In marriage, you can have an edge, I can take a corner

On the weekend, Bai Yan felt particularly tired and slept. Half-sleeping and half-awake, she heard that some people in the kitchen were playing with the sound of pots and pans. Xu was the husband who bought food and came back to cook. The confused white felt a little gratified, thinking that her husband is still very good. When the white cock was full, she slowly woke up and shouted. Usually she cooks and exquisitely exquisite, full of color and flavor. If you do it, just pursue it and you can eat it.

The white cockroaches quickly went to the kitchen to see it. Sure enough, the surface of the broth in the simmer was covered with a layer of blood foam and oil. It is obvious that the meat was washed without boiling water before cooking. The fish steamed on the induction cooker is just a fish, a little ginger or onion, and it can smell a strong smell. The rice cooked in the rice cooker is also very sticky. It is obvious that the scale is not pressed when the water is discharged. A dish of wheat vegetables cooked next to the rice cooker, the oil flower is not much, as if returning to the distant middle school canteen era.

The white cockroaches complained, and on the weekend, this meal can still be eaten. She dissatisfiedly said to Yi Yi: “If you have been cooking, can you not be serious? Do you make this ghost for the next time, give it to the pig?” Yi Yi suddenly came to the air, unceremoniously Back to the road: “Do you know how to cook and have opinions! I don’t see you doing it!” Bai Hao is even more angry. He said: “I usually buy food and cook for most of the time? Or do you eat the most delicious? “Yi Yi was said to be in the middle, and he was speechless. Suddenly he thought of something like saying: “I am used to doing things casually. You feel uncomfortable in cooking. Think about your own health. I have never finished doing things. I always do the same thing when I finish my health. Every time I put the garbage in the bucket, I am fed up!” After that, he simply put the food on the table and gorged himself. It’s eating like it’s delicious. White sighs and straight eyes, my heart hates to think: Although I really refuse to dump garbage, but so hard to do a good job at home health, hard work! It turns out that he has always been “hate” in his own heart! She deliberately said to the next meal, “Scorpio, how to make such a meal, really a pig!”, then the US group ordered a takeaway. When Yan Yi saw an anger, he said that he was defeated. Two people tip to the wheat.

Gas is on the head, nowhere to be solved. After a nap, the white owl was in the room and looked at the overturned. I found that the refrigerator had two lotus roots, and the rice bucket had a little glutinous rice. On a whim, Bai Yu wanted to make a dessert of glutinous rice. When you say it, you can find it when you wash the lotus root. This lotus root is a little small. The inside of the hole is twisted and small and twisted. It is very difficult to put the soaked glutinous rice into it. I tried to buy this kind of dessert before, and I used the chopsticks to poke the glutinous rice into the hole. As a result, the slice was cooked, and there were no glutinous rice on the hole of many bracts. Bai Hao wants to give up. At this moment, she had a whimsy, put the glutinous rice and glutinous rice in the large dish, enlarge the half-plate of water, directly grab the glutinous rice and rub the rice into the hole in the hole, and then put the slanting slant, so that the plate The water is poured into the hole, and then the height is lowered with a little force to make the rice hole thicker. This movement is repeated until the hole is full. Unexpectedly, the use of this method to make glutinous rice lotus has shortened the time. After doing a good job, when the white scorpion was sliced, it was found that each hole of the cymbal piece had a full glutinous rice, which was very beautiful. After she had drenched the honey, she took a photo and sent a circle of friends. Everyone praised the praises. How many of them could ask the white glutinous rice to fill the glutinous rice so well. White is in a good mood.

After enjoying the glutinous rice lotus dessert, the white cockroaches couldn’t help but think about it. The hole is not straight through. The holes in the two long owls are ribbed, and the glutinous rice (slender one) can be said to have a horn. The two have not changed their own edges and corners, but in the end they have perfected the glutinous rice lotus root. It is impossible to use a chopstick to make a hard poke. When I think about myself and Yu Yi’s “war”, it is just that their respective preferences and habits are different. It is too unreasonable to upgrade to a personal attack. Years of thinking habits, it is not easy to change at once, it is better not to change, like this glutinous rice lotus dessert, do not change the hole of the lotus root long ribs, do not change the shape of the slender glutinous rice, with the help of water Not a chopsticks hard stamp, the dessert can be done very successfully.

