading the notice, he did not think more about it because he was rushing home. But now, recalling, Yukul’s heart suddenly became suspicious—because there are several obvious doubts in the notice: The beautiful and loyal wife is missing, why does the husband not call the police? How does a wife who has lost her wife know that her wife is resigning? Also, if the wife-seeker wants to expand the search for clues and let the people help him find a wife, why is there no clear indication in the notice…

With a professional sensitivity, Yicker vaguely felt that there might be a connection between these two things. There must be something hidden behind the “finding wife”, and it may even be a “smoke bomb” deliberately cast. Thinking of this, he is determined to go back and check the filings in the police network.

Is the decent Mr. Coster a wife and a murderer?
The identity of the deceased was quickly confirmed, and it was Mary mentioned in the “Seeking Wife”.

After investigation, the person who posted the wife’s notice was indeed Barack Coster, the manager of the Brunswick City Hall Wastewater Treatment Company. He is 41 years old and has a small reputation in the local area. Coster’s wife, Mary, is four years younger than him and works at the Brunswick Telephone Company. The two married in 2003 and have never given birth. In a secret visit, Yukker also found that in the eyes of neighbors and some familiar people, Coster is a “decent” man who has a successful career, but his family life is “not so harmonious”. Sometimes I even move my hands and feet. According to people familiar with the matter, the main reason for the disharmony between the two families is that their religious beliefs are different. Mary is a devout Catholic believer and Coster is a Christian. In the investigation, Yuk also found that: after his wife “disappeared”, Coster has not reported the case to the police. In addition, after reviewing the records kept by the police, it was learned that Coster had been filed at the police station for sexual harassment.

These findings made Jacques shine. He also found that when Cooster posted a wife-in-law, his wife, Mary, had just disappeared!

Immediately, the police summoned Coster.

The well-dressed Coster sits in front of the police officer with a serious face and dignity, and still maintains a very strict gentlemanly manner. His inquiry to Yukl completely denied: “Mr. Dear Sir, I first declare that I am not killing. Mary is my favorite person, my nerves have no problems, this is what I want to tell you!” If you are going to file a lawsuit against me, I suggest that you go directly to my lawyer, Mr. Bohr. In addition, I very much hope to find my missing wife. If you can find her, please tell her that I love her and I am always in the mood. Urgently waiting for her to go home.” One of the words, Coster said plausible.

In fact, the police’s subpoena is only a temptation, in order to find the opportunity to solve the case from the temptation.

When the secret contest between the two sides was deadlocked, in the early morning of March 9, Yicker found a valuable clue from the second investigation site – in a telephone booth 50 meters away from the body. Yukell found out that someone had called Coast’s home.

This shows that Coster appeared around the body and the phone was also played by him. When he called home, the biggest possibility was to find out what was wrong with the home so that he could prepare for the situation.

But when Coster was asked about this detail, he argued that it is the freedom of citizens to go to the forest to breathe oxygen and walk for a healthy body. The police have no right to ask questions. He even argued: “Calling outside the home is a man who loves his wife and has a sense of responsibility…” The questioned Coster is not like a suspect, but rather a judge to interrogate the defendant. In the face of difficulties, Yuker seized all the time and actively investigated.

Finally, Yukell and the forensic doctor found a secret on the face of the female corpse: in the bloody side of the left cheek of Mary’s corpse, the door was taken out of the fly eggs of three flies. He was pleasantly surprised to tell Jacques: “Great, thank God! Don’t underestimate these flies, it is possible to turn this half-dead’s hanging loop and return to life!”

“Many insects love to patronize the carrion, which is the same as the nature of the crow’s natural pursuit of rotten food.” Mencius further explained: “Now, if the development of the fly eggs allows us to find the exact time when the body is thrown, then, It’s no accident that Coster just called from the body of the body that day.”

Ucker and Mengli immediately called the police station to report the special discovery. The director informed them to return quickly and informed them that the other two police officers found a sneak-catching shoe at the Coster home. This shoe is perhaps more useful than a fly egg!

It turned out that two police officers, Syke and Lendl, who were responsible for the special search of the evidence of the apartment, found a red-stained leather shoe from the home of Coster. The red soil is exactly the same as the soil found by the female corpse, and the two ants with purple-red surface are hidden in the shoes.

This new discovery surprised the police.

Determine the culprit, the forensic entomologist
The plane finally flew to the Department of Biology, Columbia University, Manhattan, USA. Dr. John Benecke, a first forensic entomologist and professor of biology at Columbia University in New York, has been waiting in the laboratory. He immediately experimented with the “special passengers” flies and ants flying through the clouds and fog. Identification.

