Indian man hiking on a cliff half a meter wide

In Sepember 2019, an Indian man walked on a cliff half a meter wide without wearing safety gear. His peers took pictures and people couldn’t help but pinch a cold sweat. It is reported that the man named Khalid Mullah was on foot in the Sakhaduri Mountains of India. The mountain has an average elevation of 1,200 meters. The video shows that Khalid is carrying a big bag and going down to a half-meter-wide cliff path, grabbed the rock with both hands, and walked carefully and confidently. He walked around a corner and two others were hiking in the front. On the other side, dense woods and deep canyons are very dangerous.

A 13-year-old boy in the Philippines is addicted to video games. He has not left the computer for 48 hours. Lily Beth Marvel, a 37-year-old woman, said that her son Carito Garcia started to stay late in an Internet cafe in New Essija, Philippines, two years ago, and she was very worried. He became restless when feeding, and couldn’t even remove his eyes from the screen or remove his handle from the keyboard. The teenager “played like a zombie” and kept playing games. The worried mother had to ask for help online.

In Derbyshire, England, a man named Jay Wilder transformed his own livestock farm into a farm. It is reported that Jay is a vegetarian, and he has lived with his father on a livestock farm since he was a child. It is very common to send cattle to the slaughterhouse, but it is very cruel to Jay. He is very sad when he sends a cow. In 2015, he participated in a summer camp organized by an environmental group. Among them, the chef of a vegetarian restaurant company understood his confusion and suggested that he replant vegetables and crops. Although he did not have the experience of growing crops, he did it with the help of the Vegetarian Association and his wife, Kaja. The cattle on the farm also have a new shelter. The story touched the film director Alex Lockwood, who made it into a documentary, which won the best short film award for the “Oscar” in the UK – the BAFTA Award.

In London, England, a 20-year-old young man came to the top edge of a 213-meter high-rise building to challenge adrenaline. He completed dangerous movements such as high-altitude push-ups, inverted and pull-ups. . It is reported that the man named Elvis Bogdanovs, from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, worked as a model and personal trainer. As can be seen from the video, he is hanging from the metal beam hundreds of meters away from the ground to do the pull-ups. During this period, he also has one-handed swaying skills, and the vehicles on the ground under his feet are constantly flowing. He then returned to the building platform, passing an iron rod through the hole in the wall and hanging it down the wall. Then he walked to the edge of the building, squatting on the guardrail and performing the pull-ups again.

A shocking scene occurred in a high school in Florida, a 19-year-old boy fell from the school gymnasium about 12 meters high skylight, causing multiple fractures. It is reported that on the night of the incident, the student and several other students sneaked up the roof of the school gymnasium only to retrieve the mobile phone of a tribe on the roof. Inside the stadium, a wrestling tournament is underway. Suddenly, a boy fell from the skylight with a burst of sound. People were shocked by this and quickly called the police and ambulance. The boy was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment. After six hours of surgery, he was out of danger.

The video records a strange scene in which a young man feeds two pet pigeons with his mouth. The picture shows a young man sitting on a stone paved road with his two pet pigeons standing on his shoulders. I saw him open his mouth and it was full of grain. Then, the two pigeons began to forage near the owner’s mouth, and their heads swayed up and down as they ate, and they seemed to eat with gusto.

In a farm in Durlington, Wiltshire, England, the 2-year-old boy Freddy Baden is happy to help parents take care of the small animals on the farm. Most children nowadays like to watch TV or play with toys when they are two years old, and even start playing with tablets. However, for Freddy, his favorite thing is to wear overalls and rain boots, and take care of the animals on the farm with his father and mother. In the eyes of Freddy, farm life is not a play, but a labor of love.