Thinking of this, Bai Yu took the rest of the glutinous rice lotus into the study and yelled at Yi Yi. In fact, Yi Yi smelled the aroma of this glutinous lotus root, and it was coveted, and I didn’t know what I was reading because of the face. Now I saw the delicious food delivered to the door, so I didn’t eat white and didn’t eat it. I tasted it sweet and crisp. He was in a good mood and couldn’t help but praise it: “The wife’s craft is really good!” Bai Hao said with a face: ” Of course, in order to avoid the problem of cooking at ordinary times, I can learn two kinds of common ingredients in the market, one kind of light taste, one kind of heavy taste.” Yi Yi picks up another piece of bracts. While eating, he said: “In fact, the dishes are really delicious. You look good. You are more patience and patience. I am used to it!” Bai Hao is very happy to cook, but she hates to go out and buy. The dish, rare to see Yi Yi said this, she said: “Then you are responsible for buying food, I am responsible for cooking! So you do not have to cook, I do not have to buy vegetables in the dirty and smelly vegetable market. Finally, everyone can still eat delicious and healthy meals!” The glutinous rice lotus roots are short-handed, and the white crickets also make sense, so Yi Yi nodded.

The next day, Yi Yi went out to buy squid, half chicken and wheat, and then went to the study to work. The white apron surrounded the apron, wearing an oil-proof mask, and was busy in the kitchen. She first put the chicken into a boiled boiled water and scalded it. Then she washed it with water and then put it in the pot. In order to taste better, she put a green onion in addition to the medicine. Then she washes the rice and puts the water on the scale. Then she washed the oily wheat vegetables and cut them in the kitchen. In order to make the oily wheat dishes look good, she dripped a few drops of peanut oil into the boiling water before putting them into the cut vegetables. When the dishes are cooked soft, pour out the net sieve and let cool. At the same time, she placed a proper amount of ginger on a plate and laid the squid. The squid fish was also stuffed with ginger, and the surface of the fish was smeared with salt. Put the fish in a pot that has been boiled in water, and adjust the cooking time to 15 minutes, so that the steamed meat is tender and smooth. When the fish is steamed, let the remaining temperature in the pan continue for 20 minutes to ensure that it is cooked. In this process, the white scorpion waits for the wheat to cool, wash the hands, sprinkle the salt on the dish, and then squeeze the scallions out of the water. After fully squeezing, pour the peanut oil and mix well. A refreshing green dish that is especially suitable for summer eating will become green and oily, especially appetizing. Finally, white peony with pepper, star anise, garlic, ginger, onion, cilantro, fried sesame oil in the pot, drizzle on the steamed squid, topped with soy sauce, sprinkle with chopped green onion, fragrant steamed fish will do well It is.

The white enamel put all the dishes on the table with exquisite dishes. At this time, Yi Yi also came out of the study. He was attracted by the aroma. He moved his waist and said with a sigh of relief: “Hey, you cook, I have completed a quarter of the work overtime on weekends.” Bai Yan said with a smile: “You buy food, I cook, I cook.” You are very happy when you work!” The truth is not afraid to repeat, and Yi Yi eats and praises: “It’s delicious, the food is still delicious for the wife. The rice is soft and fragrant, the squid is full of fresh and tender, oily vegetables. Refreshing and refreshing, this soup is sweet and not greasy…” praises the words as if the mouth is smeared with oil, the focus is a sincere heart from the heart. The white pheasant is also very useful, and the meal is beautiful, and the meal is very enjoyable.

After the meal, Bai Hao took care of the house hygiene. She was particularly satisfied with the neat house. By convention, the white cockroaches packed the garbage, but did not immediately throw it, but ran to wash the head and take a shower.

After washing the head and taking a shower, it was a bit bad to throw garbage. Unexpectedly, Yi Yi took the initiative and said to Bai Hao: “I will go down later when I get garbage. Anyway, I am used to going out after a meal. After that, I will go to the garbage at home and I will be exclusive to me!” “You are insulting me to do things without beginning or end?” Yan Yi smiled and took over the nephew and said: “Like you indulge me without cooking!” The two tacitly looked at each other and then laughed. I don’t have to dump garbage in the future. Bai Hao is very happy. It is rare for her husband to be considerate. She feels it is necessary to reward her. So she asked Yan Yi: “If you want to eat anything tomorrow, you will buy the ingredients and come back. I will give it to you!” “Yi Yi thought about it and said: “My wife is delicious, but I want to eat glutinous rice lotus tomorrow!” Bai Hao could not help but think that this glutinous rice lotus is really a good dessert!

In the marriage, the problem of chai, rice, oil, salt and vinegar, the husband and the wife must handle together, and it is a method to long-term use of the character and hobby of both sides. In addition, you can also have both sides with edges and corners, no need to make any changes, just like making this glutinous rice lotus dessert, the lotus root hole is twisted and ribbed, the glutinous rice is slender and horned, and the water is used to fill the rice in this suitable way. It was finally successful. Everyone is unique. Many habits and modes of thinking have been finalized in the ten or twenty years before the two sides were together. If they want to change at once, they will be hurt and shaken, which will directly trigger the swaying or even collapse of the marriage building. It is better to cooperate according to the preferences of both parties and the reasonable division of labor. You can have ribs. I can take the horns. The two sides are not only comfortable, but also better manage marriage!