The test results came out very quickly. After reading the key files of the case, Benecke said to Inspector Yuker: “Now I can tell you responsibly that Coster is the chief culprit in the murder of his wife, Mary. This is true. We must believe Science. Fly eggs and ants can be testified in court at that time!” Benecker further explained: “According to the analysis of the development of the three flies eggs found on the face of the female corpse, the flies are waiting on the cheeks of the deceased. In 3 days, this coincides with the time when Coster appeared on the scene three days ago. That is to say, the female corpse was thrown at the same time as the call of Coster. The ant further confirmed that Coster was a murderer. ”

Beneck pointed to a withered, rotten birch tree in the photo taken by Yukker. He said sternly: “Mr. Yuker, you see, the video and photos you took have this ‘Criminal tree! Yes, you can call this tree of extraordinary significance. Hey, this tree, and the ants are crawling. This ant is called a ant, a very special, extremely rare ant. This kind of ant never leaves the nest too far, and it will not exceed two meters at the farthest. Because their sense of smell is seriously degraded, two meters away from the nest, it loses the smell of distinguishing the family, that is, leaving Two meters away, it will become a homeless orphan… The specific location where the female corpse was abandoned, only 47 cm away from the tree, this iron fact proves that Coster appeared in the nearest body, not the body he abandoned, ant How can I get into his shoes?”

“As for Coster’s death, he does not admit that he is passing through this shoe, that is, the devil has made a myth!” Inspector Benel sneered, asserting: “The ants have no wings, how can they travel through the distant space and fly into the shoes of his bedroom.” in?”

After all, Coster failed to escape the French Open. The police finally brought it to court with the help of forensic entomologists.

In court, the former decent, arrogant German gentleman described the killing of his wife, Mary. It turned out that when Coster married Mary, the life of two people was still very happy. Later, in a physical examination, Mary was found to have a congenital tubal malformation, which means that she may not be able to have a child for life, which is why the two have been married for more than ten years.

The fact that his wife is infertile is a deadly blow to Coster. He is the only son in the family. If he has no children, it means that the formerly brilliant and influential Coster family in the Brunswick region will Broken blood! So the next day, in Coster began to think non-stop: “How can I get rid of this disgusting hen that won’t lay eggs?” But in Mary’s mind, the husband is all of his own, so even though Coster often Looking for an excuse to quarrel with her, sometimes even a big fight, but the kind Mary has been silently enduring…

In the summer of 2017, the sewage treatment company had a new female employee named Graf. The 24-year-old Graf is from Hamburg. Shortly after graduating from college, she has blonde hair and is sexy. Coster was fascinated by the beauty. Although Graf does not belong to the kind of water-based poplar woman, it can not stop the crazy attack of the boss. After all, Graf has become the lover of Coster. After the two men got together, Graf couldn’t stand up to Coster’s repeated temptations and promised to raise a child for him, but only if he wanted to be his legal wife. As a result, the removal of Mary became a “top priority”, but the stubborn Mary allowed her to persuade and threaten her, that is, she did not promise a divorce, which made Coster very angry.

On the evening of February 4, 2018, after meeting with the lover, Coster, who was depressed, came to a bar and drank a lot of beer. After returning home, the two men had another quarrel. Under the influence of alcohol, the impulsive Coster took a baseball bat and slammed it on Mary’s head. Mary was fainting. Then, the lost reason, Coster continued to slap the ball again. Mary fell to the ground and beaten… Poor Mary died so badly under her husband! Late at night, Coster drove Mary’s body to Franz Forest Park. When he left home, he forgot to close the door, so he did not worry about calling home to find out.

The next day, he pretended to write a “father’s wife”.

On July 18, 2018, the District Court of Brunswick City sentenced Barak Coster to life imprisonment.

[Related Links]: In entomology research, there is a science that uses insects and other arthropods to solve legal events such as murder, suicide, rape, physical injury, and illegal drug sales. It is called forensic entomology. Also known as medical criminal entomology. These entomologists can estimate the death time, death mode, and location of death of the deceased by the type of insects on the corpse, the growth and length of the larvae, and can be accurately estimated within 3 to 2 months of the death of the deceased.

How does the death time of the corpse use insect clues to determine? In general, insects come to lay eggs within two days of the animal’s death, so the life history of the insects can be calculated to estimate the time of death. It is quite easy to estimate the time of death by using the type of insects in the body, the season of emergence, and the growth situation. However, it is often affected by factors such as temperature, day and night, season or death environment, and some differences, so these factors need to be taken into account when estimating the time of death.

As to whether the place of death is the first scene, it is known whether the insects on the corpse and the surrounding insects are consistent. For example, the estimated death time from the insect species on the corpse is longer, and the shorter time from the insect species in the soil below indicates that the corpse has been moved. Many flies have habitat specificity and prefer to lay eggs in specific places, so by judging the type of flies or larvae, the dead place of the body can be inferred.