Innovative secret

How are big companies innovative? This problem has always plagued us. Although articles and books on such topics are full of enthusiasm, we always feel that this is an inaccessible topic for the restricted area: because for the company, it is no secret secret, it is also a secret, for researchers, often worried about holding After discovering the mentality of the New World, it was empty.

Therefore, people are more keen to discover the secrets of innovation in new formats or emerging companies. In these areas, innovation is often given the legend of the subversive. In the narrative of the weak challenged the strong, innovation is a thrilling process: a key person is given a special mission to change the world, has experienced the game of large organizations, experienced the ups and downs of life, and experienced the rise in the capital torrent The tide will fall into a generation of glory.

In this way, there is no secret to innovation, but it has always been fatalism.

Drucker is a staunch opponent of innovation inspiration and fatalism. He believes that innovation is the result of systematic management. Resources need to be organized to be innovative. This is a continuation of Schumpeter’s view that economic development comes from a combination of destructive resources for entrepreneurs. Drucker cited an example of a container. The truck body is an existing resource, and the freighter is also a resource. As long as the car is placed on the freighter, it is a great innovation – container. This innovation has rewritten the process of global trade.

Resources can only be effectively organized if they are managed.

It’s not just the legendary subversive innovations that dominate history, or in business history, the big companies that have stood up for a long time are the mainstream of innovation, although they are often ignored by financial writers, either intentionally or unintentionally. Without the mundane and organized innovation, there will be no final accumulation. It seems that without the accumulation of technology and ideas from Sony, Nokia and Motorola, there will be no iPhone.

The secret of innovation is in big companies. As in our current issue of Alipay – the world’s largest unicorn’s continuous innovation process, there are always ups and downs, more often than just normalization in an established organizational culture and open organizational structure. Just running.

You said that it is not a secret. It is also understandable that in the course of research, we often feel the so-called “flat”. You say it is a secret, you can understand, the simpler things, the easier it is for the outside world to ignore its existence, and it will become a secret over time.

For example, in the 15 years since the development of Alipay, the driving force behind rapid innovation and continuous iteration has been the unshakable innovation goal formed by organizational culture and the spontaneous driving force of innovation of employees. How to understand this sentence?

The core is to look at people as people. If this is so simple, I am afraid it is the most difficult to understand, let alone how to land in practice.

The concept and practice of the organization have been in a state of confrontation for a long time, because the concept should be a platform for the free extension of individual abilities, and in practice it often becomes a cage that binds individual abilities. In this issue, we present the case of Alipay, which is to find a typical case in which a concept and practice can be relatively completely integrated.